Scam scam scam look out for this fake gal face in Queens Brooklyn Bronx anywhere anywhere in the US she claims she does makeup hair ect,but put it this way she a jack of all trades and master of none,she lives in the United States of America since she was 14 Years of age now she is 45 and she don’t have a (Edited) but yet still she’s going around telling people she owned businesses. wen a ppl business she a tek ova like a fi her she look like dem big ole Hogg gal can’t afford if buy lunch a day time much less she own business the lady give her a little hitch- up spot round a the back a creations Beauty Salon she a walk a tell people bout she own the lady hard sweat and blood business,the woman work a ppl place if 20 add yr,till she coulda afford to own,her own duty gal shushu bout a fi har wen the true owner is Sandra Hudson this careless gal wey still live with her mada can’t get a man fi gi her (Edited) all she do is go round and find people that she can use she create google page with the woman shop name and address and put her number and when the customer them call she a tell them bout leave a name and number cause she not at the shop at the moment met when u can play with someone’s emotions don’t play with someone hard earn business gal them ago sue u and mek u nasty ass get deported bout u want white man thru u know no black man no want u big sour r** but news flash no good white man no want u cause u can’t walk with a road u. Have nice face but u body and u character no. Stay good at all thru u couldn’t use the girl Pon (Edited) Jamaica ave and Sandra is a easy going wey u can walk Pon and teck fi fool u try use that opportunity and use the gal but old people say never bite the hands that feeds u lying b*tch wait till me done with u gal u ago sorry u ever meet her.u ago try it with wrong person and u going to sorry.

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