A Rastafarian man whose finger was bitten off by his stepdaughter, who also ripped out several of his locks during a disgraceful brawl at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston last month, was last week fined $6,000 when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Winston Bailey, who was sporting a bald head, was fined by Parish Judge Andrea Collins after he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. If the fine is not paid he will spend 30 days in jail.

Bailey, his estranged wife Lavern-Wilson Bailey, her daughter Jessica McLeod, and Bailey’s current companion Althea Nelson were all arrested and charged with disorderly conduct following a brawl at the airport on November 10, which was captured by CVM Television and went viral on the Internet. McLeod was also charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

In the video Bailey and his stepdaughter could be seen wrestling and throwing blows at each while lying on the ground, while the two other women exchanged blows.

The video also showed several of Bailey’s locks scattered on the ground after they were pulled from his head by his stepdaughter, and a piece of his severed finger which she bit off from one of his thumbs.

On Friday when the case was mentioned, only Bailey and his companion were present; the other two women were said to be overseas after their flight was delayed.

Bailey pleaded guilty while Nelson pleaded not guilty.

According to Bailey, the dispute started after he told his estranged wife to leave his companion alone.

“I told Miss Bailey she need to leave Miss Nelson alone because is six years now we part and each time she see her she verbally abuse her,” he said.

After Bailey’s sentence was passed, Judge Collins scheduled a mention date for Nelson to return and extended her bail.

The other two accused are expected to be present on that day.


  1. All said and done, some women fail to get the memo and understand when the man has moved on, and would rather make a fool of them self

    If what he says is correct that really have parted six years ago….

  2. Wow only a $J6000 fine? Puss n Dog really nuh have the same luck,i bet them woulda throw the book at a next man!Hitting a woman n nearly dislocating her eye socket only gets you a pocket change fine??

    1. I see that you are using the term loosely….woman? That is not the image I see when viewing the video. Maybe, wo-onto-man (any man)!

      1. Hi anon,i see the validity in ur argument as her behaviour is very unbecoming.Howeverthere is one thing that has always stood out n set me a part from most men.

        I 100% don’t believe under any condition a woman should be hit unless in imminent grave Danger to one’s life n limb AND if she draw fi acid fi dash pon u…she must DeaD fi that straight if is even mi family.

        Cmon what’s a few pop out already flimsy Dry up 1/2 Dead locks??He was never in grave danger that would justify almost blinding her. Plzz I beg of u jus go look pon her yeye,freeze frame/pause it n look pon the woman face plzzzz fi $6000 JAMAICAN DOLLAZ not even pounds/Euros??

  3. yardie that a no 20 thump, lol plus stevie wonder see that those 2 start the bru ha ha, the way she sound mi naw share standpipe wid her she an her mumma always a trouble the woman, piece a him gone fi life, still baffle how the 4 a dem buck up out deh. too much of a coincidence, f**n cell fone??

  4. bite off a man’s finger you fi do 5 years straight. I bet she get away with it because …. she’s a woman.

  5. Evening everyone!

    Mi really have to lol.
    From the looks of di video di ras supposed to lose vital brain stem because those dreads were ripped out, mercy! Mi couldn’t even finish watch it when mi si di mount a locks a grung… while banana teef a duh 5 years..

  6. I watched the video and it is a hell of a thing that they were at the airport at the same time… If his estranged wife saw him with his other woman and he claims she always want argue with the woman and he decided he was going to get in between them this time or whatever, but at the same time parting a argument or fight doesn’t warrant no man putting his hand on a woman regardless… Like someone mentioned in their comment, if you were not in any immediate danger with knife or gun or something that will bring you bodily harm he should of call for security and try walk off from them… He needs to get a divorce from his estranged wife cah it looks like the woman him deh with he must of left his wife for… Then of course no woman or man going to sit there while her step father hit her mother so anyone would step in but he beat that woman like a damn man, he should get more time and a bigger fine than that… So I don’t blame the girl at all…

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