20 thoughts on “DI REAL ALL WHITE CREW

    1. You don’t know real from fake.. because NOT all their bags look fake

      The one with the D&G outfit on i dont know if her stuff real but they dont look fake

  1. Woieeeeeeee this is a duppy movie :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :berduka :berduka :berduka

  2. So what if the bag fake! More money them should have for the meaningful things in life; like mortgage, funeral, health, bills ect…….Smdh

  3. Wow are you serious Bitches still killing they skin like this to look like what they look so F**king disgusting well the life of dancehall you got to be White to be right

  4. Rochelle is a pretty nasty she Dex Dex baby mother and she wen from Riches to Rags till the show how she live bed on floor now she think that she Jamica Ave best hair dresser the twin them just need to go make over face batty breast everything fake the one with the blonde luck like a walking dead foot look like I don’t know what then the fat one look like she need some of Ven bleach cause she can’t turn it hard when you black and fat

  5. Which one is plugman women let me guess cause all his gyal them look the same bleach bleach bleach big face so that’s his personal women cause he looking me hard but he to aggressive for me and very insecure for a man any man that talk about what he run Queens he this he that is so insecure and he love to talk he on the road out of town this man don’t even know me but he is very kind I must say

  6. The one with the orange Chanel bag is pretty .. I can’t tell she’s bleaching .. also the one with the D&G bag and sneakers stuff is real!!!!!

  7. The bags the bags the bags. Smh. What’s with the damn big bags in party and when dem tekking pics dem kotch up di damn bags in front of dem. Smh Di bunch a dem stay bad eeh. And I know that some of them are here commenting. Please do not come for me. Tonks

  8. Don’t know is which one is plugman women but anyone looks better than mitsy this girl is horrible don’t know how him breed she the girl look sick

  9. The one in the middle of the twins her name is Sheeva she is next best thing in name brand and being the First Lady she and Marsaha was fighting on ig earlier in the year and she lost one big video with him talking how she is the bag not the baggage so there go she the one winning I guess she got ride of everybody and that the way the story go but the twin them say she stupid cause she not getting nothing much and he don’t take her no where cause he don’t wabt no problems with MITSY CAUSE SHE IS THE REAL ONE

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