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Vini post a throwback picture on her wall of her and her “baby father” The man is a married man and have up him wife and family inna New York. Him and Vini never deh! him deh wid him wife fi bout 20 years now and used to f**k vini pan di side. Please tell ar seh she just a mek a fool outta ar self cuz everybody know bout ‘ar and ‘ar whoring ways & she fi stop disgrace di man cuz him nuh waan nobody know him did dey wid ar. Besides nuh showa craig she a f**k now how she a put up next man picture bout ” from the top is just us” She a real man mascot DWRCL


  1. Morning met cheut, zerva and everyone met I know this is the wrong post but mi have hot news off the press in the daily news paper Lincoln toys get lock up by the Feds for taking bribe at the DMV it’s in the papers on page 8 get it and run the story.

  2. Met I like u title,dwl!!!……If its true dat Vini deh wid showa Chris something mentally mentally wrong wid har.The amount a interesting man i meet a gas station,pharmacy,grocery store,liquor store,post office,park,gym,dunkin donut and mi is not a smiley smiley person.Vini u nuh ugly,no more dancehall man

  3. GM Met….I think vini need someone to sit and talk to seriously. U want to go on her fb and see her post them for a big woman smh….I think vini seeks attention alot because no decent woman nu act so then she call herself “miss classy”….

    1. @lol vini dont have nobody sensible fi talk to because everyone that she spars with is just as lost as she is. I see her post pan FB and I just SMH because she is in serious need of a wake up call. For someone that proclaims to be so educated and classy her FB post are ignorant and tacky!!!
      No decent self respecting man would pick up and wife her so she have to settle with the men that she gets. I can understand y the sender said she is disgracing the man by posting him on FB I wouldnt pick up no man that was with Vini and I dont know her all that well but from what I see and have heard he name has been called with at least 4 men alone this year. Thats not a good look especially for a woman with kids.

  4. DWL… Pan FB it seh di picture ya a from 1999 suh a long time now vini a man clown. Di man whey she a hug up pan FB is a showa man too so how dat look now dat she dey wid showa Craig. Yuh just a jump from man to man an none a dem nuh want yuh. DI senda seh di man have him wife and yuh a put up pitcha bout from the top is just us SMDH…Bwoy Vini yuh fi come off a FB and low di limelite my girl, yuh nuh see by now sey everybody have yuh as joke. Everytime yuh shit an wipe yuh ass yuh nuh haffi post it pan FB. Yuh just a mek urself common.

  5. Vini common than common fowl. She is everywhere doing everything and trying to get fame in the dancehall. Vini darling its time you chill mama it nu look good how u a gwan…The other day you put up status say and i quote”you rather be single and struggling than married and taking 5 6 7 8 9 10 man and how u ago inbox the woman husband and tell the husband” you need to stop it man. U nu see everybody tek u tun u inna man clown. Helloooooooooooooo met someone close to vini just inform me that she is not 37 she is 41(fact)……..so thats why she takes these young men to feel young….The people dem say them love go inna PGirl shop a weekend time caw vini a always the topic.

    1. I saw that comment on FB too and I was like what is wrong with her. Does she not realize how stupid she looks! Vini a 41 and acts like she is 14. Don’t you see how old and washed up she isllooking lately. I saw her last week and had to do a double take because under her eyes were black and her face looked droopy. The partying is definitely taking its toll on her.

  6. Leave Vin Vin, “BIG” ooman of a tender age surfer mid life crisis all the time. They long for the bye gone days of youth when they where in their prime. Let her live the delusion of Dance Hall life. You will always be young in some hole in the wall , with little to no lighting.

  7. @my 2 cents I can answer for MET, myself and all the decent woman women out there. ..HELL TO THE NO! Mi nuh waan nuh cocky wey dip inna Vini! Y da long time big oman deh nuh guh have a seat in fact she should have the whole stadium. Im so tried of her now. I think everytime Vini namegoes on the ppink wall she feels that’s its an accomplishment and kill mi dead mi feel like seh some a post dem a vini a send in herself. Shes an attention seeking whore, there I said it! LOL

  8. I know 4 man Vinni a tek and she bring all the man den round har kids !! Vinni all di deh wid randy innocent and Fabian the lickle young one ! Alicia have you file suh nuh like cause juxxi say it . I was very shock even she post bout she going inbox the married man me seh this gal nuh easy and she a walking f**k box herself in my dying trials ! Vinni needs more than help and the craziest part she really nuh look in herself and see she is a mad Ooman , even man mi hear seh fi a big Oomsn she sick in har head ! Then she go pan fb go seh we a hate how can anyone hate on this big grey back loose fortlauderdale mat ! I would rather be with a man that’s lying to me than treat me how them treat vinnie and me nah deh wid nuh man weh treat me bad I rather be by my ras self !! Vinni go mad house in palmbeach fi the people dem husband claim the wife a Obeya har now she she want go tell people husband bout the women affair ! Bitch get yo life

  9. dont know the girl but from all the comments i can see that there is a lot of hate going on, if this girl is so bad why u lot watching her every move, why everything she do is a bother to u lot, why who she f**king is affecting u guys, its her life let she live it how she want to and u lot live yours how u want to, nun of us are perfect and dont need to be

    1. Well if you don’t know someone don’t speak up and defend. Leave her and her character to those who know her. Your getting very passionate about some one you claim to not know.

  10. But talk the truth don’t she a watch gal pussy cause she going inbox people husband !! So there is double standards for her when she a rinse and class people Pickney it’s okay !! Child please vinni is a very sick women and stop condone har

  11. @TalkDtruth aka Vini or her sisters… if u don’t know Vini then why even comment on post about ppl and a situation u know nothing about? Vini can live whatever nasty careless dirty life she wants to live but when she puts her life on a public forum such as FB then she opens herself up for scrutiny snd negative comments from any and everyone. If she doesn’t like it or feels like its “hate” then maybe she should behave like the 40+ woman that she is and keep her dirty laundry hidden, but as long as she continues to post her business myself and others will continue to comment as we see fit and if u or Vini dont like it I’m sure u know what to do

  12. So why did vini post a picture of her baby father on FB if she have a man and she and him nuh deh? I’m confused. Who is her BF and nuh trouble she a try mek by posting a picture of her with somebody else husband? Mi wonder how her boo Craig feel bout dat DWL. This is the problem with this girl, she too mix up and f**key f**key..

  13. After that man nuh want Vinni yuh nuh see is only when the man in town and want the lickle BMW fi drive ! That man have him women nobody nuh want Vinni not even Vinni want Vinni to shit !! Look how she fool fool run go post Pon randy wall bout when dem f**k idiot gal is him same one seh suh old idiot !! Dem ah nuh yuh friend ooman she remind me of the scare crow Pon wizard of oz just nuh have no ras sense come on man lady buy a clue !! I think it’s midlife crisis

  14. Wat no body seem to be saying is this man way she post on FB is in Feds doing time so forget about wife he lock up omg . And as far as saying hi to Bo both she and the sister can’t put up their present man photo,every body else and them baby father pic up at shower not her sister and she can’t put up her man . Cause him in la with his woman .

    1. @Spying so if the man inna FEDS and is not ar man anyway why would she post a picture of him and her hug up, nuh muss message she a send to di wife. A two good box she want! Why she wont leave ppl man alone and find herself a decent man of her own.

  15. Met Vini on her page a say uno a haters…………..lol…Miss Classy say she important that’s why people talking about her. Miss Classy also stated that she wants to thank y’all for the free promotion she is getting(remember her party is in November)………….Hi miss classy nobody wouldn’t a talk bout you if u never give we something to talk about OK. you blast you’re life on a social forum and then turn round a get mad gtfoh….Mi naw lie vini when you did inna you church you was a DECENT WOMAN but since you backslide oh lord. and stop bigging up that “boo” caw we kinda confuse caw we nu know if a swagnparty, fabian, nasheen, showaman,classone, shawn sharpe, gucci, randy innocent we confuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

    1. Thats why she seh “Boo” and caan call nuh name, she run go put up 14 year old picture of a man whey deh a jail and have him wife, why she cant put up picture of the so called “Boo”? Da gyal deh confused bad, because on minute she a talk bout she single next minute she a post bout how she love her “Boo” When she and shawn did deh she put up bubble bath picture a di two of dem, and even den everybody did know sey she wasnt shawn woman. Vini stop tell lie and walk bout and mek troble you gwen get what you deserve real soon.

  16. Vini yuh seh 1 man to yuh thing but a which man dat?? nasheen, showa man, Fabien, classone, suck pumpum sharpe, gucci man, randy, marlon or chris and that a just this year alone! If cocky was crayon under yuh woulda come een like rainbow tuh raas. But like mother like daughter cause a same suh yuh mumma did run wild dung a garden. How much diferent last name yuh an yuh sista have? Mi sidung a pgirl shop an hear di way some a dem nuh stop class yuh up. Ur problem is yuh think everbody a yuh friend an in reality none a dem nuh like yuh cause yuh too showoff. Yuh waan hear how dem seh craig nuh stop buss yuh ass & charge up di amex and how yuh love guh a obeah man and dats why yuh catch strokes cuz a tun back blow lick yuh.

  17. Craig don’t want Vinni at all she and har sister areta live in a La la land cause who the hell breed fi mawga man the man look bad man and is can’t the lickle Lexus catch har bout you have baby shower and man talk bout no picture me nah deh wid no man who no claim mi pickney har me can’t seh a mi man that nigga would have life f**ked up ! It look like Angela really never reach har daughter dem the value of when a man love yuh cause the entire lot of them a Dutty gal cause Vinni bestfriend Andrea and areta was f**king the same man and Vinni di know dem have house party ah Vinni yard and Andrea was leaving with the man but a lickle birdie tell mi seh all Vinni was f**king the man ! Is Dutty people same way the next sister start give the barber boy and move him in dem gal deh Dutty is must Marcia alone nuh Dutty to shit . Rainbow chat to man and some bwoy rob up the house cause she and the man set up the man Angela pickney very sad dem go school yes that’s a out it but dem a still Dutty bitches that you can’t run from !! Vinni sick stomach wid her mix up self that’s why meisha Prappa best har

    1. A suh she say but then again yuh know how she love tell lie. She claim seh ar church sista tell ar seh somebody obeah ar and she drop dung and doctor sey a strokes. But suh she walk and f**k suh she lie. Mi know Vini from Garden and she was very quiet and sneaking, her mother Angela used to walk and f**k like dog but she never mek vini and ar sista dem loose thats one thing mi can give her credit for. A since dem come a America dem bruck out like sore. Out a di 6 a Angela gyal pickney dem a only Marcia have any class. And di way Vini love bring Marcia business a road and class her up, she shoulda tek a leaf outta her book and find a man that she can claim and that will claim her, cause from vini deh a foreign she never have her own man. She love chat bout how Marcia man a p*ssy and him broke and mek Marcia lose ar house and car but at least is Marcia man and she nuh borrow him from nubody. Di man that Vini put pan FB an sey is her baby father a somebody else man. Di man nuh even live a FL a one and two time di man drop in and Vini breed fi him. Di man married & nuh want Vini. Him have him wife and pickney a NY and she nuh common like Vini yuh woulda never see fi ar pitcha pan pink wall. Same suh Gucci did have him woman and shawn did have him WOMEN, and now Craig a di same ting. Vini just get pass round from man to man and nobody takes her serious. Nobody take her serious as a party promoter and at age 42 Vini fi go find something else fi guh do and leave di party thing to the youger generation.

  18. Vini sey she is 36 and Fabulous LMFAO…Yuh si how vini square and shape like barrel. Which part a her a 36???? Chillleeee please Go have a seat!

    But big and serious, somebody should take vini to get her head checked because she is really crazy

  19. Im friends with Vini on FB, we arent friends but we know some of the same people. When I saw this post I went to her FB page to look for the picture to see is who was her baby daddy and when I saw the pic I was shocked. The guy on the picture is good good friends with my sons father and I know him and his WIFE very well. Vini said that picture is from 99 and it may be but 99 was when him and his wife had a baby and had one big bashment shower inna BX. I remember like a yesterday cuz bad an ready karen and ruff baby father were all over each other that night and his other baby mother was there an couldnt say nothing…but anyway… everyone that knows that man knows he is married and kno who his wife is, not because she common but because he is always with he and they are very close, she is his wife, not baby mother so if vini want to put up a picture of somebody else man she is lower than we think. I just delete myself from her page because I cant tek it with her anymore. Vini grow up man.

  20. That’s my dad in the picture and vini and him are not together and they never was together like that so I don’t kno y she posting that pic now, that’s mad disrespectful because he is married and he was with my step moms years before he even met vini. She was the side piece that no body knew till she got pregnant she my brothers mother but I kno my dad regret being with her and her putting that picture up is just her looking ratings off my pops name she know my pops don’t play. She need to post a pic of her new dude who ever he is and leave my pops out of her drama.

  21. Unu too fast, she entitle to put pic of she and her baby father. Whether she was the side chick or she has kids for him. When they were together she wasn’t a dance person so unu cannot say that. Leave her alone and let her live her life how she chose, instead of criticizing, try to talk to her, help her, maybe she need some counciling, stop do her so man, at the end of the day she is a really good person and will anything for the people she love, she is very soft hearted and love her kids. She is a good person that often makes bad decision, but so does most human being, so stop judging her

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