1. Well, the somethings in Shawna’s plate don’t look like neither the good good dumplings (pic 3) nor the good good steam crackers (pic 1)… So until Shawna comes here and tells us what those mysterious objects are, they will remain UEOs… Unidentified Eating Objects.

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ over the balcony I go :tkp

    2. @anon di whole plate look suspicious fi true…cause di poor ackee look like it had a hard life…and from I bawn I neva eat ackee wid a glass a wine yet…raeeeeee! Go tru doah chef…ur dumpling dem, though lumpy like some a dese girl batty nowadays, might actually taste nice lmao

  2. Plate #1: look good. Plate #3: look good, except fi di whola potato…a construction worker she a feed? Plate #2:….is dat salt fish or what?Mi caan identify nutten pon di plate…UEO as anony2 say lol

  3. I would eat some of the bottom plate, looks yummie!!!!!!!!! a so dumpling fi look well knead. Yuh knead the flour, pinch off the acquired amount and make a ball and flatten it out by pressing in the middle. Smooth as silk yuh hear star girl shawna!!!!!!

    1. tell her again

      Shawna less time in the mall and more time in the kitchen and youtube

      the money man will appreciate a home made meal once in a while

      a good home made meal at that

      cause pretty plate knife and forkalone nah go hold di man

  4. Gal like Shawna falling star need beating learn how fi cook, den man really deh wid woman like this, if a my son woman, mi trash his ass, cuz mi nah brag or boast mi can cook. shi shudda shame bout shi post up fla-fla fi food.

  5. a some lumpy lumpy dumpling whe nuh done cook yet shawna have ina the plate whe the miggle part still a flour


    den dem brown something dere i tink is the saltfish but she mussi did fry the saltfish and dem get bun bun likkle fi it have a brown burn color

    shawn u fi boil the saltfish then flake it out love

    just go pon her ig …….the nerve of those 96 people lying to u lol

    and a which part of the “suburbs” does the star live

  6. nothing but haters here. how many of you even have a man to cook for? you really trouble the girl about dumplin vs crackers? no life

  7. Shawna’s mother should bow her head in shame. How can a Jamaican Mother send their child into the world without knowing how to cook and present a descent meal? Seriously, dumplings are the easiest thing to cook. Every West Indian child I knew growing up would ask the “cook” for a piece of dough and they would be taught how to knead and shape dumpling. Plate #2 look like a jumbled mess – served on a plate to a pig who will never appreciate it. The other two look yummy.

  8. mi raasklaat………JMG has never taken the hight road….but now mi know it gone str8 to di dogs….or in dis case di bitches…..yuh can hate smaddy so much yuh actually tief pictures of di food on her plate come put pon JMG just fi ppl comment and talk shit……..some bitches need a f**king life……smdh

    1. thats what bitches do..talk shit..but ure a male dont? really and a go seh jmg has never taken the high road..really??

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