DI SENDER ASKING-Star still a reside on JMG? They paying you rent and utilities?


Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

A video of a Rastafarian selector performing at a gay party has evoked the anger of several viewers on Internet website YouTube and other social media platforms.

The video, ‘Toronto Gay Dancehall Queens Having a Good Time on Stage’ was posted on YouTube in August. However, it has recently gone viral on various social networking sites and has received more than 11,000 views in less than a week.

In the almost three-minute long video, the mostly male patrons could be seen dancing up a storm to the latest dancehall songs, including QQ’s One Drop. They effortlessly performed the dance move.


Before 19 seconds into the video, the controversial DJ made his appearance by running on to a stage chasing off patrons. “Hol’ on deh! Mi a do sumn yah suh! Sorry deh! Sorry deh,” he said while pushing three men off the stage to create enough room.

Clad in créme pants, with grey T-shirt and matching turban, the DJ began jumping to the beat of Konshen’s Walk And Whine and yelling, “whoiiiiii!! dis a nuh boring time!!” Fuelling the energy of the gyrating male patrons.

At that point, a particularly passionate male couple took the spotlight grinding on each other with one man on his head top, while his partner held him firmly by the hips ‘daggering’ him from behind, much to the delight of the other patrons and the spirited ras.

Men dressed in full female apparel made their presence known when Gaza Slim’s Independent Ladies blared through the speakers.

The dynamic DJ, feeding off the vibes of the crowd yelled, “Weh all a di independent ladies!!” and the more effeminate patrons could be seen showing their appreciation for the hit song by bussing a whine and strutting to the middle of the dance floor.

As the video concluded, the Ras could be seen jumping on stage and yelling “All who waa party sehh party!! Party mi sehh!!” to cheers of approval from patrons.

Rastaman’s efforts

Unlike the patrons in the video who were appreciative of the Rastaman’s efforts, some viewers were not as kind. One commented, “I aint mad at nobody in this video but the Rasta. He don’t need to be proclaiming that anymore.”

Another commented, “Fire, fire, fire, an look pon di style dread. Shame to di Rasta community.”

“Mi nuh kno weh mi really ah watch to neck back … but mi kno one ting … juss true ah man locks him hair don’t mean him ah Rasta.. Meck mi tell yuh real Rasta nuh inna dem ting, no time ah tall …,” another user added.

But to the displeasure of some viewers, others were supportive of the Rastaman stating that he was only doing his job.

“The dread in the far background, leave him alone, Rasta community doesn’t care, he’s dancing with nobody, the man is a MC and doing his work,” a user commented.

While another stated, “It’s his job to make sure that people having a good time, free country dis!”

0 thoughts on “DI SENDER ASKING-Star still a reside on JMG? They paying you rent and utilities?

  1. Dis controversial DJ wid de wrap pon him head is NOT a true and bonafide Rastaman.Him is a wolf in sheep”s clothing. . Hortical and ever-living, ever-sure Jah Rastafarians don”t deal wid de circus ting, dem leave dat fe clown. No amount a money can get a true Rasta who is in touch wid reality fe DJ in a battybwoy club. De DJ wid him head wrap up nuh right, and I was not entertained.

  2. Met there is a video on YouTube roach on a radio show a talk bare things bout Corey Todd! Him even go as far fi sey ! If you think kartel evil check out Corey! Him talk a baga things

  3. Everything them tief from JMG they attribute to “popular jamaican websites” “various social media outlets” and fling youtube inna the pot fi add likkle flavour. GTFOH… They aren’t scouring youtube for content, they pitch on JMG and run with whatever left like some scavengers… And the dumbasses ought to know there is a difference between social media sites and social networking sites… kmrt

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