Miss Met Everyone know about this wall so I want to take this opportunity to warn these finger fearers. They may not be as big as Apple and Tamara but they need to ease up outta the people them store. One teef to sell and the others teef for party and modeling. Is just a matter of time Them need fi quit while dem ahead Leave di ppl dem name brand tings in di ppl dem store Oono soon get ketch


  1. I hate to see these low life dancehall people when dem a hype. When you see them in the hair dresser, parties, stores, they act like they better than people. how can you hype and show off on hard working people when everything you have you thief and f**k for? Ms. 106 and Park picture on the wall of shame in Easy Pickins on Fordham Rd in The Bronx. I can’t dwl. How long will they live like this? While they hyping my bank account and pension going up. Whats ur back up plan when u old and shiver up?

  2. Natalie is full time yuh stop the tiefTing. Cookies nd Easy Pickins have up yuh pic. Zara, H&m and Forever 21 soon have it up also, especially Zara. Yuh guh inna the people dem store (Zara) and tiefT 2 diff size shoes from 2 diff locations. The way how one size small yuh cudden stan up fi long inna the left shoes, is barefoot yuh deal wid the rest of the night. Mi see yuh inna Zara on 666 5th ave (up from H&M) and the way how yuh look hauntedand guilty yuh was sweating. Stop ask ask the employees dem question whey nuh mek sense, causen sey a suh dem know yuh is a suspect. Yuh love brag and show off how you walk outta the people dem store and yuh even have yuh children dem as bait fi yuh tiefTing. Natalie like the senda mi a warnnn yuh stop it yuh is a big woman and it don’t look good.

        1. Mettyyyyyyyy did she say left side ah one store right side ah one nexx storrrrrreeeeeee??
          Veekle mas rapido por favor________________________________________________________

    1. It is, yuh nuh miss not one beat…foot surveillance all nite long..di Metters dem nuh easy ah back foot :hammer :hammer :tkp

  3. Petty theft has to have something to do with Kleptomania no sah what could someone possibly find fi thief out a forever21 when nothing in deh no ova $40. my goodness

      1. Quena always. Dem always begging. Lilly is a man connist too and act like she innocent. Kill her dead she believe ppl dont know her dirty deeds. Teef an gwaan like she is somebody

      2. dwl that girl is a friend in my head and no way if she pay the $2795.00 fi har brand new Giuseppe Zanotti’s she neva have no change lef fi buy patty. Is that what you are implying?

        1. If she is a friend in your head please to store some “cents” up there for her because she be begging change! I was willing to say it was a one time shortage until she begged my baby fathers friend a lunch money, I sunk lo’ in my truck because I gasped so hard I didn’t want her to see the Rican and blow my cover :cool

  4. Lilly is big time teef from loooong time when she caan seel the goods she use dem pay for her hairdo. Dwllll. Lilly you too old now for dem things deh because you brushing soon 50 now . Natalie cannot stop teef. Its a part of her because I cannot see how her picture on store wall and she still teefing. At least Lilly steal dear tings but she musnt dweet still wether cheap or expensive they need to go look work and I doubt if any of them straight

  5. Wow I just watched z Prime Minister’s Heroes’ day message n must say things gone from bad 2 worst. They keeping her off camera n putting up z words 4 US to READ now!!After so many slips its a safe route to go I suppose. Still Love Sista P but cmon yo!!!!

  6. Im not surprised because those 2 post of FB almost everyday and I never hear one of them talk about work. Theyneed to stop before police hold them for goood. Smh

  7. MET i must give you a story
    one day when i just come foreign one of these top man dem (who now in jail and has been featured here) take me the store name DAFFYS trying to impress me
    now i felt kind of out of place as it was way in long island where is 99% white people and him was a loud dancehall looking spectacle
    anyhow i there perusing the racks then this very dancehall looking big woman appear out of nowhere near me saying hi and smiling like she know me . so with manners i say hello back
    i notice every walk i walk, she walk to
    she had on a big jacket and a even bigger handbag – but poor me who just come never was picking up the rake
    all i know is when me and mr man going through the door – is the big woman dat breeze right pass wi and next thing i see the poor old security guard trying to chase her down but she was long gone
    the way i shock i stand up same place cause i never want them to think we was together
    they never said anything to me but i felt soooo ashamed
    they make it so bad for the rest of us that when i go in a store and they following me round and round you cant even be mad at them

  8. Dem is ah wutliss set. Dem teef suh till dem teef two different size shoes fron two different stores according tuh one ah di blogger. What ah piece ah curse ah follow dem….no sah it nuh normal.

  9. That’s why when yuh guh to the grocery store fe guh buy wrap foil yuh cyaah fine none cause at dat dem use fe line dem big long teefin bag when dem rip ah run outta the people dem store; wid di stolen goods dem so the sensors won’t go off… one ah mi data besties tell wi everything, names and all..even ar owna madda name she call weh eena it tuh smfh lol

  10. Them thefT wid out mercy, and them renk like chink, I can’t stand then,these bitches steal milk out a coffee and walk beg like them blind. Ole crosses them

    1. Sketel nuh bodayyy nuh beg and renk like Natalie and shi nuh give whey not even prayer. Natalie is very very mean. Natalie will guh inna yuh party free and will not I repeat will not allow yuh fi enta her party free. Nd if yuh eva guh to her party nd nuh buy nuh liquor, mi seyyyy shi will seezz yuh and cuss out yuh claat. Shi watch everybody nd dem spending when dem inna her party. When she was pregnant that was an advantage for her. Causen sey shi was 9 months pregnant from shi start show. Dat mean sey she stuff the clothes dem on top of her belly. Unu tink Natalie easy.

      1. Mi use to guh the same hairdresser whey shi guh and trusss mi when dem use to order food dem use to pray sey the food come and done b4 shi reach. Causen sey shi will beg dung tuh a grain of rice. and if yuh nuh give it tuh herrr memba mi toldz yuh the wholla BX hear her mouth. And when Natalie buy food dem sey shi eat it inna the restaurant suh shi nuh share wid nuh body. Natalie should change her name to Natalie Zara666. Shi use to teiFt one foot at a time causen shi sey (her words) it less bulky to carry outta the store. Suh by time shi empty or guh back the next day to the same or next location, her size sell out nd dem put whey the one shoe whey shi lef inna the back :ngakak suh a suh comes shi haffi tiefT the smaller size. People who shop at Zara a lot know sey any size 7 and up sell out very fast, suh Natalie size is between 7 and 9 and a dat cause the squeezation in her left foot that night :ngakak

  11. I remember a big ooman whey dem use to call Ms Macys. People dat ooman was one of the greatest Macys and food tiefT inna NY. Mi sey any houseware inna Macys shi cudda tiefT it fi yuh. mi mean comforter set, sheet set, curtain, cutlery, plates, cups you name it shi will get it for you. Until today I cannot understand how she did that. Shi use to tiefT all meat from the supermarket. Yow mi sey shi use to guh grocery shopping inna all the likkle bodega dem inna Bx up and down WPR, Gunhill and Boston Road. If yuh have a budget of $100 fi yuh grocery, shi cudda get yuh everything and more for $50 (her price) afta she done tiefT. No sahhh she neva stop until dem hold her inna macys and dip her.I don’t think that lady ever work for the time she was in this country. Shi use to come outta road bruk and once shi dip inna the people dem grocery store and come out, she have customer like crazy. TiefTing inna dem DNA from conception.

  12. Den wait dey, fram what me see, di stores dem put out the same foot shoes, so mine Miss Finga Fearing did teef two same foot a shoes from two diffarant store so shi prbly end up wid sey two leff foot a shoes gooda all two different size

    1. @dwrl not Juliet, she is Stone Love aunty (Fake bag scammer Christine baby daddy), her son is one of the Unruly dem. But everybody know her as Ms Macys. That lady knew how to untilize her hand dem. She is my mother’s old school mate and mommy sey is suh the family a dem tiefT from Jamaica.

  13. Quena come run Lilly file no cause mi waiting tohear fi har story. Mi know say yuh know nuff a dem or at least know of dem. Cause mi hear is beggy beggy too but not no little change. Har beggings larger dan “patty money”.Dwl

  14. I would love to be in a the parlor when beggie beggie Natalie come, mek mi see if she tek off her head and kotch door wid it a night, I would love for her to try come bad me up fi my food, a weh duh sum gal.

  15. I was talking to someone about this post last night and dem was telling me that Lilly f**k man and woman. Pls come confirm anyone. She always look bi to me. Not sure if someone can “look bi” Lol. But it was just something aout her.

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