Uno follow dis now. Fi all di lazy ppl dem weh nu waan read fi buss di puzzle.

U si di youth weh Deh pan di bed weh seh him kill man inna church…him name roderick aka raj. Him and kartel was in bbm Convo. Him is a Yankee. Look how him dress, wear di biggest clothes, sneakers, no Clarkes. was in the pic in red striped polo shirt holding pick Axe. Wen him get lock up a linstead jail them seize him travel docs that’s why teacher did want dem link a man so him can get a passport and fly again. Him nuh know wee and lizard dem like dat, if yuh can hear inna di planning vid him a ask dem name. Just a killa weh link wid clans and did a look a strength at the time cah tesha did Deh a jail. Him have ends uptown dats how him link up timberlee. And country (point hill) rural st Catherine. Raj would kill anybody fi teacher. Shawn storm aka Siva was going to die by the hands of raj. Shawn storm is innocent of lizard murder. Guilty of gun runnings and shit but wasn’t even there when lizard dead.

Danger and them was close but danger was unruly and know too much so teacher wanted him dead. Raj wudda do dat fi a car money. Raj also had interest in Illuminati. Teacher wud from time to time share thoughts of that nature with him.

Problem child is a top man weh used to Deh round teacher and run tings wen the gang was smaller it seems. Him know all a di man dem as a man from the area and know the area well. He was in farrin when he was talking to teacher via voice notes. Teacher have mad respect for him. Problem child might still Deh a farrin and a read pink wall as we speak.


131 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH FOLLOW DIS

  1. Mawning Boss lady Met and all Metters! Wha in a dark must come to light, he will continue to be his own demise. The pieces of this intriguing puzzle falling into place one by one………….

    1. a wonder if problem child is tesha miller? Met, howdy, I could swear there was a problem child blogging on here at some point, can you investigate to see if I am correct? thankee you.

    1. I guess what the person is trying to say is that even though it was Shawn storm who brought Lizard and wee there, he was totally ignorant of the fact that Fartel was planning to kill them. You notice in the voice notes Fartel was discussing Shawn storm with problem child to. You know that I dont think that it was over the gun dem why Fartel wanted to kill lizard because he knew who took the guns, is just a strategy him did use fi murder the yute… Mi feel lizard did know sey him a batty man so he had to silent him.

  2. Roderick noh him same one got pickney wid indra frm march pen road wey bulbie did dey wid her mom fe many years until him dead i think her name was sonia an dem kill her an her daughter say a dem tell police say roderick dey a cherry gardens.when is kartel give up dat info fe avoid been locked up…noh de same roderick aka raj?

    1. I think its that Roderick too. He was here and got dipped hence the accent. And was really making a name for himself while Tesha was on vaca…. He was just a natural born killer, and he loved the up close and personal killings. He loved the cut off head business and that was supposedly his trademark…Yuh notice from him dead that has virtually ceased?

        1. As far as I know, I don’t know :cystg. But, last I heard he was trying to get on the endangered species list if you follow my drift

  3. Morning Met and all Metters thanks for sharing all these things to the public because nuff people clueless to what this so-called icon was up to… As Babysham said “wha inna dark must come to light” He was my artiste but reading all these stuffs and trying to connect the dots i realize what an evil being he is. You said Shawnstorn was clueless i disagree wit that altho i think he would have killed him too.

  4. Shawn is not innocent him tell cameal say man ago Dead ..a panic him get panick think dem ago kill him to cause him kno him boss love kill inna bundle

  5. Rodrick did a look a strength? When a him an Nevardo aka Dee jay cause the internal war a Dee jay a kill Tesha sister yute was the coldest.

      1. Tesha gi di orda fi done Dj and mek it public by leaving him head inna Spanish town square. Dj Neva did a deck nuh orders and a draw too much unnecessary attention to clans wen miller was in jail Awaiting trial. He killed miller sister a few days before his death. Cut off nuff ppl head prior to that, that was his style. Nevardo Hodges was Dj real name. Most feared by police and citizen. Top the most wanted list at the time along with one called Satan.

  6. Met and with all this info you are providing (Which I thank you)you know the ignorant fools still nuh believe

  7. mawnin Met and everyone …mi did wah know bout di yute pon di bed….and weh mi find out he is not American ….him jus run go weh wen bulbie dead…and dem ship him back ……him get deported from the US before dat…………and den him go bahamas and dem hold him airport …………..him oman a bulbie oman daughter….plus according to fi him program him no need fi look nuh strength Kartel him self fraida him …..

  8. Shawn from misplaced loyalty .Even though he never killed or take part in the killing he led the man to his death .The prosecution in knowing that he can get off on a lesser charge offered him the lesser charge and instead of taking the lesser charge he opted to fight the case even though it was apparent that Kartel’s day had come .
    Shawn was not loyal to his blind mother,his children or his woman but rather loyal to a man he knew was ordering killings .
    Can’t feel sorry for him..

  9. Kartel fraida him fe true ..kartel wuda jus use him if him never get bite an use a nextman or better yet squaddie jason fe rub him out

  10. Shaaaaawty, even more reason fi u celebrate n splash out di money pon u self, all find a man or 2 fi bun him wid (if u can find one caus u deficient in di looks department) since him did waan kill u bredda

  11. Good morning

    Mi believe Shawn storm would of been next. I think one of his co accusers if not both will flip pon him after all this. Everything that leaks points to others who are nothing but murderers.

  12. So true thats why i caan undastan why him refuse the deal ,but then again the police say if shawn did hear the voicenote him wuda tek de deal

    1. Probably Shawn feared for his life as well as the lives of his family maybe the reason why he didn’t take the deal…

  13. Unless it was different conversations taking place in the bbm messages then this makes no sense whatsoever! Unu hear how Roderick voice squeaky & unu hear how problem voice deep how is it the same person? They sound nothing alike! Nobody nuh know the real story too much speculation too damn much & zero facts.

    1. I’ve never seen a bigger fool than this Fashion Passion. A pure shit yuh chat! When the fcuk did you read and interpret that Roderick and Problem Child is the same person? Yuh nuh read sey Roderick dead and Problem did deh and still deh a farrin? Every frigging post yuh mek a pure shit!!!! Get offa Kartel dick now man buff baff!!

    2. Read again. I don’t believe the statement declare dem to be same person. What it mostly does is clearly separate dem as two different ppl.

    3. Im on the same page with u it is not rodrick smh !!?….how it fi be rodrick and him call him name ina di message seh both sender n rodrick name call fi wrong doing

      1. My friend. When he said those words he was quoting what he saw on a paper, hence and I now quote.
        201108081312852941238,ā€234BAE6Dā€,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,Di bwoy show me a paper weh say me and rodrick from march pen road response fi double murder. Barrington osbourne aka bossy and jomo hamilton. Aka jomo.”

        He was in fact talking to raj and telling him wats up.

  14. I been reading the posts and i don’t get the impression raj is problem child. And the posts are clearer than mud. And even if they are NONsense there is some sense in the nonsense.
    My main concern just now is where is “needfa speed” the taxi driver? If Shawn a the postman, then needfa a the biccyle.. He is the key to the lock. Any chat here

  15. Need fa speed seem like just a taxi for hire. Seem like one a dem type a ppl weh just work fi who Eva as long as him a get pay.

    1. They were using a lot of taxis for f**kery… Yuh know how many people gi man dem cyar fi drive and only hear bout it when them shot up or police seize them because they were used in drive bys? Backtrack to the epidemic of drivebys that were occuring in Portmore at a certain point in time… and mainly in the Gregory Park area… although a maybe bout 10% ever mek news… and you notice they were always suspected clans involved targets?

      1. Then again a lot of ppl don’t knw that clans is or was so powerful that u dear not challenged them. Or u will pay. They controlled the taxi and bus park so they pretty much would know every taxi man, maybe out of fear most of them had no choice but to comply or suffer the consequence, whether head get chop off or house get fire bombed and family targeted. Cold world. Was once labelled as the most organized gang in the Caribbean around 2010 2011 in the hight of all a dis.

  16. Same bbc ting!!!!!

    Anonymous 11:53 am

    I’m not on Kartel dick & would never want Adidjah Palmer
    Come buss up mi batty hole like he did yours
    If you were an avid reader here you would’ve known I WAS a big fan of
    Kartel you need to stfu and COMPREHEND WHAT I WROTE!
    I’m clearly separating the two because in the post it’s saying vybz talkin to Roderick & is problem child him a talk to wol time! Roderick dead from bbc when ! Ah must you write this post why it hat yuh suh! Come suck mi

    1. Lol. No need for arrogance. A fukry u a chat fi real. Read again. But this time go thru slowly. And and note this. Two convo. One bbm and one voice note. Raj to bbm. Problem to Vn. I don’t see what’s the problem.

      1. LISTEN.

        1. My friend. When he said those words he was quoting what he saw on a paper, hence and I now quote.
          201108081312852941238,ā€234BAE6Dā€,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,Di bwoy show me a paper weh say me and rodrick from march pen road response fi double murder. Barrington osbourne aka bossy and jomo hamilton. Aka jomo.”

          He was in fact talking to raj and telling him wats up.

    2. Ok this is a different anonymous suh nuh bother trace mi but point of correction, roderick died in feb 2012 and these bb messages were from 2011

  17. Nevardo hodges Aka dj did kill him baby motherjust days before im dead enoh an thedriver wey a move her .i dont kno if it was the new man or a taxi but frm dat day i say him days numbered.him did snatch all the baby wonder how dat baby faring

    1. I wonder who has the baby now? I remember asking, “but him baby mother though?”… And to show you the complexities of the human makeup… you know there are people to this day who will tell yuh this yute was cool peoples, except fi the likkle killing habit weh him did have? Dead ass.
      He had a blood lust though. He was a compulsive killer… Like if he didnt get bloody he didnt “feel” it

  18. MET, maybe you and Obara can try to give us some insight into this… people like Nevardo…. any clue into what might infuse that lust for killing in them? From a spiritual standpoint.

    1. I grasp the whole serial killer psychology. but Ive often wondered if there’s possibly something else physically that occurs

  19. Roderick dead months after him help kill lizard kartel tell dem where in cherry gardens to find him ..those bb messages are not last week they are frm dem time leading up to lizard death

    1. Kartel sell him. Only few knew him ends. Not even danger. Plus kartel loyal to no one. Everyone around him were pawns

      1. Yes Kartel knew where he was staying. Look back at the BB messages…Raj made several references to ‘inna the hill” which i take to mean Cherry gardens.

  20. Yes i remember getting the message straight fromjamaica as it happenned cause i always been wondering if him carry the baby go kill it or himgive it to family ..i hear the woman was running lef him an him come caught her in the act she was nearing 40 to ..him just shoot her up an the driver ..i kno himnever did ago live too long after dat plus himdid get some new big gun an tek bare pic all a party .spanish town police dem get coward ..loll a dem glad wen him dead cos dem did a fret

  21. I dont kno but from years back satan seems to got a special hold on st catherine spanish town .cause all linsteadbog walk dem place years back wS very quiet except tief an domestic issues..some pple a spain an all d pickney dem barefoot wey dem sen go kill pple buoy it grieve to think about

  22. Of course a kartel sell out de big fish cause kartel thinking inna fe him head say once him all give de police dem roderick.him wont be facing no charges..dat was what kartel thought

  23. An what i knows for a fact in spanish town is that modt of the young murderers operating some dead an gone dem daddy was old murderer an dem mumma love gunman ..parents suck sour grape children teeth nedge

  24. Dem clansman dey got too much influence in spanish town its like a desease few years ago dem order someone who works at the power station where the police station fall under .bare block out an spray spanish town police station i caan member a wah did piss dem off so mr kartel clans yuh better get comfortable in dey bout appeal

  25. Met, is it possible that the same Roderick was also known as problem child?? You notice that when they were sending messages, they were sending voice notes to each other in between., look at the conversation again.. Deep down I feel they are the same person.

  26. Him betta stay weh him deh coz dem a go put him head pon stick coz him
    Sell dem out an dem kno now al a jail him no safe him unda nuff pressure
    Him must suicidal U REAP WAT U SOW

  27. Haven’t read the comments yet but sender I agree with you regarding Shawn Storm….I think he was going to be killed too because they blamed him along with Lizard & wee for the “shoes” being missing

  28. But why him deliver de man dem fe get killed an tek wey himself cause him done did kno what ago guawn or maybe wen him see de clansman dem him kno is killing time fe more than one an sixth sense tell him cut

    1. but in Chow’s testimony, he said Shawn was there up to the point when him run go lock up in the room and Shawn and Kartel tek him out.

  29. Somebody ask up a top who run clans now. Hear dis. The PNP has always run dat gang. Dem is the executive. Miller and others were just top lieutenants who dealt with ppl directly on the ground.

  30. Somebody ask up a top who run clans now. Hear dis. The PNP has always run dat gang. Dem is the executive. Miller and others were just top lieutenants who dealt with ppl directly on the ground.

    1. o…so that’s why Kartel did rate Skeng and Mr Williams so much…bcuz they were Bulbie’s boss/financiers

    2. LOL…Kartel never smart…him shoulda friend up the PRO PNP politicians, police and business people…he would’ve been a free man today…instead him hang out with only the low life’s

      1. I think Kartel wid him over inflated sense of self did think that after a while di bigger heads woulda come to him and embrace him. So him never see di need to make friends in high places.

  31. @Judas arrogance how??? Do you even know the meaning of that word????

    Anyways anything a anything mi done waste my previous time pon dis cuz just like you cah understand what I wrote a same suh mi cah understand what yuh send in
    Kmrct some ah unnu sick mi stomach !!!! I can take correction but not if you’re going to be rude about it it’s a damn discussion. Some ah unnu a some dirty illiterate ppl Weh cah even read & write but wa call ppl stupid kmft.


  32. The real killer is deejay but a never him kill tesha sister a the police dem kil her during the shootout between dem and deejay, then say a deejay shot dem kill her..dem kno seh once dem mek that announcement tesha a go tek it to deejay cause him did a get unruly not even tesha him did a tek talk from anymore so tesha tell dem fi get rid a him and mek sure dem do it his way.deejay a the one that start wid cutting of head thing yeah and a Dave clans a run it from Florida..A suh one dead dem recruit ten more.dem have a new member wey dem seh worse than deejay him already mek the most wanted list and all now dem nuh catch him yet..one order a do dem thing but dem more organized and discreet and dem party not in power so dem try keep a low profile. .

  33. read that article and put things together….bbm’s, video’s etc…speedy in the church by police…which side was Kartel on?

    1. A raging internal battle is nearing in Spanish Town, St Catherine, as a new don for the Clansman gang is being decided with bullets and blood.

      Speaking with the police as well as members of the gang, THE WEEKEND STAR investigative team has learnt that the battle which has existed for sometime now is set to intensify with the recent sentencing of the reputed don.

      Police sources, however, claim that the conflict in the Clansman gang began escalating in January after the killing of Jermaine ‘Speedy’ Morrison, a high-ranking Clansman member and loyalist of the current don.

      That was, however, only a continuation of a dramatic long-term internal feud, originating from the police killing of long-time leader Donavon ‘Bulbie’ Bennett in October 2005.

      “Di right man who should a run tings … a go tek over di ting once and for all. But fi dat gwan is whole heap a man afi go dead, cause di man come from di original set of Clansman, Bulbie link, an a one bag a younger Clans that are diehard loyalists of … afi go get brush (killed),” a long-standing Clansman member told THE WEEKEND STAR.

      The man being referred to was a close associate Bulbie and is respected within the organisation. Gang sources say many high-ranking members have concluded that with his intellect, finances and willingness to share spoils of extortions and contract killings, he is perfect for the leadership role.

      new young bloods

      Police sources confirm that this man is now entrenched in a war with persons to the current don from March Pen road and other areas.

      “Toadis a long-standing gang member we hear, and believes it is his time to take over … . He is a close associate of the former Clans don Bulbie, so it is basically the original Clansman gang against the new young bloods,” explained a police officer from the division.

      One gang member, clearly a loyalist of Toad, told THE WEEKEND STAR that it was not Bulbie’s wish to see the current don as the leader.

      “This is a mistake from long time a get correct now, Bulbie set up Dave Clans and … (Toad) fi tek over an run di ting properly … but after you jus hear Dave Clans dead an a … [the current don] a run it an a one don di ting de … look a way,” he added.

      Toad, it is said, reluctantly accepted leadership to prevent bloodshed.

      Now with the current don incarcerated, it is expected that Toad will no longer be reluctant. Standing in his way, however, are some of the current don’s loyalists who are said to be willing to use bullish, violent tactics.

      One of these loyalists is a man who hails from the March Pen road area. He has been celebrated as one of the main aggressors in the feud with gang rival, One Order.

      “When we an One Order did ina war, dem man de a go di hardest,” said a gang member from the March Pen road area.

      Sources indicate that the only other loyalists who could take the helm is a man celebrated as the person who extended the gang to Bog walk and surrounding areas to much financial gain. However, THE WEEKEND STAR uncovered that he has fled to a small Caribbean island upon hearing he was being targeted in the internal feud.


      The tale in the fight for control doesn’t end there. It is said that a close family member of Bulbie is also being hailed by a number of persons as the next person to control the gang. They say until recently, he has been the only high-ranking member to openly stand up against the ruthless loyalists of the current don.

      But even if Bulbie’s relative becomes the man at the helm, gang sources say it won’t be without the cooperation of Toad who began his takeover efforts with the killing of ‘Speedy’. This is alleged to have infuriated loyalists which led to several murders in Portsmouth, Portmore, some hours later.

      In that incident, the deceased were identified as 56-year-old Lerrimore Warmington; 39-year-old Owen Henry; Kenton Headley, 30; 45-year-old Levil Anderson, and a man identified only as ‘Pazzam’ who investigators say was a Clansman gang member loyal to Toad and was the intended target of the hit.

      “Investigations have indicated a link between these murders. A third incident, the killing of the girlfriend and mother-in-law of Speedy, is also said to be linked in what seems to be a deadly cycle of reprisal,” said a police from the division who spoke on condition of anonymity.

      In that incident, the lives of Erica Simmonds, 44, and 23-year-old Peta-Gaye Bunda, both from March Pen road, were violently cut down in a hail of bullets. A third woman was shot and injured, but survived.

      *Name changed

  34. The guy in a the red shirt when seh “no mi don” when Kartel ask him if he had any ghost stories, dark skin yute

  35. When speedy dead dem shoot up Spanish town station. Made a threat to kill four police. Spanish town was suppose to get clean up like Tivoli


    1. Was Raajor or Raahdo the real killer? reason I’m asking is because of this BBM reply from him:

    201108041312439232275,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,ā€234BAE6Dā€,Ph dead
    201108051312557826174,ā€234BAE6Dā€,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,Yow raj
    201108051312557874835,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,ā€234BAE6Dā€,Wah eeh prie
    201108051312557943991,ā€234BAE6Dā€,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,Dehya inuh. A mad raas!
    201108051312558057939,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,ā€234BAE6Dā€,Fax think mi did ago sleep bad but mi sleep good (=| >=)

    2. Is Raahdo Problem Child?
    3. Who is Policeman Jason?
    4. Who is Animal?
    5. Who is Startwell?
    6. Who is Jomo ( Jomo Hamilton )?
    7. Who is Barrington Osbourne ( Bossy )?
    8. Who is Jason?
    9. Who is Crazy Person and T?
    10. Who is Madd Rass?
    11. Who is Fada Blunt?
    12. Who is Afrie?
    13. Who is Smokie?
    14. Who is Briggie?
    15. Are Mass Rass and Shortman the same person?

    16. Is Shortman Popcaan because someone made reference to him being #1 on the music charts..

    17. Does 1 Don mean Clansmen/ Clans women Gang? (PNP)
    18. Does 1 Order mean Labourites? (JLP)
    19.Why was DJ ( Navardo Hodges ) and Rah both communicating with Kartel same time?
    20. And last but not least…Why did Kartel reference “Ordo Templi Orientis” >”Orders Of The Oriental Templars” in one of his BBM messages????????

    1. Radrick who he was talking to had similar interest In masonary. That’s why he sent him oto link to read up on. Remember wen radrick on the bed talking bout wen they were keeping church at linstead lock up and he said he shouted out bafomet during service and the church ppl dem left and never come back

  37. Who is Pazzam?
    Who ordered the killings of Speedy’s mom and sister?
    Who ordered the kiling of Spedy?

  38. Kartel is a very manipulative, cold and calculating murderer. If I put the pieces of this puzzle together…it seems as if wanted the killer to kill each other…thus leaving him the last man standing…one of his songs…almost like a game of Chess…

  39. I wonder if Raj aka problem child is Rajoor?(if tht’s how u spell it) In the video wit dem talking about duppy stories he ask Rajoor if he had any duppy story.. Rajoor could be Raj?

    1. Possibly I was thinking that first. But rajoor profile in the video though short, was a quiet man weh seem reserved and seem more undercover. . The context of the bbm and convo more fit radrick profile. Hype and nuh care. After listening to voice notes. problem child seem like somebody weh teacher look up to and report to. and in the video rajoor Neva seem that way. Seem like rajoor look up to teacher. Hence wen he said “no my don” to his superior. Still could be problem child possibly. but clearly radrick was on bbm. And for ppl weh a seh a not him because teacher wouldn’t say me and Roderick a suspect in bossy case…teacher was quoting what he saw on a piece of paper. hence and I now quote.
      201108081312852941238,ā€234BAE6Dā€,ā€25E00FF7ā€³,Di bwoy show me a paper weh say me and rodrick from march pen road response fi double murder. Barrington osbourne aka bossy and jomo hamilton. Aka jomo.”

      He was in fact talking to radrick and telling him wats up.

      1. “no mi don” is just a slang ,get weh me a say family ?

        fe de bredda up a top .Rado a one order man ,claim say him a music producer ,dem did shot him one of the time .Google it .

        Dem thing yah no really organised as people think and the political allegiance is loose and dem man yah no stay like 80s man dem ,dem work together and work against each other at the same time .

    1. Di hairstyle him a sport mek it unlikely seh him a police. Unless him on leave or suspension. Mi nuh think him wudda allow himself inn di video either as a police. Smarter than dat

      1. Anonymous if yuh a law enforcement u nah work good. Check yuh cover. mi know yuh nuh mind this but yuh seem fi be so interested in this matter and related events. Being able to pull extracts from all bout wid ease. Or yuh Deh pan a different side and a use perks. Anything a anything still. Just a observation mi a point out fi all who nuh see it yet

        1. No Judas I am neither law enforcement nor gang affiliated. I am a blogger who wants to figure out the science behind this ordeal and just choose to ask a lot of questions so that everything makes sense. If you or no one else wants to answer them you don’t have to respond to them.Those questions are common sense and very telling…if you go back and pick sense from the BBM messages…just my observation as well :cystg

          1. Puerto riquan, que pasa? a yuh this. yuh still nunh easy a rasclawt. yuh still itch up doa.

  40. SMH Jus to set something straight rodrick wasnt a yankee … no … yes was kartel shoota but whils kartel was in prison kartel set up roddrick death….in 2012

  41. The best ting unnu can do is study hard a school and try get a scholarship fi go America. Or hope say somebody file for you .
    Jamaica a wicked country

  42. It was in the paper that Jermaine ‘Speedy’ Morrison emptied his gun on a young 20-year old female who him box and she box him back. That girl is one brave girl and I salute her!!! He is a coward and got what he deserves. bad-man don’t empty gun on female. Sandokhan a the real bad man

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