Met good morning here’s the real story dj use to live wit one big ooman name Nikki who use to take care of him and also was f**king Karen at the same time dj den move out left Nikki n had no where to go so Karen took him in from dj come out of jail he been bouncing around from different woman house anyway Karen make trees send for her n she left him n take up dj who is only 28 dj was wit Toya who is now breeding for him and Dnt kno nothing that is goin on in the Bronx he hides everything from her but Nikki knew it’s only one person that dj love n will neva leave n that’s Toya so she went out her way to find Toya n let her kno wats been goin on in the Bronx Toya did put up Karen on her Ig to get her to call her Karen called Toya n lied for dj n told toya dat she n dj dnt live n she’s not wit him so Toya wrote u met n told u the story she was told but yesterday Toya ask dj the truth here’s the truth he do live wit Karen so he can get on his feet I can say more but the story to long so all who think Karen only f**k man wit money dats a lie she been mining dj since him left Nikki but Karen this is wat u need to know dj will neva love u his heart belong wit Toya like he told her yesterday ur just the link he need to ketchup n den him n Toya gonna be siping tea laughing at u Toya lets dj bounce around dats y he will Neva go nowhere Toya Dnt want u to get dip again that’s money for her n her kids just like she allow dj to live wit Nikki Dnt get me wrong dj u did hurt Toya cause u tell her everything but Nikki beat u to the punch so met there goes the story the Karen saga


  1. Kmdt, so Toya rent out her man fi woman mine him, how about she go and look a job so she and her so call man can live together like a real family since is she him love so much! Coo uno too, think ppl stupid like uno, should be ashamed of the Kliss life weh uno living. Karen I don’t even have words fi all u, long time u deh bout guh buy little ambition man.

  2. Toya, tek me good advice noh tek back DJ or sleep with him, mek karen stay with him, remember you was warn!!! not everything glitter is gold.

  3. Ambition!! Inborn concept that cannot be bought, taught learned or manipulated. Sad sad sad situation. You woulda think dat Bad no ready Karen would a try to do something different now that she’s got 1 2 an 3 chances in a ‘Mercia and she is a grown woman that’s been through so many relationships, but no. A pig will always go back to its natural environment, the pen to squeak and walla inna d mud. Dis is too hilarious!!

  4. Poor treeze him hurt real bad , bring the woman back & as she land she dump him . Karen becareful what goes around comes back around ‘ me already now say treeze no saint but my god . Him support in jamaica & fly down regular to see u .

  5. Wasn’t it said the Bad (by some standards) and Neva ready, tampon string Karen had that high karate sickness from way back when?

      1. Cita (Happy New Year) a from Afrik house, red parrot, love people, and me under 18 that it a whisper…I don’t know how the notice board of dancehall miss dat de memo de :travel
        Dis yah man contaminated and should not be returned to sender/Toya, lol

  6. Toya, when u a rent out u man, u mek sure sey him a use condom? U nuh fraid him bring home di Big A to u??? Lawd Gad for di love of money, onoo sell unoo pride, ambition all unoo soul

  7. How the hell is Karen able to mine nuhbody is what Kina work she have… and why the hell this Toya needs to rent out her man!!!… Di WHOL AH dem too damn wutless, and shame shame shame on you Ugly Karen!!!

  8. Wat wait met it was trees that send for Karen it was jagga b brother who send for her n she couldn’t deal wit trees n his party ting n every night him out wit him other ooman

  9. Well Jamaica is a third world ccountry so I hope anybody that find them way to fforeign make it n use it as a stepping stone to stepup in life. ppl use to call down my phone n beggin until I change my number bout them don’t eat from morning

  10. If I was u I would return to sender cause dem gal not playing wit u Karen if u know wat is best I hope him f**k can bring u back a farrin again wen dem send u back instead of worry bout man worry bout ur daughter dat is his age stop tell people him a mind u cause him bruck n let us know u start tek back on the road n u soon send ur salt ass back to yard if toya Dnt get u first merica to nice for a man to get u dip again plus dis New York how much time a re entry get u think money gonna go on ur books for 2 years him have kids to worry bout met March April don’t pass m Karen don’t end up back in jail we soon get the story u playing wit a Yankee gal n dem Dnt play nice met toya soon get Karen file if she don’t have it already beware us on groupie have warn u send back to sender or go home

  11. Delroy wasn’t toya the same one that had ur back wen u got lock up I hope wen u end up back in there she leave u wit nothing but the draws on your ass u to brite toya a breed n instead she stay blind u Mek ur ooman go look fi her met dis serious u need to call or write toya for her side n take on this story here dj U don’t love ur ride or die were is she while u n ur oomans running nyc street I hope toya n baby in good health n she didn’t go dash away the belly n run u nasty boy bout u a sell cock go get by go look a job met wen toya met Dj it look like she did run some paper on so she a rent him out to bring back her lawyer fee n fone n food fee she spend on him Dj I was there wen Toya use to give u all n not even ur own frenz wanted to answer ur jail call so if this is wat Toya get for helping smh u should of been look pass toya cheating on u cause she was there wen she didn’t kno u remember Toya did just met u wen she took up 1xcxxx n give u a start n not a penny she see back ungrateful ur time met if toya keep the baby I kno it’s ok wit out the father that one thing her family support is crazy dem soon run Dj like dog Dj u taught wen Nikki send in the post dat groupie was gonna hurt Toya no nasty worthless boy its u n Karen nasty ass member ur day soon reach u better leave nyc I see hype still want him money u rob

  12. how Toya help him out that bitch rob his mother money when the mother send it down for lawyer fee please Toya been stop check for him one month after he been in jail and to top it off she was suppose to get the video from daffy party to present for Dj lawyer to help towards his case and the bitch end up turn around and f**k daffy whatever Toya get now she deserves she is a f**k up bitch and u talking about family support please the only person who’s gonna do that is her mother because she a whore just like Toya Toya fat black ugly sister name Keisha can’t stand her and the man she grew up with that is not her father don’t even fart Pon har Toya is a waste gysl and that’s all she gonna be big up Karen ah you say take away ah Gyal man cus Toya have no pussy walls to hold nobody so I guess it will be easy for her to push out the baby without a problem lmao what goes around comes around

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