1. Is a sequel to Paris is Burning this????? Butch Queens first time in drag at a ball. J-hikan is the house mom. Give the trophies to the two bredda dem inna pic 8 and 9.

  2. Look nice? A guess if di bar lowered fi Atlanta ppl a guess u can seh dem wont meck u vomit, but mi wouldn’t guh as far as seh nice.
    Suh a Jadion a dancehall ambassador now?

  3. We don’t want teefing J–IKIN and His Wife down here, please to stay up naaath and dont come dung yah come add to the dancehall rach that we already hab. Mek we stay wid the already tan bad people dem.

  4. Atlanta is just for retired Jamaicans Weh did deep deep deep innah di game but now dem Dunn wid the foolishness and f***kry but then spirit is still fighting it.But because them step Weh from it so long dem nuh know how fi dash di tings dem together again. The ole saying is true if you don’t use it you will lose it” it’s all about preserving the rest of they’re lives for them now. It’s not as cold as N.Y.But not as hot as Florida. SO they are kind of in the twilight zone..that how I see things when they post their pawty pictures

  5. But mi caan understand dis Pic number 2 peaches to di way how you and your family love si down and chat people and smile up in a dem face and hand dem flyers,how dare you start do road wid da 4 belly deh in front a you,from now on mi waan yuh leave stush wid fi her 8 belly and work pon yours and a hope di tumpa middle finga whea yuh always a stick up in a di video camera is fi BUGS and not john public cause a him did a walk and a talk up di bag a things bout you and yuh family dem and a disown yuh unborn child otaay and PIC 10 BREAST ALMIGHTY that top is not for you boo boo one size does not fit all.

  6. Den ICANT no c say him pink bleach out face a clash wid d blue suit- good thing him hide d black foot this time:)

  7. @anonymous suh y peaches 4 belly an stush 8 belly a mad u at lease dem ave a reason fi ave belly wats ur reason caz a 12 skull inna urs murdara blood deh u shoulda!!!!

  8. @Enough you need fi play back buju song and listen to the wud dem keenly,and the word is shoulder not shoulda,and next thing you need fi tek off the E off enough and just spell it the ebonics way cause that’s exactly what you are f***king nough not nuff and a next ting bitch you don’t know me cause if you did you would know that my pussy stretch out and bust like elastic band from having my four wonderful kids so next time yah come defend things use yuh spell check you f***king T.H.O.T and the next child I have I need you in the delivery room fi come chow down pon di after birth.

  9. @anonymous well bitch a hit d nail pon dih head not because u bring 4 bastard dat nuh meen nutten bitch u a still skull inna belly i r weak u c how it feel wen unoo luv class ppl dutty bitch guh get a life a dead 1 to fuka u dwrcl an bitch u is that hoe ova there!!!!

  10. @Enough yuh caan dun me memba dat and yes i gave birth to 4 bastard pitny whea mi did afi pick out dem father name out a hat and yes me nyam bout six a dem and mi belly still nuh full cause a mi dem call kill baby kill, madden caan more dan me and i said it and mi nah tek back mi typing peaches need fi stop talk bout stush belly big cause look pon fi her own now,and i am not a hoe over here its Ms.HOE for you biaaaatch,oh one more thing all a di name dem whea mi pick out a di hat dem not one a di father dem own dem aint that a damn shame but uncle sam sure takes good care of them that is why i can be on the great pink wall day in day out.

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