DI SENDER SEH:-Rafflings a gwaan but a nuh fi a TV !!!

NI-OptimizedSo wiggy aka Ghinelle a breed. Now she a breed and according the bronx ghetto grapevine she a hold a raffle fi the belly? Mi hear say har current situation sad cause she lose all har job because the man dem woman nuh stop guh a Mr Chin Shop fi fight ?? But wiggy still hole out and say a Romeo a de daddy. The problem is all now the last baby father cant identify, Can you do a “you are the daddy Segment” like Maury and help poor Ghinelle so she can get Paternity test fi one pikney before she have the next unidentified fatherless child… I am a concerned citizen…

0 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH:-Rafflings a gwaan but a nuh fi a TV !!!

  1. Senda go mi the nicest joke of the day…….jamaica people really have a way wid words. Thanks senda, my day was really down the dumps, but mi get a real laugh outta ifs, although if sad n serious, mi cudn help it

    1. suh tell di ppl dem a who cuz you know, cuz if raffle neva a gwan dem unuh put har pon yah ,every body know shi f**k dwn bronx and all these tings suh shi run go breed fi cova up har nasty life but shi caan hide dutty f**k out ghinnell a jacket yuh a gi di bwoy cuz yuh well want tammy husband dutty home recker give bk di gal har life wid har husband but i dnt tink shi want bk him nasty rass cuz yuh have yuh good wife wid yuh nice pickney dem x5 n all these tings fi guh live inna wiggy one dutty room yuh suh low bout yuh name romeo , julliet aka tammy shouda poison yuh lol….

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