Tap chat bout gad … Yu a devil advocate! Shulda shame a yu f**kin self. Yu nuh hav shame
Dali an sweets an di ress a unuh a thief ….. Unuh a praise di butta finga gyal… Like she duh sinting great!!..
Dem shulda deport yu claat like yu butta finga muma . Yu nuh hav nuh Fren Falin star an yu is no Fren tu nu fu**ing badi … Yu bad mine like wah.. From yu guh a goldie yard a Cali yu stress .. yu chat di oman dog rotten goldie betta tan far from yu an All yu advocates dem wey di dung a har yard… Di wula unuh chat har ..Dali a yu nxt tap ..a 7 time yu guh thief Memba di lass time a ova Lord an Taylor yu an yu ex gyal di same one who man deh a prison ya now… Naaw call nuh name… If ppl wa chu mi
May chat. All yu sharie yu tap guh school long f**king time an dalli u jus get certify fi home health aide a dem time dem ya fool ppl in a white uniform cya fool nobadi but man passible an unuh fallara dem … Dalli di people wah dem Money!! Yu a brag wid yu Benz an a nuh fi yu … Buju trade him Benz truck an get di kar wey yu a brag bout…. Yu Neva own a Lada from yu bawn…. Yu credit dead yu wole house credit beri. Yu nuh hav nothing nat a shit.. Nuhek Kim fool yu wid har chat CEO boss doli . Ppl she a nuh shit di gyal dem tart sell t shirt now dem a sell clothes fra china nuh si a difrance in a shit dem a sell dougie Falin star delecia si wull a dem a duh di same an nun Naaw mek a dalla ain’t nobadi got time fu dat… Mikdanal / Mcdonals a hiah . Shernece an Marlene unuh a win nat dem hoes nuh wandah dem hate unuh suh. Yu kno wa mek mi dun cya if mi reel dem Tory a muda in a farin fallin start anti wi know seh an mi an a mi Gud linki Dwl mi nuh wa she cut mi off Dwl Dwl like sharie man lol Dwl Dwl falling star guh drink bleach yu a f**king crook.


  1. Them always bawl out God dis ah God dat fe try hide the shame pan dem face….ey Shawna, God seh fe kip im name outta yuh liad rawse mout.

  2. me know a muss me alone or the other man dem bout yah fraid fi talk but me always like deh catty yah. she see cool to me from afar. me like har style.
    she fi do better now. certain slackness fi cut out. even if yuh start life fukk up yuh need fi make a change at certain point. this shameful bad and no amount a god talk cant hide it

  3. I always like u but this post let me see how much u live ur life for people until ur so stupid…. You should have never post anything and if u want people to know so badly just show up at a party. Your a stupid girl. I’m glad ur out and hoping u never go back

  4. Met, a how she one shameless suh? Shi guh thief and sey shi God bless? Is she retarded? A God send yuh guh jail fi thief honest people things fool. And please….for the love of God, learn how to spell. Hot gal nuffi dunce, it nuh cute!

  5. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    “Half of being smart is knowing what to be dumb about.”

  6. So predictable she would post
    Bout blessed. The sender know the facts bout the whole set of them.

  7. Shawna, I hope when was using the people dem cc and tiefTing the people dem things outta dem store yuh did call on God. Whenever you tiefTing people get caught the first thing unuh sey when unuh come out a jail is God this and God that. Don’t play with God name. You are dumb bum dunce fool fool tiefTing bitch. You bring down shame and disgrace on your Aunt. People that dry eye gal will never learn, she born a tiefT and will always be one. A leaopard cannot change it’s spots. I was hoping that she would learn from her jail experience, but based on her post, it mek her worse. Right now she cannot get a regular job with that tiefTing record, so she will resort back to what she does best. TiefTing and selling pumpum to the highest drug dealer and money man. Unuh see how much time I write tiefTing.
    Calling Bubbleup Calling Bubbleup!!! Come roll in muma come shell fi wi :thumbup

  8. Metty u fi do a post about the former dancehall pol who are reformed. Look how Dominique business has blossomed and she is now married and a preacher . Remember the one dk did send message some years back say she change her scandalous dressing to be more conservative after ppl done har here.

    1. is tru domonique ting sell right off
      married, christian , designer
      didnt know she had a marred past tho – do tell

    2. Didnt that about know D. Auxilly, well I’ll be damned. Glad she changed her life because she is doing very well. The younger siser Mia the MUA par wid teiFting Christine and big lip Krissy. I hope shi nah teifT like them and dont follow dem and bruk out like sore whey cannot heal.

  9. on the previous post about her, a blogger did say when shawna come out, she nuffy go pon ig an mek nuh post bout god and how she blessed and she nuffy quote bible scriptures. is like dat blogger did know har to rass cuz see it yah dwl

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