0 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH TBT

  1. God forbid the day these two stop bleach them skin ah guh drop rite off they should a keep this color it suit them more

  2. Dem favor di bwoy weh do how much plastic surgery fi look like Kim kardashian and di doctor f**k up him face instead..

  3. No sah, dem bring een mugliness fi d bran, bran New Year! Wat ah set ah gyal luk like :hammer gremlin…me nearly choke pon me gudgud aftanoon spliffas!! My gosh! :dp

  4. And when da pic ya did tek dem swear sey it did look good enuh and dem did pretty, look pan dolly hand dem!! My god!!! Dolly u look like dog!! U ugly bad enuh!!! No sah!!! U not even look like human a swear

  5. Silicone syndicate strikes again. Do not light a match any where near these 2. With all the chemicals and silicone, everything within a 5 block radius will go up in flames.

  6. HAPPY NEW Year to u and your families MISS MET!!! Pretty please miss met is a NEW Year please erase alll ugliness from your inbox we had enough for 2014 don’t let us draw for our bifocal glasses fi the 2015.

  7. Even that is not their natural skin colour. These 2’did not have any surgery. Like Marlene before she buck up on a few dollar a bear bleach and bra stuffing and bleaching. These girls don’t have any $

  8. I just went to youtube and watched dem on “DANCEHALL FILES XCLUSIVE” I mean they look natural browning to me -although not the prettiest they need make-up to look good.

  9. Mi nuh know dem diffrant, but di one inna di FURR stay bad sah. If dem gerl ere have awn make up fi mek dem look good, den a weh dem reely fayva afta a good bayde? Fi har man muss ave steel belly.

  10. omg y onu no leave the girl dem alone mi no kno them but y”all talking not stoping them from doin what they want to do dem look good in them clothes ugly r preety geeez man a dem alone live with madda, ano dem alone whore, ano dem alone ugly ,so what y”all point? kmt cant tell anyone how to live .

  11. dats why when Hollywood hype a talk bout pretty.. me neva even comment cause me know a nuh sweets and dolly him did a talk cause dem don’t born pretty dem just grown inna prettiness dwl

  12. The return of E.T. live in theater nationwide staring chunky and the bride on Friday January 2 as early as 8:00am only $5.

  13. No surgery ….dun… Dolli wanted har titti but Chanel nevah use har Gud credit an get har the loan fi duh them … Suh she bad up di bra an it a work fi har sweets fat but she depend pan the slim app b4 the post PICHA

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