Met one a my old gal a f**k Mavado (Edited) and she say him tell her Mavado green card get deny, that is why all the shows outside of America get cancel. She say him try appeal it but this make two time it deny now so it nu look good and maybe dem all deport him in the next 60 day to go sit down a Jamaica with Prison Boss and Bounty Killa. Dem a fret him temporary work visa for America get took away so all show in America will get cancel now she say to. One big crisis pan de gully.


  1. Good Morning Met, Yep, Yawdy, Chuet, Real, Anon and all regular readers, bloggers and Lovehate groupies.
    There are 3 reasons to cancel this negro out, dwln. Dem think Jamaica and America don’t share data…WRONG!

  2. Good Morning Met, Mrtters, Peepers nd Others…..
    Him ago still eat food cuz him just duh a duet wid ll cool j wah day yah a wonda why dem wuda deny it twice doah wonda if a the conrod/conroy killings or a Julian phuck him ova
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. When getting processed for a greencard they dig up everything. Everything from Jamaica to US. Looking at Mavado file …its not a good look. Worse di bribe ting wit the immigration officer.

  4. Bloodfyah!! So Movado did think say him head was above de water, but in actuality, him a drown. I- yah – yyie !!

  5. He acquired the visa under dubious circumstances. The white youth from the Embassy the one who circumvented the regular channels to offer certain individuals visa. They are considered fraudulent and therefore deportable.

  6. I feel it is nothing more than the bribery case involving David Rainsberger. The US government don’t take fraud lightly. I don’t know why Mavado thought he was going to get away with it and it wasn’t even something that was in the dark. The whole visa for watch or visa for DJ company was just a fiasco waiting to happen because of the amount of idiots involved.

    1. dwln, nuff a dem think say all is well because visas don’t get cancel, But why cancel something that have an expiration date? dwlnnn

  7. Met a longtime now mi tell u seh movado visa tek weh an him green card deny an he was jus coming to jamaica waiver for him cases that he had out here… him cases are clear up now so he can’t apply for anymore hence he have to stay in the us until his green card issue is cleared up…. him card got denied based upon the thing wid the embassy man weh deh a prison now an he is only over there now base on him appeal

  8. Movada never loyal to nobody, so when him did ah “fly high” him ting him was the Real Gully “GAD”. But Movada never remember say when “man ah plan, God ah wipe.”

  9. But a nuh visa fall out alone a gwaan inna di gully camp… mi ave a nx breaking news… jus tell mi run it an see!!

  10. Maybe when him go back dung him can get a hit song cause since u get sign wid we di best u nah say a ting vado.

  11. He is still in usa sender is saying him can’t lef here go now him soon haffi go down to ja for good

  12. paging mo mo the wifey no wonder him a post pic with you nuff him a try make it look real when the world know a. Paper marriage you a wife for a time

  13. Karma is a bitch! One man life destroyed sake a him, nutten nuh wrong if him lose him green card and get pawk. You plant you nuh muss reap. Nuh him same one did a tell who and who fi get visa and did a hold dung some a di artiste dem. Everybody life valuable and everybody hab dem bills fi pay, when u going to be a stumbling block eena ppl path, nuh shock when stumbling block come in yours.
    Jamaica welcomes you home, Mavado.

  14. Not getting no green card. Coulda poce up ten touwzan pickchur. US citizen gone a jail. Attorney ongle a milk out di likkle contact money wid appeal. Keep dis up dem aguh sen yu home bruk…..Oooh Gawd.

  15. Vado a big infaama him nuh duh nuttn fi di gully yute dem all him do a tief dem songs a promise fi help dem den change him numba pussy dat bout yah

  16. Is not him run way Julian either a cut Julian cut leave him to the same b tell me. Say di road manager tell her di white boss couldn’t take the fkry no more and resign. But a longtime dat gwan still.

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