Gm/Ga/Ge/Gn Met:

Mi nuh knw if addi threesome dem and di suck hood mek flabba caah see say lisa naah guh Eva have him alone. The ugly gyal just upset mi…. see this bitch wid flabba a danii boo birthday and pop dung mark all ova… lisa stay real bad and mi neva xpect nuh Betta cause weh she did wear a flabba party was the worst…. she was defenatly worst dress a danii boo birthday… lisa and r mommy f**k out everybody inna Jtown mi nuh knw how flabba find it comfortable fi f**k she but I guess wen a man nuh use to no good Ooman ntn nuh Matta to dem… flabba yuh is s disgrace to team shella n u will neva reach or look Betta if yuh still f**k lisa…. trust mi I knw mi 2 Fren dem f**k r and dem did affi run cause r p**y bring crosses and yuh need fi run fasta dan Forrest gum. Nuh rely Memba di new baby mada name but she suppose to sorry she breed fi a fool like you…str8888

4 thoughts on “DI WAY FOREST ”GUM” SET UP

  1. Gm Sender

    Grammar police woke up on the right side of the bed today so u will be given a bly/lil warning.Oh why yuh keep promoting daniboo bday party so hard…it nuh done gone already dear!!!??

    Lisa can get IT!!

  2. How them can siddung pan tha youth name suh , is like 4 stories now mi seh them pan him since the year start.

    Flabba wi know seh yuh f**k nuff gall , bout a time yuh lego the ghetto thot them now, them gal deh caw help yuh inna life mi Genna.

  3. Love or no love a time now flabba fi leave out a dem lifstyle deh and find something that’s more on his level, but surprisingly to how mi see him disown that girl am surprised she’s even still in the picture cause me would a leave longtime, but I guess when you getting a man money yuh just wouldn’t care even if a bun she a get.

    That girl is very dunce and to me the only thing that she can offer to a man is threesome and blowjobs,

    But big man thing flabba as much as people talk, if you can step away from these excitement, try, because this is not you and jtown isn’t you either.

  4. Nuh tell mi seh yuh breed an sorry aready when yuh tek gal man is not a partial tek weh it supposed to be a clean tek weh. Yuh fi know wehna do.

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