1. Puerto Rico is US territory. No visa or passport required. So they are technically still on US soil.

    1. Jay and Apple seemed very distant at the Million dollar party, they didn’t look close as in previous videos. Apple had to be forcing him to take pictures with him and her,.

  1. So wait like Jay left Apple? Cause it’s real quiet over there! She nah post him and the big ring. Like him finally catch sense

  2. Apple and her husband relationship can’t recover she totally dissed him in a way that his name is all over the place

    1. I can imagine. He looks like a clown now. Men don’t take stuff like that likely. An empty barrel makes the most noise too. I was shocked to hear and see the mixup. She always professes her love for him. That’s why I tell people all the time DON”T WISH OR ENVY NOBODY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. :malu2 90% of them are living a lie. I know a few of them and including relatives faking it.

      I had someone whatapps me asking for money. I have a cousin posting all these pictures of her and her man doing things and surprised they broke up. People lying posing on other people’s cars. Buying fake money putting a couple of hundred dollars over the fake money. It’s crazy how people faking it. :hoax

  3. At least she has a business to receive the PPP loan but, she has to show proof of the business expenses. They’re going harder on that. These people don’t understand they watch your Social Media Accounts now more than ever. They can get through your phone number and email addresses That’s the first thing they’re checking on more nowadays because people don’t know how to stay quiet.

    You can always tell who doesn’t have their papers in America especially the “HYPE” ones. The three places they normally go to are; Miami, Vegas, California, mostly. Puerto Rico, Hawaii and St. Thomas are kinda expensive. Especially someone like Apple who is loud and boasty. She and the crew would’ve been in St. Tropez or Italy right about now and Jamaica at every event.

    1. They are all living a fake life in fake clothe Jay should feel shame how his wife let next man diss him two clowns he needs her forher to oder the fakes from Ali express everything is from Ali express ask them to video themselves purchasing goods,as they video themselves doing all kinda things. Bet you they cant

  4. Icon is a big waste man why would he leave a waste gal they both match , icon par around gay man and Apple does the same they both live swing life, him post her bout my wife all you guys have is the return labels for those clothes you borrowed Apple y your lips looks so black and smelly you all lifestyle is so crawny, you and your non documented crew should be happy puerto can accept just id …all of them on the trip is a set of waste

    1. Unuh a so real waste ppl cah unuh well an know di girl even have a business pg n she have her place of business weh she post but di monroyal 1 Toya never ever ever has promoted or post a legit business she has no business besides her man drug business n lil hustles here n there so like she u need to go sit ur ass down u ppl are sick n delusional ah fulltime unuh see seh di crowd ah watch n unuh cyah trick wi

  5. Did you see Apple in the pool with that tuff looking chicken rubbing down her breast , you claim say only 6 man sleep with you the lie detector said that was one of the biggest lie in 2021, you said is mostly woman name call on you , ok so when you plan to stop eat out Vagina my gosh man then you wonder why people said your mouth smell bad, Apple we know say the swimwear them is fr China, you and your crew are the biggest set of wannabees celebrities

    1. Sender dont be a hypocrite Toya’s daughter n man suck pussy so i guess its the new in thing im not team apple but mi sick ah unuh hypocrite rass now dont try beat smaddy b4 beat unuh self

  6. If Everyman was like jicon alot of relationship would be good the man know say him woman cheat and still keep her plus still a big her up , nuff man woulda cut and left her fi a next man, not even chance them wouldn’t give because them thinking about self esteem and what ppl might say him loyalty is different..

    1. He has no choice but to stay with Apple she has all the Ali express links and secret for him what next woman is going to want a fake ass broke man. Yes each to there own but they should stop trying so hard to be a wannabe celeb. Let the next generation look up to you as someone who has turned their life around and is doing the right legal things. What hype up dancehall fake ass biiiish cant travel the world, you see all the others here and there jetting off eg. St Barts , Seychelles but no fakes are only limited to American states.

  7. I’m a lil new here but apple you’re a pretty woman for your age I’m asking you to please stop pouting your lips like that… it’s disgusting and make you look ugly. Bobbette I think I might like you… you seem to be very humble… your ig lives are a vibe. very positive. Shamar, as a woman, I’m proud of you…. you actually work… have a legit business and take care of your kids…. You seem humble as well and don’t mind interacting and talking to people… I actually like you. I like that you changed your life. I’m rooting for you. Also, I saw girls begging to run with Apple, Bobbette, Fretty and their crew on ig live…. and I just kmt… I was never desperate for friends however I am impressed with their loyalty to each other… some of these NY girls are WAY BETTER than Philly girls (where I’m from)… when it comes to friendship…. you’ll never know when they’re fighting with each other… you don’t see them dragging each other on social… at one point I think someone was trying to say Fretty was afraid of Shamar…. (not sure of the history) but these girls all seem to have been friends for a while and their issues stay within themselves…

    1. Apple is living in Niki Minage’s shaddow. This bitch will go as far as to wanting to sound like her. Sad but true. Apple be urself

  8. To those wondering why two narcissistic will stay together & to Jay & Apple Its giving Pimp and Hoe to death do us part. Jay dont mind because he is a homosexual and a homelesssexual. Where he going to go once he leave apple? To who ? Life to easy with her . She is street smart and can make herself look decent . He not giving up the lifestyle she fucking others for them to keep. Plus being with just females isnt his thing and judging by his pants he does not have the balls to live in his truth . It looks like hes comfortable with taking down His long time male companion Jue on the low. You see how he named him gave him his last name supports him thats his main side. For Jay to leave it will have to be a better profitable hoe with benefits and who is comfortable holding his secrets so he can remain with his terms of peace . Plus who leaving a love child with they momma who a Hoe ? They circle to small he dont want to see her with another him because there are plenty of local jays in the world like him you see she found one wit the other girl man. Jay value his name and lil platform he build for himself over the years and lets be honest she helped. With her giving sex sells in everything they do. She over sexualizes everything for a women her age i think but hey people who are sheep follow. Apple a bitch who will fuck the whole region and run her pussy down for about $1000-2000 every other night locally for vanity, just my observation he rather keep his Bitch on leash she is a profitable bitch like them niggas who breed dogs .

  9. PPP loan just to act like a wannabe celeb shame shame shame thats why Jay was sticking around after she apple tek the next Jay

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