12 thoughts on “DIAMOND IN THE RUFF

  1. A long time polly a dog so do diamond it’s not new to me plus the man have over 100 woman fuck everything in a him community raymar what next to come Lil boy your hood have a buzzz

  2. This girl diamond really nave nothing bout her one gysl front Cah buzy so her pon ig different from when you see her inna real life gyal full a pure teeth taught her having a child woulda let her see life from a different view .then Polly Issa different case gyal tek anything name man ..as fi bom bom him lord help fi him cocky cause it deh every weh uno Likkle young gyal no fraid a aids ..I can see why diamond no wah tan wid the baby father too much beating I don’t blame her on that run no tek no beating from no Bwoy Mek him go beat him mumma and him whoring family dem

  3. Polly is a hoe she’s always running competition with raymar women dem like go look a life bitch and yuh suh ugly poly yuh ugly yuh fuck how man sleep with you hoe…

  4. Polly stop sending in your own story bitch raymar chat seh him hate yuh and when yuh get pregnant was by mistake so get that through yuh thick brain raymar hate yuh Polly stop call up him name….

  5. Polly you a hoe and your homeless hope yuh new man find u somewhere to live and stop walk up and down Jamaica and fuck every man gal raymar fuck you ugly bitch…

  6. Polly you is a careless worthless piece of shit a shoulda you die instead of your mother, you should be ashamed of yourself yuh left yuh Kidd to be raised by your sister meanwhile yuh inna competition with your baby father women dem dwl lol! girl You not worried about your daughter? Oh no men on the brain As for diamond she god go with you cause you and that boy nah last fi too long!!! Him cock big and dead first young boy mi see with a dead hood and him boring him cannot fuck at alll. And him change gal on the regular yuck! Unuh nuh fraid a aids…

  7. But Raymar name never tangle up inna batty business a few years ago.. so how woman a flock to him so

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