If a dem text deh Digicel a send it dem very deprave..After all di millions dem give to charity dem really turn round a send people fi beg dem family? Duh betta Digicel



  1. At least every few days, I get emails from Digicil, reminding me to top up people that I have previously bought credit for. The amount of emails are bordering on harassment. I’m considering opting out of the service altogether.

  2. For real Digicel need fi stop spam up ppl email bout send send credit. My lil bro always send me one of those messages that Digicel send him so mi know when fi top him up. I don’t have a problem topping up his phone…mi only problem is with Digicel smh everyday & night dem inna mi inbox I can’t sleep cuz di phone always a go off bout new email from Digicel kmt dem need fi stop it

  3. Kmt…dutty worthless ppl a beg long before Digicel even come bout…and a hpw much umpteen years now you can hear how Jamaican ppl love beg ppl a foreign…stop blame everybody else fi ppl worthlessness!

  4. Same Suh dem full up mi email bout family needs top up in Jamaica. Them fi go away and stop theif Jamaican ppl them mins. Can’t wait for another competitor to take over. When my poor mother turn her data off them find ways to theif back the credit.

  5. ANd a talk bout if u send more than $20 they get bonus mins and u can’t use/get the bonus mins without having credit on ur phone apart from what was received loool dam thief

  6. Unnu mad if unnu think it gwine stop, Christmas season upon us and a dat time unnu gwine see emails :ngakak :ngakak

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