Tashieka Robinson

im not trying to start shit, but two of kevin ex call mi and a ask fi kevin number. them said them never know it so nice, and yh want a next try. lawd god a wat this .

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Tawana Barrett Lollll…. wow

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Barry McLean lol

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Barry McLean who hire you phone?

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Tashieka Robinson what?

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Tamekia Tash Atkins U too rass mix up lol

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  1. if only a button was ere’ weh seh hide thread a wuda bury dis wan..sick a dem nd really dont give 2 phucks wats gwaan’n yah nung wid dem

  2. TASHIKA U NEED FI GO BUY SOME AMBITION. U have papers in America and u hitch up pon Jamaica avenue a sell clothes in a boutique ..: a back a school go get a GED my girl.. U and u mother is a wicked f**k all Kevin him , imagine your own father so sick and unuh send the man a Jamaica go hide him because unuh shame a him, the man mad and sick bad all a shit and eat it and need good good help, all unuh a wait pon a fi man life insurance money,shit house go pon u knees, the whole family curse and love obeah, u and melissa fi stop go a di man pon Utica…

  3. @more2life 1 question how u know about the man on Utica hmmmmmmmm mine, cause me da a New York fe years and never here bout this man, Melissa u come at the shop everyday and talk up other people business and na tell we say a go a man a Utica.

  4. I just realize that Kevin whole entire famik y is evil. Tasheka, your house is very miserable that’s the reason why you have time on your hand fi mass up people life. A long time mi know say yuh jealous of Mellisa. Why yuh off all person affi post this picture? yuh love trouble. Tasheka, yuh 3 different pickney fi 3 different man and non a dem no want yuh dats y yuh hate Lavish. Yuh fi stop it! Uno fi member wen Mellisa pick up Kevin wen nobody neva want him.

  5. Met forgive my errors..I am just mad! This bitch is evil dats y Bobby dump yuh like dog. You need to grow up and clean out yuh heart my girl. Yuh have 3 daughters now..pay attention to dem and yuh crack head father weh need yuh help. a piece a family curse ago tek the whole generation a uno.. watch and c..msy god go wid yuh

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