30 thoughts on “DIS NEED DI TRISTATE

  1. :bedug This funny bad bad :ngakak :ngakak :malu :sup2: :repost2 :sup2: I hope someone comes with the FActs n no bother with the speculating as to wha kind of work him did a do!Just so y’all know if u don’t know already…. Imma expose it if u lie bout yuh werk!! :cool

  2. Robbas next time see if u can cut up two lettuce leaf n one tomato or even open one can of mix veg put pon di plate side deh u cook shrimp n the plate still look strugglish pls note that men are visual creatures so presentation is most times 80% ur winning point BUT then again Daffy nahhh really a watch looks cause ur damn long mouth and man body wouldn’t get fi draw him een.

  3. “So rich” but affi a butta frozen shrimp. This likkle ugly boy is so delusional and too much now man. Robbas enough of u now, like mi Granny always tell me empty barrels makes the most noise.

  4. Mi watch ah whole heap ah lost prevention videos. And me watch di news clip them wid the front porch snatchers. I think dem have one nedda name fi it. Between absconding from di mall officers and chasing FedEx trucks fi purchases made from credit card fraud, all while avoiding the owna fi di house. Plus dont forget trying to keep dance while evading capture dat a whole heapa work. Me couldn’t manage that. It take whole heapa planning and execution.

  5. How yuh mean? All mi wey, when me leff my yawd? My job dey ah one location. Even when mi traveling between facilities mi know where mi going. Mi know who dey pon di premises because di schedule post all two weeks prior. No police nuh involved unless one ah di patients dem start galong bad. Can you imagine how dem affi case di people dem house fi di package dem? And remember dem affi time di FedEx and UPS truck dem. Yuh eva ah wait pan ah package and the system sey “out for delivery?” Yuh dont know what up until 8pm yuh affi ah wait. Yuh nuh know what time dem ah guh show up. Suh picha anuh fi yuh house? Braveheart dat. Den dem guh inna mall wid camera, security, some mall police and plus customers and store employees and still chance it guh teef and try credit card scam??? Ah some seerus all day wuk dat. Di time and effort dem put inna dat, dem coulda guh work or gwaan back ah school, or duh something productive. Not only jail time but beating pan dem finga and 100 lashes maybe dat will deter dem from red yeye syndrome.

    1. U know dem call it real work :ngakak ….As u seh di time and effort dem put ina dat dem cudda jus go do a 9-5..doe figet when dem done all dat dem haffi turn roun and mek sale fi get di cash…das a lot of work

    2. Maybe I’m mixing up two stories, but wasn’t an employee of the courier company busted as well? That would make things easier. @ Met this girl has convinced herself that Daffette was doing a legitimate hard-working job. Blank f*cking stare. Robbas is unwell. All day yesterday she a argue with herself on ig like a mad oman.

  6. So question in Ny you can thief the high end labels….lemme know cause me and my crew bout come tear they ass up so much it’ll be dead for ny boosters :cool

  7. We need new interesting ppl.
    DH washed up ppl. Too many but here’s a few
    Apple and her entire family
    Natalie 106
    Ven matey. (Blow fish) can’t remb her name
    DJ Rodney (what s bitch can chat)
    The crew of naked women
    Angela Striker

    It’s not even age cause I enjoy watching old n new but some of these ppl need to not be seen anymore they tired!

  8. Y’all realize fresh shrimp is unthawed shrimp right? It’s frozen before they put it out. It’s not necessarily better/fresher than frozen lol.

    No comment on the caption lol

  9. @anon 23 Unthawed is a word babe. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t use it dunce bat. I know a lot about food and food production so I’m not talking out of my ass or taking up for robbas. The “fresh shrimp” you guys love to buy was once frozen. It would spoil on the way to store if it wasn’t. So gwan feel like uno bettah than people who buy frozen. It’s all the same!

    Unthawed is the past tense of unthaw. You can Google it if you don’t believe me.

    Since you want to be a grammar Nazi you should watch your punctuation, you used the semi-colon wrong dear. But, as we were 🙂

    1. Unthawed is a word but I guess anon type it n saw the red squiggly line n rushed into thinking it’s not a proper word.

      Oh I think the glaring error is “as were” …pretty sure anon meant to say “as YOU were” but again in dem rush to judge yuh Gia :malu2 :hoax2

      Signed Sarge in charge
      To correct and serve
      Without fear nor favour

  10. This is so annoying! Tried to comment and the page keeps refreshing and scrapping my shit! Cho!

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