Due to how Fending unruly Williams hot she shouldn’t in my clothes when we a take the same man and have the same baby daddy it nuh look good MI beg somebody gi her that message yah tell fi take off MI f**king skirt MI deh a Florida and she deh a Jamaica a wear MI skirt it a shame no ambition



  1. If dat a poopina skirt me would a shame fi tell smaddy seh gal a wear me clothes. Me woulda a hate fi see weh the man weh dem a share look like.

  2. If Unuh a tek di same man what difference does it make for her to be wearing your clothes hmmmmmm maybe a try u try tell wi sumn eno. Unuh a share everything else why not.

  3. Sender since you in FL you don’t need the skirt right now right, so sharing is caring since you have the same baby daddy and you both share the same man it is only right that you go full 100 and share the clothes as well, right? This story is stale tell the girl yourself to stay out of your house where you keep your clothes dem now if the close is kept at the house were you and her share man then she seh she has the right to wear your clothes now whenever you decide to visit your man tek your clothes don’t leave nothing fi she to wear since she is getting out of order… lol

  4. sender, ya’ll community cocky is worthless then. Imagine, both of you are giving up some va-jay-jay and he can’t even afford to buy you each the same skirt (since ya’ll clearly have the same taste in everything)? KMT. If you going to be a mate at least get some benefits because last i checked, community cocky can’t fill belly, at least not in the nourishing way.

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