0 thoughts on “DIS SENDER IS WICKED

  1. Someone DUH! Come pick me up off the people dem floor. Why Met dress her husband like that? What happen? No mirror no in a fi you and Beenie house? LOL. Him foot dem favor piece a TIK.

  2. Frm whence cometh his fashion


    Dis yah roll yah really call up yonder, shankle dip revivalist Moses.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Beenie seh mi nuh inna weh demm inna,mi eva clean….Met mine u husband foot touch one aneeda and gash fiyah

    1. :sup2:

      Met, you honestly can’t defend this post yah tiday!

      All de turban a compete wid de coral set and gucci loafers…Met get your hubby!!

      1. uno leave him nuh..if him did walk wid him scalp a shine it wudda cause problem..wha wrong if him cova it ? :nerd

  4. You know as I began scrolling down an sight the Turban, my first thought was of Sir DoggLeash……to my amazement___________________________________________________________________________
    Metty whats the meaning of this?

  5. Met husband mek sure use baby oil and lotion and rub dun di matches stick real good.Beenie weh u seh at least u nuh ashy like sum gyal,raaaaaaaaaaaaay

      1. A few times he has missed the mark in pictures.Its not just a no edges ting alone him have..him have a moisturizing problem too

  6. No sah, dem photoshop smaddy head pon him baddi. Beenie mus a go thru mid-life crisis or menopause fi dress like dis mek people see him

    Lawks him foot dem chamba-chamba up bad (mi did expec de fi fava but fi dem sorey-sorey so

  7. Then Beenie foot dem mawga so a whey him get shorts fi fit so tight n wat the HELL is that on him head Met where were u went this dressing was going on

  8. Good afternoon Met. The comments and your answers have me on the floor. Can’t stop laughing. Beenie is a comedian and Met is a good, good wife fi a defend har man.

  9. @CC U wicked fi say dat…That’s not nice at at all..me a dead oh!!..I R WEAK…Sass chrise me laff…

  10. Woooooeee mi a dead. The way how mi laugh when mi si di pic, the pppl dem pon the train nuh stop look pon mi. Lmao

  11. Hit or miss? Nah that’s a damn miss-tris… nah beenie legs dem look like chopstick. ,mi still love hom dough, nah lie

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