22 thoughts on “DIS SHOULD BE OUTLAWED

  1. Then if a him a f**k this so-called” girl” den shi nuh must be infected?? Damn freak show come a hype a who gi him phone? why does he has a phone much less to access the internet?? Nuh tell me di “girl” really a gi dis freak show yah tings?? :hammer

  2. In the first 2 seconds of the video, did this nigger really said “big up to mi fans?” A wey him a talk bout? De electric fans dem wey yu plug een fe get cool?…and a which gal dat feel sorry fe him and a go give him har infected pussy? A mussy one a de homeless mad people dem wey dey pon de street. Butseeyah!!!!!!!

  3. Nah son! He said she bought him a pair of shoes an ar pums waan care smh chicks really be giving these stray animals leverage fe talk outta dem nasty mouths smh!

  4. Morning, omg ppl uno see him mouth? Not even pit toilet nuh look such..ladies where r our standard? If this is true, I don’t believe this mad boy!!

  5. Met if u ever see him inna real life!!!!! He’s a banana vendor in Barbican. His mouth looks infected and him a talk bout gal. She can hide r pu**y but yuh mouth cya hide! Go look bout yuh mouth yute…

  6. Dwl…made it to 50s mark…….unnu hear how him sound like english a him 2nd language…..Chakka mouth bwoy should a glad fi get the biggest stinkiest ugliest p*sssy inna real life….dat gyal weh him a style need fi cut out ar pompom and dash it wey.

  7. :ngakak I’m not going to trash this guy and his mouth…. But I have to say the women who are giving him their “infection” puzzy are to blame. This man , shouldn’t have an option to run woman when been offered some puzzy. I mean…. This fool has multiple disabilities . Shame on those women and his fans :ngakak

  8. Them need to keep a funeral for his mouth is only dead things you see look chakachaka,full a gangrene and almost decaying…….

  9. The one thing that he said that I must wholeheartedly agree with is….

    Women with money, should spend it in themselves :2thumbup

  10. If u mek somebody as crawny as this a smell ur pussy an a style u then u really hit rock bottom. A nuff man a talk within dem cicle bout the stinking pussy dem, smh.

  11. Unno too wicked man.. no watch the looks. Some a unno man a f**k stinking pussy n a bring home infection come gi unno… him smart.. no tek no stinking pussy my youth… big up ur fans them.

  12. But khu pan what ah tawk!
    Sitten lakka DAt shudden even know how puxxy look much less fi style it.

    Him need fi tek somma di banana $$ or sell di fone an guh dakta goh fine out why him mongoloid looking yei dem soh damn yellow

    Friggin ‘special’ looking person…. Chuh
    Classic case of ‘libbaty cum chu kayliniss’

  13. Met wait dey met met met !!!! If a woman Mek him affi tell har say she need to see doctor that dey women need fi hide and don’t show har self again not till she re evaluate har self this is beyond shame lol no met him can’t even talk smh

  14. Oh my!! Met after watch the video and reading the comments I laughed until tears came down my eyes!! I can’t with y’all tonight lmao did y’all see how the white dry mouth foam was building up on the left side of his mouth lololol :hammer :sup2:

  15. The video funny in a sense after reading the comments but most woman a bash him mouth *because him a style a nxt woman* but naah listen di msg, he made some very good points.

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