Officer attached to the Piarco airport, Trinidad, lured and attempted to pay a male Venezuelan national for sexual favours in the toilet of the baggage collection area of the Piarco airport.
At around 6pm on Wednesday the officer told a male Venezuelan national to follow him into the toilet to make a deal with USD , he then locked the young man and himself in the toilet , pulled down his pants and offered the boy $10 USD to perform fellatio .The young man was said to have told the officer no and he began to beg the young man, 25, to perform the sex act. The Venezuelan then escaped by running from the bathroom.

The video was taken as the officer tried to make a SECOND attempt to solicit sexual favours from the male Venezuelan national.


  1. The young male sounds very gay. It looked like the guy knew he could ask him that. That officer probably been getting head in the stalls for years bc he doesn’t sound nervous at all as he asked him; in fact he repeat himself several times! I bet he married with kids and that’s the shit he does while at work all day long. Damn Fisherofmen ewell! :ngacir2

  2. Hundrid dolls???!!! Hundrid dolla!!!!!!! Bwoy mi nah do it fi dat. Now if di man wudda offa one second hand factory refurbished s3 mi wudda ah do ah ting.. ——–Typical Jamaican youth in 2016 lol…

  3. But he is well out of order bout 10 dollars 10 u know. As for this young man how r u even entertaining him a second time if u not gay. A true di man cheap why nuttun never gwan. Damn nasty look pon him too big ol tuff man like dat a look young bwoy inna airport n have the nerve to offer them 10 dollars joke dat.

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