5 thoughts on “DIS STILL A KEEP?

  1. Daymeon live in his mother basement drive a old car and in dance every night with the fake money him and twin white passing around philly. All daymeon do is walk and borrow money then post it on internet. Never see or hear of him being in a relationship or dating any females yet. He is a known gay man that refuse to exit the closet. Daymeon always complaining that shakky keep begging him money to take care of booy kids then he turn and smile in her face.he was the first one to tell kim that bobby left shakky now kim have it a spread. Twin white dem say you need to visit doctor office asap because you have herpes virus a spread. Daymeon claim to be living his best life in the ppl basement but cant afford a green card lol how you selling crack all over West Philadelphia and dont have not even a apartment or green card? Kim worthless kim you make daymeon hide drugs in your rent house so he can pay your rent, what about furniture kim, you need furniture as well. Kim your daughter found the crack back in November and almost ate it . What kind of life you living kim? Kim as soon as you fuck john he went back to prison kim you pussy salt, how you fuck john kim ? You hate his babymother that bad because she choose to be shakky friend and not yours?

  2. A long time everbody did a warn shakira that bobby dont want her but she choose to wake up everyday cleaning shit and give the money to bobby and his mother smh. Shakira is a next one buying dick and cant buy a green card.

  3. So Kesha Statement did ah fight Monday nite around do place wey di Otha yankee get chop off at dem say Andrew a sleep wid his fren Babymada dat pussy soon get aids r sometin him even have baby wid one next likkle Pitney on her she shoulda beat him bloodclot… mi nah see her wana be Jamaican pary dem is Dav statement alive dem mon love pray Pom di Ooman dem

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