Di body nuh heal yet and it supposed to still be in the surgery spanks. Das why some a uno end up pan di table all 300 time and cyah fix. Uno nuh gi uno body a chance fi set at alllllll


  1. den unu really believe diva do body?
    how many time she ago photoshop and send in herself? if unu ever see d rolls in her back in the videos on selfietuesdays page .. how u do tummy tuck and ur belly still bang? girl bye!

    even if she do surgery it was nothing to brag about because she still photoshopping she wanna be apple dem so bad .. this girl is almost in her 30s and she still craving attention look who she gone friend wid tiffanie barbie and purple dem kmt

    diva u confused bad

  2. Well seh that then, and will agree with you on that, them can’t wait to fi run come mek every body see the finished work, and forgot that the body don’t set yet, but with that being said, I have no problems with anyone that wants to fix whichever parts of their body, God gave men knowledge to do great things on earth, where he gave us domain, so knowledge increased every day, so go for it if you can afford to, why not is your money, what better way to spend it, but on yourself self, high time women spend them money on themselves and stop tek it mind man.

  3. Diva accept your flaws!! N stop photoshop and take side view pics and videos!! It’s ok if your not curvey.. love yourself boo and stop tryna fit in

    1. I totally agree! !!

      She must be like the brown chick behind her.look n yuh see to how that girl proud of her belly stretch marks, she almost wore matching zebra hot pants.

      Stretch marks are a badge of honor to be worn with pride,DON’T BE ASHAMED OF THEM!

  4. Sketelbam mi si u seh u a Christian but u going hardddd on the surgery‚Äč thing a quick question as a “Christian” wouldn’t you say God makes everybody in his likeness created in his image so you’re supposed to love yourself as is? You sound like you’ve been under the knife more than once so what do you have to say about God didn’t give u the perfect body so you have to get it from a man ?

  5. I saw a pic she post yesterday and it wasn’t normal it look too weird, this girl crazy looking all deformed

  6. Lol omg this girl is the photoshop queen lol if u can’t afford the surgery just bill and stop making a fool of yourself

  7. Sm mek insusecure ppl do weird things If she’s not 30 yet then give the girl a break if she wanna follow behind almost 40 yrs old apple n them

  8. But the body earlier look different. Where all these rolls come from now? The app ting no easy at all.


  9. 11:37 am let me put a rest to this, I can bet that I am older than you, and i can tell this, not because I am behind the computer, and you can’t see me, I am definitely defending whatever makes a person feel better about themselves, i have never been under the knife, because I am blessed with great features, and a sexy body, so if I look good, because I know what I carry on the streets is natural, and because of that, if it get out of the way I am used to it, yes mi aguh fix it back, when temple pop dung, them reconstuct it, so my body is Gods’ temple, so if it need nip or tuck mi aguh do it, a fi mi money, an some gal, nah fix them body, but dem will buy car gi a man, them buy c…y diligently like them a throw pardner, and nah get nuh draw, I would rather do me, as that’s the only thing mi a left planet earth wid, so my dear, whoever you are, Sketel look super fine, mi come in like wine, and this is no lie, so you’re barking up the wrong tree, 100% sexy in my body that God gave me, everything real, but when is time for nipping I am going to.

  10. That girl is sick in har head, she lives in a fantasy life. She just counted how much money for surgery and I still photoshopping.

  11. 50 Push-ups every night before bed, you can start with on your knees before you work up to full body/military….and planks…just hold it for a minute

    There are 365 nights in a year, it all adds up.

  12. Has anybody here been on her snap? I honestly think she needs help. There was this one time she had some guy sucking on her breast, the same guy was fingering her pussy and a next time she be dancing with no panties on just a lil emoji covering her puss… Like I swear she is gonna die from wanting all this attention. She be doing the most. She did do the surgery, I watched it on snap. she ain’t afraid to show nuttin tho why? Question though she said she’s moving again and she is uber excited. What about the house she claimed she was paying mortgage for in Atlanta? Why she gotta be in new York house hopping? I think sumn is mentally not right with her. Let’s all join hands and drop a lil prayer plz, she needs help.

  13. Diva is a f**king wacko!!! She rich in har head. She posted a condo talking bout she can’t wait to move, now it’s an apartment she’s shopping for. She needs love

  14. Yea she definitely needs psychology help!! She is probably acting out and covering trauma that may have happened in her life!! Diva plz go and seek a therapist u def have a mental disorder maybe schizophrenia or delusional disorder!!

  15. A wah dah gal deh hand a do undaneath har…dah hand deh nuh good again.. smelly handz.

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