So here I am going thru party pictures and who do I buck up JULINE! I heard from the grapevine that you and the boss parted ways and MS LOUD Fashion took over but I refused to believe but it seems true. So Juline you want to tell me that after all the BUN & BEATING you left with NOTHING for all those years. Ms Doneisha I have nothing but pity for you because you don’t have a clue what you have gotten yourself into. But when you all want hype men ensure you can take all that comes with it.


  1. Juliene will be fine, yes Donnesha your mother trained you very well but same knife that stick goat stick sheet. A guess all the threesomes you use to give Buju wasn’t enough but hey do what makes you happy.

  2. @ISPY my sentiments exact the “same knife weh stick goat stick sheep” she has no idea, but in time she will fully understand. It amazes me how all these females running in but they need to remember that on paper he is a MARRIED MAN so if something should happen to him they have not a shit to get!

  3. Waldy and buju a war waldy box up buju and such! Poor juleen mi a tell u say man a dawg shit! Especially dem so called hype jamaican man ya! Yes doneisha a wife now. Every wehh a she & waldy deh there. She say him nahh go do her hkw him do everybody else. After all him done fuxxx out every promo girl every video girl & every party gyal already so doneisha safe fi now until a new bunch come up. But miss doneisha why u a look man so hard???? Waldy aint enough?

      1. Donnesha learn from the best cah Muffet sure has taught her well, Listen I respect her hustle I fon’t like the way she treat ppl though that is all aint nothing new she use to man getting her where she needs to be the police man that bought her the honda car was and is married bare Knutsford court them use to meet and f**k. I like her hustle just not the way she f**k over ppl to get ahead but again Muffet is her trainer so what y’all expect.

  4. Doneisha naive fi think she ain’t gonna gt the same treatment! Everybody get it so y she think she special? Doneisha u ain’t the prettiest that he has been wid and everybody get it so a wah bout u y u feel ur treatment ago different! In any event bask in the moment cause wen d stress tek u it nah go prettY!

  5. WALDY yuh Nawh stop dash yuh Likkle buddy allll bout? Ispy a which buju him box up? Waldy Nuh Mek no woman pass by him.


  6. Waldy a really f**kie box doniesha yuh LEF Juline FAH? doniesha freak out JA yuh go luuu…. It look like him like do freekiness. Juline di ppl dem a marvalli say yuh look stress how Fi stress when you build house outta Waldy a country behind him back… A who say Juline only get bun and beaten up top? Tom drunk but Tom Nuh fool.


  7. Look here sender if u don’t know anything about my fren Juline stop talk
    Juline is doin well ok . Me fren God bless with her 2 sons.
    Me dun talk

    1. Amen, humble girl that mi like bout har anyways Met wah happen to Toni-Ann she drop out a waldy race and think wah happen to Ishawna cah Doniesha had to win rinsing the money aint winning boo its something for something think Waldy a idiot.
      I remember when Donnesha use to work at quad as a server girl and dem drugz ar off and find her in hotel the next mawning naked so please she nuh quality of gyal fi Juline ok

  8. Nuh poor Juline nothing the same way she tek him from Sandra she Neva think it would happen to her?! She is a blasted ass in my opinion cuz I fail to comprehend how u deh wid a man it’s alleged to have money and girls on the outside getting things and u have nothing to show not even a rass business fi u time!!! Mi ignorant fi har bad damn ass!!!!

  9. Yes sender me fren happy n comfy with her man from LA. As me say she a God Bless
    Ispy as u say same knife that stick goat stick sheep
    Anyways doneisha anything whe Juline put down u a pick up gwaan inna the mess Juline happy as can b

  10. Anonymous stop lying cause juline aint happy…. mi know a yuh friend so it natural fi yuh pick up fi her but she is not happy. @bubblelikesoup bleach ou buju wehh have him wife a new york. Doneisha did a try take him ova! She and her mother inna di middle a him party a vwaan like a she name mrs buju. Him wife just go pon di mic go make herself known. Buju have sense him nevva lef him wife fi doneisha.

    1. Who would not be happy fi know dem nah get nuh beating and nuh womanizing man nuh inna dem life, Juline is fine and will be fine she knows how to get by . A life !!!!!!!!!! mi ago mine how mi talk cah mi nuh want Muffet go dun a greenwich farm fi mi cah dem heavy inna di readings ohhhhhh.
      Doneisha is a tekka so mek she stay tekking cah she think she winning.

  11. Doniesha ur pussy caan cool eehhh…u tek over Waldie good good…n still go a LA wha day an a slip Gary you number….a pussy parade u a run. You think Posh was a idiot gyal…anno dolly house she a run. MET me hear say Gary just show Posh the number and Posh run the whore file n just page her. Doniesha Fowl say yu beg to much, African say you batty hole bigger than yu pussy, u no stop gaggle the Jungle bwoy balls inna yu throat…gyal yu fi go easy. Mi know car note heavy but u pussy anno debit and credit card…..hey no badda mek me talk enuh

  12. So you mean to tell mi seh after Doneisha a walk and gwan like she’s the best thing since slice bread she have a file but mi Jesus well d boss aint happening if him wifing up a sketel I guess him love d freakyness!!

  13. Plz ppl donesha a whore and waldy a bigger whore. So they r made for each other. Him nah go no where him stuck a jamaica on his charges. So better him just sit pretty and f**k nuff. I don’t know this julene but the best thing she ever do fi leave is lying cheating beating ass. Am surprise him don’t catch nothing carry come give her. Mi hear sat him did deh wud a pretty brown gal whey use to do vid and him breed her and never mine di pitney n is another man tek it. Someone show mi Har ig di other day. Gal married and live a foreign now. So don’t think because him don’t diss u yet he won’t he will. But has I say I think unu perfect fI each other have nuff things in common both whoring and plastic surgery barbie woiiiii mi tilly

  14. Juline isn’t happy! How can she be happy when she was told to leave she didn’t go on her own?! She should take his ass to court and seek common law compensation for her time and the let. The court implement visitation rights so she can see her kids. That man needs a strong woman to stand up to him he’s tooo disgusting!
    Take him to court I say.

  15. Waldy did not tell Juline to leave…Juline leave on her own n that a facts.
    Doneisha how me never see u n the boss out fi the Chrismuss holiday a whe u did deh. Since u claim you r the boss babe.
    Juline happy with her man suh waldy can go drop a sleep n don’t wake up back
    Waldy I know u peeping boo how u doin, doneisha me know a u send in the file but as me say a Juline leave the house n left waldy
    Doneisha u can’t go up a the house because him not moving u in.

    1. Doneisha need fi stop tell lie sey a Waldy give her the van cah him tell him soldiers sey a mek up him give her and she has to find the monthly payments.

  16. @ISPY anybody who knows Waldy personally knows he’s no gal clown so we know what to believe. If he likes you you’ll get somethings yes but he aint buying no van for a soul!

    1. most she will get is money fi go rinse helloooooooooooo exactly dem can trick the masses but not the ppl who are in the know.

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