1. Isn’t this the same lean boots boassy dolly claim she buy weh day? Robbers this is the best I have ever seen you look. Skin nuh ashy and weave looks good for now. It’s okay to used more than 1 bundle of hair and if it were good hair it wouldn’t be changed weekly. But any improvement is waranted so I will take this as a sign that you have been reading the comments on the pink wall and waa do better.

  2. Wen mi see Bobby inna the first pic a har man dance, I expected to see her jump out and seh, “April Thools” (cuz she well lisp up) and come out inna one bad outfit. When mi see she did mi caan believe how she tan bad inna di dance.

  3. Good morning, I was watching the Channel fashion show that was held in NY a few days ago. I know this child and Haffle is regular customers so I expected to see them up from and center…Since u love the brand so much please post the ticket with you seat #,better yet send in a selfie wid u ald the designer, and for the love of Mary Magnaline no photo shoo it at all please

    1. she looks nice, but I think she looks too simple, Simplicity. Esp. since the event is har man dance, I know the shoes fussy, but she could wear a nicer dress, not wid too much bbangarang fi overwhelm the shoes. I was underwhelmed by the look.

  4. She really look like a patient Dwl. Them know every name brand to go thief and can’t even spell if it’s to save them life. Shame.

  5. Them say the best things in life are free and look how much free literacy program deh a NYC and dem ‘hot gal’ dunce nuh bumbo. It really saddens me because this is how di man dem are able to control them and hold them back, and instead of them seeing it dem inna video light a chat bout who a wife and who money a spend pon!

  6. She’s obsessed with Apple. Apple didn’t even post one picture with her. Same shoes, same dress, same hairstyle.

    Robbers here’s a quote for you today:

    “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

  7. Not one a dem dancehall people yah can spell. Empty vessels make the most noise. With nothing else to offer, heck yeah, dem haffi cover up dem shortcomings with labels. #Sad

  8. The noun patience refers to the ability to wait or endure hardship for a long time without becoming upset. The noun patients is the plural form of patient–someone who receives medical care.

    1. DOLLY IS A POSER she will never get those dsquared shoes .


      SO ALL EVEN IF ROBBAS A COPY AT LEAST SHE CAN GET THEM she is definitely copying apple but not dolly

  9. Robbas yuh nuh look chee bad yasso…..but yuh need fi hold yuh space cah ah looooong time yuh nuh look suh. Nuh badda wid di hype mek di dunceness tun up. But serusly doe…di boot fava bedazzled shackles pon yuh two likkle ankle dem :ngakak Ah waan feel seh yuh ah practice fi walk inna ankle bracelet..:travel

  10. Look again on dolly picture‼️ That’s Rihanna foot she put up on har page the gal live with har mother, she can’t afford them shoes de!!! She too nuff

  11. I love the shoe’s and she looks regular
    It’s a different color from Apple’s shoes
    Bleach out Dolly tek picture of the shoes inna store and post it on the gram. She didn’t go support had “free” apple man dance because she nah shine…..No cloths ….. No boot ……No hair just a bunch of no no

  12. In all fairness she looks stunning. Perfect dress for a fussy shoes. Hair and makeup flawless…give unto Caesar what is due to Ceasar.

  13. Boy how apple and r friends say them no read pink wall lol I can’t believe she go dash picture lol but bobby look like fi d first but you need to get your own style me see a longtime pictures with her and a long time she love d twin thing

  14. Saw her up close and personal and she just looked cheap. The outfit hair and shoes. And she just kept going on about the shoes and it being her mans dance.

  15. First time I can say she looks real nice, but she went too simply for her man dance. I expected a biigger boom in the dress department.

  16. Never test yuh patient???? :bingung A hospital she deh??? & who is she suppose to be in this white frock by d way?? A nurse!!! Aright nurse wi nah test yuh patient :ngakak A d fust inna history mi ever see she look so nice though mi nah tell nuh lie. D boot fussy but d frock simple bad though… & is har man dance at that?? No sah That frock is way too simple fi dem breed a hypeness, & dont tell me how d boot & bag dear a dont want hear it…that should & be d outfit worn before changing into d show stopper!!!! That shouldnt be worn to yuh man dance, a ur man dance yuh suppose to kill it, nuh mediocre thing!!! Some a dem love hype ova clothes & nuh know when, where & how fi wear it. Love hype & dont know d fust thing bout hypeness or whats it all about.This is a have drinks with d girl kinda outfit… not represent @ yuh man dance kinda thing.

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