The quiet community of Drapers Heights in Portland, was early this morning rocked by a double murder after gunmen invaded a house in the area.

Dead are Asan Anderson, 43, a naturalised Dutch citizen from Drapers Heights, and Leroy ‘Veggie’ McKoy, 48, who is from White River, Buff Bay.

Reports are that Anderson returned to the island four days ago to attend a family funeral.

According to the police, about 4:00 am, four gunmen aboard a Toyota motor car parked near a house in the community and waited for the occupants of the house to arrive.

It is further reported that three people, including Anderson, arrived and entered the house.

The gunmen then reportedly entered the house and shot Anderson while the other occupants managed to escape.

Upon leaving the house, the gunmen struck again, killing Mckoy who was in his pickup outside.

The Portland police are investigating the double murder.

Everard Owen


  1. Dem people deh a Jamaica kill fi various reasons.Sometime a man tell dem fi leave off dem property weh dem work hard a Faron fah and dem tink the best solution is fi kill di people dem before dem come off.I am not saying this is the reason but a one a dem dat.

  2. It is sad and senseless killings across Jamaica… There were four gunmen entered that house one of the occupants which was the man from overseas and the rest managed to escape well I want to know how did they managed to escape just like that??? What did this man do to these gunmen that they wait and sit for the poor man to arrive from an evening out… Something is just not right people are just being murdered just because it seems… Then they escape and go murder another man that is just in his own world not knowing what is taking place and his killed…. I just can’t right now… r.i.p. may they soul rest in peace….

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