1. Here goes this big barracuda fish your at the right place instead off an aquarium looks retarded . The big A really a wok pon him don’t him look a bubble head .

  2. Guys there is life and death in the tongue can we careful how u pronounce death on someone,cause lets be honest u can’t tell if someone has AIDS just by looking at them it’s really not nice not man

  3. I agree. Wishing death on someone is dead wrong – so is falsely accusing someone of having AIDS. It has been rumored for years now that Dougie is infected. How true it is? IDK but I can bet someone knows – whether he has the disease or not. AIDS is associated with homosexuality and it is a known fact that Dougie is gay. He might not openly admit to it but he is gay. He walks, talks, dresses and acts like it. If it quacks like a duck then…

    Dougie you fe do better. Fe smaddy weh love dash dutty water pon people yuh look tore the fack up. Your bleaching looks horrid. Your judgmental ways mek people hate you and you getting up every day on SM trying to school people is entirely annoying. Before you trow stone inna smaddy else glass house, mek sure seh de basement windows inna yuh granny basement weh yuh kotch well secure.

  4. Cmon, people, that’s straight photo shop! look at the water immediately behind the pic. Its a different colour from the rest of pool. Plus the editing makes it appear like there is a wave in the pool..
    Real Talk 😡

  5. 4:03 … ” A.I.D.S. is associated with homosexuality.” ?? Wtf?? It is 4:22 Let me go finish my chores and cook a meal and come off these comments ya… this is one of the most disturbing and uneducated comments I have heard in a long time, as well as the other people insulting and saying someone has AIDS and you have no proof.

    Anyone that is sexually active, can contract AIDS and any sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs) once they are having unprotected sex and even oral sex without protection.

    Innocent children and adults have also cgiven ntracted AIDS from tainted blood that missed screening at blood banks and even at dentists office who do not practice sterile office habits during and after surgery .

    AIDS , or actually the HIV virus is transferred by blood and bodily fluids and even through open sores and cuts.

    People PLEASE BUN OUT IGNORANCE FOR 2017 and read some books or watch educational info on social media . I am tired of the nonsense.

    Finally, I am NOT a fan of DOuggie and am very disturbed by his dark knees not matching the bleach out skin and I am GLAD your ttrue beautiful original BLACK cannot hide !

    I wish in 2017 everyone stop pretending to be, who they are not !

    1. Yes I said AIDS is associated with homosexuality. Nowhere did I say it not transmitted through sex, blood or bodily fluids. AIDS is strongly associated with that lifestyle. I know people with AIDS who are not a part of that homosexual lifestyle, so ignorance has nothing to do with it. AIDS is rampant in the homosexual community, especially among men like Dougie who sex both men and women… The DL lifestyle is a threat. Call me dumb, illiterate, ignorant and every name in the book. AIDS and homosexuality is synonymous nowadays.

      I read enough to know AIDS does not favor skin color, level of education, socioeconomic status, etc.

      Kindly leave me to my opinion and view. Let me die a dingbat.

  6. He looks like sombody uncle who still hasnt came out the closet fully but low key looking for a lil boy To keep his secret

  7. I never heard of a women claim to f**k him or seen him own a girl black white Spanish indian no culture yet in a relationship. For 2017 dougie one day take 24hrs to think about why you not being honest with yourself and own you being a gay man who loves to chat like a bitter bitch or a confused hoe your pick.

  8. No one calling AIDS on him him late Kemar boy from bronx have it sorry but him class and throw word to much no one care if him a use him free flight dem to him advantage and enjoy but him miserable cause him post everything and Blanton others when dem do the same him throw word on them very bad minded boy gal who pretend to be rich and walk and style people who are better off than him miserable Dougeisha stop ya man read him heading get a life and go tek care a your self

  9. Met please run the story about Bishop Eddie Long he’s in Atlanta dying now omg him let me more fear god more . What a beaten him get Met from it buss about the young boys and Steve Harvey interview him he’s all skeletons now ‘ we can’t play with god jah now them class on Instagram Met the man totally looks different and black by his illness now he’s on his death them say.

  10. @anon 4:31 Aids is highly associated w/gay man. Check the CDC its FACTS not rumors. It also states most male to females contraction is through anal sex, FACTS. Read before you criticize. I don’t know if the above gentleman is gay, I don’t care. AID or any life threatening disease shouldn’t be called on anyone. He have the right to exercise freedom of speech. If you choose to take him literary thats on you. Just don’t wish what you don’t want for your love ones nor self on anyone. All thing in due season.

  11. @938 how do you know people is wishing are you sure your self dougie say the same about others too and some gay guy openly talk who is sick no one is discriminating but he always throwing word on people why when other name call on it you nuh run in to what you a get buddy pass no one care of dougie dougie is a troublemaker guys who stir problem by throwing word and turning friends against friend in queen beauty parlor and whatever he lick out on notice he does the same. F**k nasty dougie him to go sit down and stop sleep with the underage young boys dem in Jamaica for a shirt and pant although they are licky licky too but underage Since he is miss mr proper why don’t he set good example then I bet if someone else post that pic with that heading him run in and talk all type of things Dougie ain’t no saint Nasty Dougie is a very bad minded bitter person who throw word on people daily The guy that talk also stated other guy in dance he sleep with but they don’t trouble folks buy dougie is expose cause him love gawn with him antics and he is worst batty boy a style people who a live better right and do better than Jim healthier than him stop it ya Dougie 2017 just start here him go a look notice so him get notice

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