31 thoughts on “DOUGIE NEW YEAR NOTICE

  1. Dougie is a you alone with your little boys must be on social media and no one else go to take your medications to keep up your T Cells in your sick body .

  2. But all this Battyman pictures on social media is dress up hype and flossing so the he she making statement about others whe the she does the same thing everybody doing .

  3. Ok young lady dougie you need to appeal to us government to get get rid off snapshot and all social media and just let dougie alone stay on it :najis :hammer Battyboy

  4. Regardless if he’s talking the truth him dougie and Kim don’t want no else to shine on social media that’s just how most Jamaican thinks is dem alone fe post pon social. Look at the movie stars and famous ppl on socialmedia no care who post what or when . Everyday him and Kim always a dash word pon ppl not even a godly quote.

  5. I swear all I’m reading in anticipation hoping in some part of his ass eulogy he declaring coming out the closet for 2017 to the fking end and nothing….blah blah blah can’t your mouth making so much noise must your ass *girl bye*

  6. Dougie is a waste. Him live de mixup and chat all a him so called frens dem. Dougie need fe tend to himself and leave people alone cause all who him a dash dutty water pon in a better predicament dan him. Blowfish face Dougie wash-over gold, go seek medical attention and stop advise people fe seek mental evaluation. You are a dirty scumbag.

  7. Why do people ALWAYS say…”that’s how Jamaicans think”, like seh dem know all tings JAMAICAN???

    This is such a pet peeve of mine!

    I remember once at work they had a whole conversation about Jamaicans and I sat there and listened to everything. When they were done I just politely said, “you do know I’m Jamaican right?” Then they responded by saying oh no… you’re different…FOH!

    There are good and bad people everywhere.

    1. People generally stereotype. I see it done here all the time whenever Haitians are talked about… It’s human nature. We are all the same, yet so very different.

  8. lol @jafaican, I deal w/that all the time and its never positive. I do think my people are extremist which can be good or bad. I do it too though…lol.

  9. Not looking at that mix up wannabe fish swear him rich with him airline work free flight and when dem jealous of other a so dem throw word pan others this crazy fish always miserable and always a dash word sick stomach in a him chiney clothes go tek care a you self dougie you dash way the lean mouth black boot yet a hope a nuh it you wear a nuh Jamaica dance this year and please don’t immaculate up j a

  10. Listen up all phycho, bipolar, schizophrenic and delusional people. Don’t listen to Duggy, he’s missing his fake lifestyle lover ( bready).Turn the crazy up a notch fi di new year. Pinkwall need more of you.
    Pinkwall mek history with the blue stone lady and who can forget that psycho Manushka

  11. Why is he talking about himself? Still working at the airport? Flossing off of stand by tickets. 20 years still doing the same thing. Who’s delusional now.

  12. But at least the fukka a work. Why bash a job that is paying someone honestly unu do betta man & cuss bout everything else but not a god damn job, sounds like a fukkin hater & no I don’t know this queen never has never will!

  13. How comes he don’t talk the truth about his sickness and the countless boys he infected with his HIV? Paula Dean, did stinger took his test after doguie slept with him?

  14. Kim possible stated that his hiv is undetected, SCIENTIST proves one can still contract the virus, I hope he uses condoms with all those boys in jamaica.

    Can someone sends his pictures to the jamaica gleaner or observer to notify the health minister that he’s visiting jamaica to infect lil boys?

    It’ll saves tons of lil boys life from possible be infected.

  15. Stinking mouth battyman you do the same thing you accuse people of doing. I hate this dutty stinking mouth water bottomboy

  16. Dougie if you live in a glass house please don’t throw stones.I remember a time when nobody did HYPE like you.True nobody nah make yuh fly go host parties again it a bun you.Everyday this man/woman a chat shit pon him Facebook.Why don’t you just tell the people dem to dem face.Him sick mi stomach an as him reach somewhere new him post it.That’s doing the same thing you a cuss ppl for.Why bash ppl for what they doing.For 2017 DOUGIE please get a life an stop talk bad about ppl,because the same things that you saying about them is the same thing you doing.Move from here so you the biggest HYPOCRITE!Real bitch can’t stand him same way him love diss people a JA bout dem a beg dis an dat.Today for you tomorrow for someone else.You look sick like.An why a man love talk bout woman so why him don’t get a man an live him life.Him living a lie new year now live your truth!

  17. Dougy you a diagnose people and you need the most diagnosis. Mek mi help yu out fi 2017, here’s your diagnosis at risk for infection R/T anal sex, AEB being a batty mon…. (in nursing terms) now mek mi broke it down, at risk for infection related to anal sex as exhibited by being a homosexual….you are in the biggest denial..come clean 2017…

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