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  1. People really don’t have nothing better to do,since when a woman can’t party with friends and people don’t run and make up stores. The girl have her good man so why mix her up in suss. Woman have woman friend and nothing is wrong with that does not mean they rubbing crotches together. The girl is a nice beautiful girl and when you see her she is with her man always and she is very happy. Sometimes people make up to many dam lies about people.

  2. Dovey beg magnum you is a wicked , gal, I never know someone can be so wicked, big stinking rotten teeth , sick stomach, ugly, gal, stinking mouth , no ambition, low self esteem, stop hate people, especially people that’s always a help you, common fowl

    1. Is Dovey Bi-Polar??..cause she love attention baaaad ah when she doe get it, she throw ah hissy fit…one minute she happy, next minute she sad…

  3. What tha HELL is going on here????????? :bingung :bingung :bingung …ah suh dem Atlanta gal really get down????????

    1. I have always heard talks of it but just never believed it..I guess I was in denial seh there are gay men and lesbian women on the Atlanta dancehall scene smh, eeewwww…

  4. Do none a uno have proof dem rub dem front togather. Smh f**king waste bitches u all are. Go look wuk instead on here 24/7

  5. Useless links with no benefits. Let me hold this bottle in your mouth “Wifey”– I love you so Ill hold it nice and straight. We will b tun up freaks tonight in the same club for the same people leaving with no extra money!!!! Promote my party and I’ll promote yours… kind of benefits ! no ambition! no shame! nastiness! Disgraceful! Live 4 hype and attention from the same people that sent them to JMG! When will they learn? Neacy just started going out and has this negative reputation- SMH

  6. Why y’all bitches love to judge so easily. When judgement day come a who affi go answer to god? Stop hating on them they are enjoying them lives. Benefits you sound like har hating ass sister jimmy special weh look like man. That gyal sleep with everybody nac in the dayz and swear she somebody now cause she wifey. Always put in on a front in public like she happy. Bitch sey she not keeping no more party and run come back on the scene. Stretch out hole gyal a look ppl fi like har .

  7. Kimmy spends! Why not reap some of the benefits? Your clueless. If she chooses to throw a party it’s not like she doesn’t deserve to. She supports everyone party is full time to get some love back 🙂 You sound mad because Kimmy is ambitious and living well, and your socking beer bottles to get crowd to a party. I’m dismissing you. U obviously aren’t even close to my level of thinking. How am I hating? Whooptidoo! I’m hating because I want a beer bottle to be shoved dung inna mi troat hole, and publicly pretend to perform oral activities. Is that what hatn is? Girl/Boy DROP A SLEEP and DONT WAKE UP- U NEED SOME AMBITION and WISEDOM. I would beat the brakes off my daughters if they ever do something like what I’ve seen these woman do. NASTINESS! DON’T TOUCH ME unno BUNUPPPPP!

  8. atlanta Gyal den a whore the whole a dem bruck and love f**k off the ppl dem bruck pocket man dem dem party every bloodclatt weekend without purpose like who a watch den Pitney when den a party lmao dah Gyal deh a real bumbaclat Pussy a big pussy she need fi hide har body rassclatt poision!

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