One thought on “DOVEY AND THE DON

  1. JuJu British you dutty nasty suck pussy ugly stay bad big ooman of all people want to bring people down constantly on social media. JuJu British why dont you talk about your son the Croydon Cat Killer who fuck the cat them from October 2015 and was caught and arrested in September 2018. I would be the first to sign a petition to number one sue her for Defamation of Character and number two have her page permanently blocked. Juju British post any old thing about people. Most of what she posts is not true its hearsay and quite frankly she adds fuel to the fire and attempts to ruin people lives. If you dont agree with what she posts she wants to cuss you out openly on her live. If you listen to this dirty woman she makes stuff up to get views and likes. Understand its not necessary for the person she is posting to give their side of the story. There are a lot of people that nuh inna the whole heap of bagga bagga. She likes to talk with conviction things that she has neither no knowledge of and that she forms her own malicious opinion. Not facts her own opinion. JuJu British is very Unprofessional doesnt do her research just posts people. If she nuh post she nuh get paid. She should be reported to her workplace. Yes her workplace as she is still dealing with the public and quite clearly its a conflict of interest.
    JuJu British i am taking steps to get rid of you off of social media permanently. You are a ugly dirty nasty stay bad old time big ooman.

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