Robert Williams aka Father Doza , owner of the popular sound Rebel T, was arrested in Florida on October 16, 2013. Williams is currently being held in a Broward County Main jail facility. Details to be updated later today


  1. Looks like they are holding him for extradition to another jurisdiction (another state) or there is a pending federal case somewhere outside of Florida.

  2. this don’t have noting to do with flippa dozer get bite with 3000 pound a weed a come from Jamaica. the custom bust it an tell the people them that was suppose bring it to him to call im an tell im to come pick it up. an bring 800$ come give them to buy gas to go back a Bahamas . word is dozer is a mean an cheap ass because as a big man im shouldn’t a touch noting. I honestly feel sory fe flippa more than im because them man rich long time im don’t have no reasons fe still in the game too greedy. an im don’t give away prayer

    1. Den nuh d same ting wid Flippa…him nuh rich long time and him don’t have no reason fe still in the game…too greedy. :maho

    2. nuff a dem a try reach retirement fi get dem pension :/ whatever that may be. inna dem ting yah jail no nice when yuh get old . yuh cyaa enjoy the fruits of easy money it go too fast….

    3. mi love how anonymous talk up di ting dem a true him too bloodclatt greedy and den man deh rich long time fi true and mean huh bloodclatttttttt…….

  3. am not a flippa defender because he is one of the bigges clowns ever but we all knows wear most of flippa money goes flossing an name brand cloths . dozer an the other hand them man been hussleing from in the 80ths them man have apartment complex plaza an all kind of things a Jamaica in should be living off is investment why the hell he is still in the game too f ing greedy

    1. So, was he the only one that showed up to load & transport the 3K a weed or were there others that got bite with him? This is beyond greed, it’s sheer stupidity.

  4. It’s not greed. While they own one and two properties they used the cash for down payment and mortgaged the rest most of the times. Half the te the money wAs wasted on trips, cars, alcohol,and bitched

    1. No Obs causen we are free and we are humble. All from jail if you see weh dem a ask friends and family fi send to them you shocked!

      1. well yeah yuh rite :ngakak excep di “free” sum a beg book fi read n puzzle fi put togeddah ____________________________________________ :hammer

  5. word on the street in miami is that they suck off dozer at the dock a load up him truck him alone…Everybody a say d man greedy so till him alone go pon the works…from me dey portmore dem man ya have money n ive migrated here for over 25yrs now and him still inna d game kmt greed get the best a Dozer…and from what ive heard the marshalls are in these parties in miami and fort lauderdale watching everybody so them better tek heed..dozer, flippa all the top man dem wey a get lock wey little by little them been a watch them….

      1. Met, it cannot be, it is such a dangerous game, where you cannot trust your own friends or even family. I was talking to a fairly young yute who use to play that game and he told me you wouldn’t imagine the stress and paranoia that goes with the territory. He said everytime his doorbell rings, he has to first put a finger over the peephole first, just to make sure no one shoots him through the hole. He goes through a whole series of measures just to get from his house to to his car, which is parked a good distance from his house. He is out of the game after his partner was busted after picking up a FedEx delivery, after he was told the stuff was busted, but he still went a pick it up and was arrested, served 5 years and deported back a yard. I think it is the cash that is so nice that even when they have enough, they don’t know when to stop. Plus a lot of them think they are smarter than police and get away with it for so long that they think they are invincible.

        1. Yes some a dem tink dem smarter dan police all when di whole a dem fren and associates , suppliers and delivery boys get caught dem still tek di road

  6. im all by imslef doza too f ing greedy im ob some man 600lbs not so long ago im lucky a the boy them whole im ecause the man them want skin im fo them 600lbs. this man have mansion a Miami mansion a Jamaica apartment complex plaza soundsystem what the f ck more im want .am not one that glad when man go jail for selling but good god man not even god should be sorry for this man year

  7. Mek I ax a question. Mi see nuff people a seh di man greedy cause a him one guh fi pick up di shipment. Suh him shoulda carry six more chatta box wid him, suh sixty odda people fi know bout him tings, and sixty more a try rob or kill him fi him werk? And six more man woulda gawn ah jail wid him?
    Moving the goods by himself is the correct thing in my humble opinion. Doza, yu ting karrek. Ongle you an di boat man fi know. If a 3K pounds like di talk a talk, den yu do this nuff time an get weh. Mek dem stay deh. Yu a get less time dan di fools whe dance with the white lady.

  8. wili you know how them things dey go doza as a big man should not be touching noting but collect money when you set up you thing as dads. as for greedy yes he is because im should a leave the game long time .an yes im comeing home way before flippings because he wasn’t dancing with the white lady

  9. Well mi know Doza from him live a Portsmouth wid him mada and twin brothers Howard and Oneil him did super mean him woulda never try being one a him from dem guh a farin and a bay old bike him carry fi the man dem. but wats puzzling me is from him a hustle him Neva get ketch yet and from him mada dead him and him Breda dem nuh stop tek turns inna jail well a hope him daughter Kim guh back a Skool now since her piggy bank get lock up

  10. little u kno di ting.less people kno u business a di safer u is.nuff people think a easy ting fi juggle.never u grudge a man fi him tings because noting come easy ina life.see deh now him might end u a do 8 to 14.but a smart man kno wha fi do and how fi do it and what the consequences.drug thig is not only the user get addicted ,all the supplier get addicted to the game to.

  11. Well wah you all need to know dozer turn big informer from two year now so him think him thing good fi be a informer plus do dirt. But the bigger heads want him cause them know him a play them to. When this happen him swear him would get bond before anybody even know but the bigger heads not having it. Every party dozer keep him have personal Feds in there him work with a spy out people but dozer not producing nothing big to them so the bigger boss dem been know a really him dem fi skin. Him swear him did have the Feds in him palm but him fi know what goes around comes back around.

    1. Di mon no informer puu***y chat too much thats y ting always happen to someone like you chat ppl biz dont know the 100 youth know ur facts be4 u talk n that nothing fi talk bout

  12. @ Ananymous—–trust and believe it was not dozer who was Kim piggy bank it was her pussy. She is one scetel in Miami . Him been did give up pon her how she shamefully cause every minute is a different man name would call. She just want to know u have a little money you tell her anything and f**k her. Him always say she is embarrassing and she f**k off how much man him deal with him only deal with her because a done him daughter. She need a whole met page fi herself cause she is one nasty Little girl

  13. boy fllipa better take the frist an best deal um can take because if im ever go trial when the prosecuter draw fe them video an play in court. dog nyam im supper im a 34 years old now so if if want mek it a road around 50 years old im tek a deal fast

  14. So the good “Spring Break Show” wah him did a use to launder his money naah keep next year……….too dyamm craven. 45 years old, rich and no have no friggin sense

  15. See di likkle chink whe live pon people yeye top @ 8:32am…..lolol. Wouldn’t even know when somebody a protek him/har head back cause red yeye a bline dem.
    Eeediat….if people nuh shit yu cyaa eat.

    1. the mon never dey a no harbor … the mon was driving in sunrise … Imformer set up the mon it of to be someone close to him …so Badman ppl stay long time (ryno voice)

  16. @answear 202 Yes dear u seet to. What marshals doing at loading and unloading bay. Dozer was just working think him can have it both ways and get f**k. Is either u join the informing fully or you a hustler fully but I cannot be both. Don’t be surprise him make a better deal they can’t refuse and let him out with no further actions on this case.

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