Well known medical practitioner Dr. Jephthah Ford has been convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice in a 2014 criminal case.

The verdict was handed Thursday afternoon by Judge Simone Wolfe Reece before the St. Andrew Parish Court.

Dr. Ford was charged in 2014 following allegations that he attempted to bribe a member of the Revenue Protection Division (RPD) to release two Surinamese nationals who were arrested by the agency.

The foreigners were held after they were found in possession of more than US$533,000 and J$1.3 million at a hotel in Kingston.

The men were charged under the Proceeds of Crime Act after they were unable to explain how they came in possession of the money.

Prosecutors reported that Dr. Ford contacted the investigator and promised him 40 per cent of the cash if he released the men and the money.

The RPD arranged a covert operation to capture Dr. Ford trying to bribe the investigator. Dr. Ford was captured on tape meeting with the investigator and urging him to release the men and the cash.

The tape recordings were played at the trial.

Dr. Ford did not challenge the recordings and admitted that it was him on the tape. He testified that he was trying to entrap corrupt cops who had arrested the Surinamese nationals.

Dr. Ford claimed he had uncovered a plot by the cops to kill the foreigners while they were in custody.

However, Judge Wolfe Reece said she did not believe his story.

Dr. Ford is to return on August 22 for the court to set a date for sentencing.


  1. For him to get into the middle of this suggest the money was destined for the Doctor. Is he into the drug trade? He wouldn’t be the first medical doctor involved in Cocaine distribution.

  2. Dr Ford, a di doctor whey stitch up all bad man pon red hills road. Is 2 bredda a dem, japhet n jeftah dem a twin. This one yah, him nuh play fi sow up bad men dem from ova common whey get shoot up, him is a little pervert too. This one and the guy that owns hapilos whey dey a jail have some connections too, this doctor is bad news a nuff people him order fi get killed. This yah doctor full a blood pon fi him hands, dem fi prison him fi life. Dem medical practice dey right beside sugar n spice on red hills road, the one dat dey near kfc, right opposite where turn table night club on red hills road use to be, das where the 2 brothers practice. I hope dem give him the needle oversees, dem fi ship him oversees n give him lethal injection.

  3. Maybe he was into organ business… doctor,s.. nationals…release them and the cash. Just saying…lots of ppl were being killed, and organs missing…

  4. Soso u have some people a jamaica that have no damm clue the kind of racket that upper upper class people involved it. You have the human trafficking ring, about 6 or 7 years ago it was about to be busted but some high court judge in jamaica was involved and dem cover it. The organ reaping business is a huge business worldwide and here in jamaica plenty society doctors invovled, however it will not be exposed as a so call powerful people involved. The type of things upper class n professionals are into is heart wrenching, no wonder some a them dead bad. Das y when some people die, the doctors dont want nuh atopsy because some people as dem die them open dem n reap them organs. The organ harvesting a gwan years in a jamaica though just that people nuh know because a powerful people invovled. One day one day though, wat happen in darkness must come to light. Mi so glad my doctor dem say funny lol, him wont do any thing pervertish like some doctors, u know how many doctors right yah a jamaica rape dem patients n pay dem off, sick bastards some a dem.

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