Allegations are that Dr. Mark Grey a gynecologist , had a relationship with a thirteen year old girl for two years.It is also alleged that during those two years the girl became pregnant on two occasions and Dr. Grey performed the abortions.She is now said to be five months pregnant and her reproductive organs are damaged . Dr. Grey is said to be on $200,000.00 bail.
It has been reported that the grandmother and father of the child are both locked up and charged because they knew of the relationship and was collecting hush money from the doctor. The child was said to have met doctor Grey after been beaten by her father and was taken to the doctor for treatment when she was 11.


  1. Nooooo man nooo noo nooo no sah a wah suh bout dis lil girl that a grown woman doesnt have??? Was it out of pity what? What really made the “DR” DECIDE TO DAMAGE THIS CHILD??

  2. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe the backwards affair are still taken place in our society that is so advance and well learnt

    1. Sometimes the mothers put out them girls fi mek man because they develop or mature from early. Eleven (11) years old?!? Ah infant killer dat.

  3. Gone are the days when granny would be your protector now she an daddy a perpetrator of crime against you. Please God help this child out of dis ya nightmare. Punish licky licky granny, daddy and dutty doctor.

  4. Lisa Hannah… Put this on u face book, twitter,u name it,with some solutions. Please and thanks

    1. Now that the JLP is elected, what will morons like you do now? What did Lisa Hanna have to do with a doctor molesting a 11-13 year old kid? How stupid can one be? If the kid’s owns guardians couldn’t protect her, how the hell could Lisa Hanna protect her? Go and grow a brain.

  5. This doesn’t start to make sense. How can a medical Doctor get a 13-year old pregnant 3-times. Either the Doctor is suffering from some form of mental illness or he is stupid. Look like he wanted to be caught, since he could have put the child on birth control (not condoning the the illicit act). I’m sure this is not the only prepubescent child he has molested. Hope he never practice medicine again the rest of his life.

    1. You know me having a hard time with your comment
      birth control is not something that one would even mention in these cases :think: that is a level me mind just can’t fathom.
      Marie, whey yu think?

      1. @PP….hey hun. enjoying your comments on the political posts..btwn you and lalibelle Im learning so much.
        There will never ever be an acceptable way to say…..atleast put her on birth control to spear her from experiencing pregnancies and enduring abortions…
        Comment had good intent still…but its so damn wrong on so many levels.

  6. Sentiments exact. How long this dog vomit been doing this. N the people need to chime forward.

  7. How can a grey back man wah seh him educated look at an 11 year old and do that to har..the father and granny fi heng out fi dry ova a precipice during a hurricane..and di docta tied to dem feet..wicked set drancrow sh…di whole a dem. Dese people should not be allowed to breathe the good air the Lord give us..

  8. Here I am thinking that the doctor was amongst the worst scum of the earth, only to read that the father and grandmother of the child was complicit in the activities–along with taking hush money.
    All three of them should face a firing squad or at least go to prison for life. There is no hope for a child who is betrayed by his/her parent(s), other family members and in this little girl’s case, her gynecologist.
    The doctor rape the poor girl for years and when he got her pregnant, he unethically aborted the fetus. You know what, that father, grandmother and doctor should be burned alive.

  9. Selling children to the highest bidder, been going on and not confined to only Jamaica. I saw the video with the uncle pimping out his 14 yr old niece to the undercover white reporter. So this no surprise me the Dr is a pedophile and the granny and father turn a blind eye to the abuse. No one have any morals again

  10. they should even grand him bail,knowing he has money him should be labeled as flight risk..all three need fi guh inna a barrel and roll off the highest mountain peak

  11. Someone seh up top seh the grandmother the father n the doctor should be killed I second that…the sad part is the is doing it to more kids

  12. Clearly this child family fail to protect her on all levels .This need higher intervention as some one said up top.Minister of youth and culture please intervene.
    This is sickening the beast that is suppose to be doctor need to be removed from society.Imagine how many other victims out there.There has to be.He should be remanded.Granny and father need same treatment.
    The sad part is when the hush money stop then you might see the other victims Flush out..smdh
    What happen to morals,damn $$$ mek granny and father sell them dignity and soul .No matter how much money in the world this child cannot become whole again.

  13. @ Met. I know that HIPPA is something Americans abide by, but in this case. Would the patient confidentiality still stand being as how he’s been in practice and their are a million possibilities, that she’s not the only victim.

      1. That’s is what happened,I the father don’t know the That doctor at all, the mother couch the child at the time to tell lie on my brother also that he impregnated her around the same time she claims the doctor did,i don’t know the doctor as I was living in st James at the time & I only heard about first on the news,2019 she my daughter & her mother went on the news claiming I beat her with a board on her breast which is a complete,her mother got upset because my mom told the child mother she was going to take her to the USA with her, I was living in st James at this time after returning my daughter back to Mandeville where I got her enrolled at the learning center there, she was kick out the house was living with her mother& abuse by her mother’s friend that’s when I took her to stop James.my sisters & my brother’s girlfriend at that time heard her planning to run away back to her mother to Mandeville I then went to the family court where they told me to let her return to her mom because if she runs away & something happened to her I will be blamed she was eleven 12 at the time,her mother had her boyfriend having sex with her when she went back there to live with her I was told by her there while she was living with her mom.I dont know that lawyer man never took money from him are no one who is involved in that case, her mother always been like that & she used her daughter to get what she wants, when her mother was told by my Mom that she wants my daughter to come live in the USA with her, the mother got mad & said where she is going to get money from when her daughter is gone,I was paying for this women rent when she went back to stay with her in Manchester Mandeville because of my daughter everyone who knows the mother use my daughter to get what she wants,the allegations she & her mom made on the news about me hitting her was all lies & I have multiple witnesses thank good me & my daughter was never alone when she was living with me in st james.you people a chat & don’t know nothing will be judge by a higher power my daughter also & her crazy mother all lies my daughter didnt want to live with because I made her do her schoolwork once I did slap her in face after I told to do her home work when turned my back she was mocking me my sister in law saw her that’s when I slapped her on her face one time but not hard, that’s the only time I had hit her,& my mother send her $ from those times until this day,my daughter would be in the USA America is her mother didn’t stop it,she says she won’t get any money from us if her daughter was to migrate yes you heard right,so unnu people whe live chat tings unnu nu know best if unnu shut unnu mouth the mother is the problem & she controls my daughter making her to lie on everyone that cares about her, my family fraid of my daughter especially her mother because they all received threats from her in the past cdc knew her mother was unfit to have the child & she was not to go back in her custody which they still allowed despite a court order that she should not be returned to her,unnu Jamaican believe everything unnu here without facts God a my judge & not Man

  14. Relationship????? 11 year old girls can have relationships with old men???????.that word is used so damn loosely here…..IT IS RAPE RAPE RAPE and NOT A RELATIONSHIP…that word takes a way from the seriousness of this…kmft

    1. Marie, we never fail to see the issue from one extreme to the other, mums. The writer of the article want two chop inna dem face because dem open the story with the word ‘relationship’ like it’s an adult matter.
      How the daddy beat har and a gynecologist she reached in the first place?! Her molestation a gwan long before dis joncrow swoop in pon har. Besides the two men getting some jungle justice the biggest bitch of them all is the grandmother. If I had a granny like that a roast me roast dat! she is a traitor to all things good, within her position as a woman.

  15. Met him rt name is Mark gray n it was in the gleaner.Him a claim di Lil girl mad.them give him bail cuz him laywer say there is no evidence or witness against him!

  16. You know me glad them give him bail yea man and me like how them post all him name to so hopefully in the next few days me read say him office/house bun down with him in it. Or them find him somewhere beaten near death lef fi suffer with him dikk cut off and stuff in a him mouth.
    Street justice..
    Come on people come on.

  17. But wait….maybe there’s a possibility it’s the fathers child….this is sick & twisted man….how dem reach ah gyn for a beaten? You do not bring your girl child to a gyn unless she is already sexually active or 18 years of age…There is no need before that….ah more than beating that father give har….all of them need fi get lick dung wid one Mack truck…granny, Doctor, father, and the damn reporter because it was RAPE!

  18. Reading these comments make me realize how dangerous the media can be if it reports in an irresponsible way. Based solely on what is reported (albeit that there is a disclaimer to the accuracy of the story)persons would run him over with a truck, hang him, throw him over a precipice and burn him alive. One person even suggested that now that his name is known, his house and office should be burnt, beat him to near death and sever his penis and put it in his mouth!
    None of you guys have the facts or anything close to the facts. Remember that anyone can make an allegation. Is there any possibility that he may be innocent, any at all? Think for a second.

  19. I think these outlets and Web sites are very dangerous. Judge, jury and executioner inciting violence. What about innocent until proven guilty

  20. Greetings and Salutations. How can a child, whether boy or girl, beaten by her father, be examined by a gyno?!? Unless the father beat her on her “private” parts!!! I have read some of the other comments and some of you need to do jury duties, point blank and period!!! Get the “FACTS” before commenting as “FICTION” DOES NOT COUNT!!! SMH KMT. This doctor in question should not be near a doctor’s office or either a Clinic or Hospital.
    The Justice System is CORRUPT and this matter STINKS!!! SOMETHING is not right and the judge was right to put it for trial. May 8 not far away from HELL!!!

    1. First off, in Jamaica, most general practitioners also practice as a gynecologist or vice versa. So it is not far fetched that the gynecologist would provide “general” care to this child. Hopefully, the Judge setup conditions for bail, which doesn’t allow this Doctor to have any contact with the child or relatives and the Doctor not see patients under the age of 18.
      Looks like the child doesn’t want to move forward with the case, which the Judge wisely dismisses her desire to drop the case.

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