These are the words to one a Drake new song..

”You must remember waking up in Paris with a blunt. You must remember f**king me anytime you want. What made us act like we were married for two weeks. Now we back in California we don’t even speak that a no no. Everyone say we look good on paper. You deserve the action. Plus you get more paper than I do. That shit attractive. Things that make me miss ya. Where’s Jen and Melissa? Tell the squad waddup girl”.

So wait deh Rihanna front a worry him? Why does she pick up these types of men though? If Drake was any kinda man he would never put pen to paper with this..So because she mek more money dan him its an excuse fi use har name fi sell a few units


  1. So y sender send this in a negative sight. Drake has never been shy for his affection about ri. I dont think this is bad. They didn’t send the other part in shouting out her best friend Mel and jen

    1. I was the one who wrote the little summary..Would u like any man to say that about u? No one has to know how long dem did a f**k or if she had access….its not respectful to identify anyone like that so the big up to di fren dem a still disrespect because all he is doing is pointing that its her..Respect is respect and anything less is disrespect

  2. I guess we’ll agree to disagree.. I see nothing wrong with this.. He’s always the one to show his affection for ri..

  3. It’s just a song met this is how these artist make their money ….an at no time drake can ever use riri, drake on fire, an been on fire yrs now

  4. A hype dem a look offa Queen of the Flying Fish. ALL OF THEM!!! I think Rihanna wants a man that is affectionate and has some coins. She got STUCK w/Drake thinking he was a “nice guy” but he runs his mouth more then a damn faucet. She needs to start suing his ass for royalties b/c he’s always alluding to her. Even in the damn concert he used her face SEVERAL times during that song that was about her AGAIN! My God fi are pums have GOLD inna it. But it’s true, Nobody huh fi know seh mi & you a _________. I never saw what ppl see in Drake b/c he’s ALWAYS talking about how he had sex with. You a run after Rihanna but nuh stop hitch unda Nikki Minaj & all she does is toy w/yu affections too. Waste bwoy dat Met!!

  5. Met, how you never update us on Squeeze birthday party last night. Karrueche brought out the frighten fridays out…. People outside Fiction from 10pm and the door had to be closed off at 12:30am because the venue couldn’t hold anymore patrons….

  6. Yes MET morning I must agree with u it wasnt called for for him to call out theh girl like that or any other female so to speak it no far fr being a school kid whe “FU&* n chat” n a boy do dem ting de, even though is some sort of way him doing the song about Rihanna only let ppl wanna know more as to what kind of spell or good ole she have so mek all these star a mad over her lol me na lie a d fuss me see a girla dash it so n still a dweet wid class mek all d man dem no waan leggo, 50 CENT did say him have d MAGIC STICK well it look like Rihanna have d MAGIC POOMKASH as whe d blog site say – :ngakak ME really wish she find a nice man n sekkle down wid doe me na lie

  7. This song is an ODE to Rihanna’s (( i i shall return pussy ♥))))
    Drake bows down in humility and tender supplication of the sweetness between her legs and that powerhouse in her brain, the rebel, the independence, the enticing lover she is,
    Making him come back for more.
    He neva call Riri name…doh?
    And since Chris Brown ah try make her a public fooll by defending and romance d Kakaroach, Drake have fi show he royalty to Rihanna by means of this good pussy anthem.
    Big up Drake. Real man nuh afraid fi show dem afffection. This song is his admitting that he has f**ked up with dem street whores and skrippers!!!!
    Rihanna is d real deal.
    He and Chris vying for her attention, cuz is PURE WHOLE HEAP ah BABY posts Rihanna ah deal with weeks now on her twitter, with pictiures of her cousin/niece naned Her Majesty.
    Look like Rihanna have d baby fever, so Kareuche start FOLLOW, posting pics of hrr bsby family, and now Chris ah chat baby.
    Met miss this one star, this song aint a DISS to Rihanna’ s pu$$y,
    This song is a KISS to Rihanna’s good good pu$$y…wooiii
    Gwaan true Rihanna my girrrl, u save it fi love and it nah work, so share it now out wisely and continue to buss dem playerboys chris drake and JayZ braincells !!!!
    Big up up up dem other island girls wit d Sweet sweet whine.

  8. I wah know HOW unno think he ah f**k and tell when d whole world watches dem intimate life play out pon school media?
    Cameras follow dem everywhere. Dat is d life DEM CHOSE.
    Drake done destroy enter club and restuarant bar and storefront glass ova Rihanna good gold pu$$y, who NAH know d two ah dem nah f**k?
    All d red ants in d soil kno.

  9. Well, wah me get outta di song is dat a she hab di power, she wake up wid har blunt and f**ked him when SHE wanted, den when dem come back a Cali shi not even fawt pon him. He is basically saying that he is her slave. Di man a yearn fi him lover, him a yearn fi a ooman wah hab more power dan him, a woman wah nuh feel no way fi call di shots and him will obey. Him is in love and pusc whipped all at di same time. Him dung to know her friends name, and cool widdi gang. Dis guy a meck SOS call to him ooman wah nah fawt pon him claat. It teck a big rass man fi put dat out deh, fi tell di worl seh him a Rihanna’s bitch. Gyal got it good like dat. Look like mi haffi guh activate mi island punny power and land mi a rass big fish wah will worship mi to…lol.

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