Draya leave the gays unattended oo..so they wenninn
From week Draya claim she a go a gay and lesbian party..all lastnight she say she getting dressed to go..It look like gay a status quo now because she doe reach yet she want it look like she was in full support and going

0 thoughts on “DRAYA’S DRY YEYE LIE

  1. :malu :malu :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak @ you dirty bitch. Mi think is only Jamaican people love call people dirty bitch :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak no sah the gays dem very rude

  2. Draya just loose har man so she nah badda wid no battyman event. NBA season soon start back so she will be making her rounds.

        1. a nuh ratty block mi when mi go check a di smaddy whey own dat page..a di best ting dem eva do but u cyah block smaddy n still a teef dem content :ngakak mi a go pan ratty page yah now doe

          1. and ratty instagram private because mi dus go peep_____________________________________________________________________________ mi madda no sah

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