A real dream concerning spiritual blessings being robbed in a marriage
I recently received an email that I decided to share, which, I thought would be a teachable experience to all that follow my dream interpretation series from time to time.

The following is a dream that one of my followers sent to me for interpretation: “Minister Ewing! Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ! I have been following your dream interpretations for quite a while now and was reluctant to approach you due to, I am sure the many emails that you must be receiving from so many that seek your wisdom concerning their dreams.

I must say sir, you have open my eyes to so many dreams that I have had and believe it or not because of your detail teachings I actually look forward to dreaming only to learn what messages are being revealed to me in my dreams. I really appreciate you and your ability to freely share your God given gifts with others. I praise God for your wisdom along with helping his people. You are a rear find because there are so many out there that would charge thousands for what you do freely. Some time ago, I had a dream where my wife and I were on a beach. The setting was as if we were having a regular day at the beach. My wife was playing in the sand while I was sitting about two to three feet away from her. However, the scenery seem somewhat dark but I could see everything clearly that was going on as if it was a sunny day.

All of a sudden I saw two men that were initially standing in the water whose clothing did not fit that of folks that would be visiting the beach, they were dressed as thugs! Anyway, one of the men had a leash with two dogs attach to it. He eventually freed the dogs and immediately the dogs walked towards my wife, they were small house dogs. I noticed one of the dogs playing with my wife and eventually jumped on my wife’s back, in a playful mode of course. I then saw both gentlemen proceeded to walk out of the water and walked towards my wife appearing to retrieve their dog. I was observing all of this, thinking these men were just going to take their dog and leave.

All of a sudden one of the gentlemen took out a shiny hand gun and pointed it at my wife robbing her. Now, here is where the dream seem so strange to me, the guy with the gun that held my wife up allowed the other gentlemen to rob my wife, however, even though he’s robbing her whatever he’s robbing her of is invisible. He then made a run for it and running as if he has stuff in his arms but again whatever it is that he had it was invisible, both men ran into the bushes and then the dream ended. Please, Minister Ewing! Whenever you find time I would appreciate some insight into this dream please.

My Interpretation

My friend, trust me when I say to you that this is a very serious dream and one that needs your attention and action expeditiously! Firstly, the beach type setting of the dream is revealing that currently you and your wife are at a good point in your marriage. However, God is providing you with spiritual insight via your dream that you would not know under normal circumstances. You mentioned that even though you guys were on the beach the setting was dark but you could still see clearly. This signifies spiritual insight. Whenever, you have a dream and in that dream you are able to see in the dark or you could see folks but they can not see you this is revelation/spiritual insight. Again, you’re being exposed to spiritual information for pending physical manifestation, that under normal circumstances you would never know.

The revelation in this dream is revealing that there is a pending attack against your marriage and the source of that attack will be via “Marine spirits” otherwise known as “Water spirits”. In other words witchcraft manipulation is being channeled at your marriage though the summonsing of evil spirits from the branch of witchcraft known as the Marine kingdom. The two men that you observed in the dream is what is known in a dream as spiritual robbers, meaning evil spirits masquerading as human beings and whatever it is that they’re stealing is indeed your spiritual blessings. This is why you were unable to visibly see what exactly it was that was being stolen.

As a reminder whatever it is you are robbed of in the spirit will automatically pan out for you, losses in the natural, as a reminder your dreams are spiritual. For the most part dogs represent demons in a dream. These specific demons are spiritual distractions. In reality this would indicate that the enemy has sent folks into the lives of you and your wife to distract or delay you only to execute his ultimate plan of robbing both of you of your blessings. For example, let’s say you guys were planning to get a home, Well, if this dream is not cancel, then something will come up to cause you guys not to meet that specific divine appointment set aside by God to provided favor for you to receive the home you desire. Either there will be a delay with funding, a loss of job, the bank changing the conditions of the mortgage or someone else purchasing the home. Ultimately such occurrences will eventually place a strain on the marriage. The result of this will spawn petty arguments and senseless friction in the marriage. Again this is all demonically orchestrated.

Please note that even though your wife was the one being robbed, the reality is both of you are being robbed spiritually, simply because spiritual law dictates that you and your wife are one, therefore the actions being done to your wife in the dream is speaking directly to your marriage. I submit to you that your marriage is being robber of spiritual favor. Why is this you may ask? Well, spiritual law says the following as it relates to marriages, “Whoso finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the Lord” Proverbs 18:22. As a reminder, favor in its original form is spiritual! Therefore, the favor that came along as a spiritual blessing to your marriage is being challenged spiritually and if not challenged will produce a lack of favor in reality.

My friend this dream needs to be cancelled IMMEDIATELY!!! I do not know what it is that you and your wife are believing God for or who is it that’s working against your marriage. However, based on this dream the favor in which you seek in your natural matters is about to be challenged. I strongly advise that you and your wife as soon as possible set aside time to enter a fast together, praying specifically against witchcraft manipulations and the spirit of anti-favor specifically of the satanic marine kingdom against your marriage along with reminding God of his word concerning your marriage stated in Proverbs 18:22. Ask God to unseat every spirit sent to rob your marriage of the assigned blessings that He has put in place for you and your wife before the foundation of the world. Please! Please! Please! From this day forward you and your wife must outfit yourselves by praying on the whole armor of God over your lives. As a reminder according to spiritual law it is this armor that will cause both of you and by extension your marriage to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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