Dreaming of Dogs
It is quite normal for me to be physically approached on a daily basis or to discover my email inbox flooded with emails by folks that seek understanding to their dreams.
while reading some of their dreams it becomes quite clear to me some of the spiritual things that have their lives tied to a destiny of utter misery while others are on the road to encounter the awesome promises of God, which their dreams have clearly revealed.
As of recent I have had many folks approach me concerning dogs being in their dreams. These dogs are either chasing them, biting them, growling at them or just viciously attacking them. In fact, I can vividly recall someone telling me about a dream a friend of theirs had. In this dream it was revealed that there were two dogs that were either about to attack this person or attacking them. All of a sudden a white man appeared which caused the dogs to change their course and retreated towards the white man. The white man began to pet the dogs and told the person the dog will not harm her.
As would be expected, this person thought that this was a good dream and of course it is all due to their lack of understanding in regards to what dogs symbolizes in a dream.
Let’s look at scripture in an attempt to garner spiritual insight about dogs. “For dogs have compassed me about: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet” Psalm 22:16. The king James version from which this passage of scripture was extracted clearly reveals the punctuation symbol of a colon (:) after the sentence, “For dogs have compassed me about”. A colon as many of you would know or may not know is used to explain further or give details of what have been previously said about something or someone. So in the sentence, ” “For dogs have compassed me about”, the colon (:) that comes after the sentence now provides more details of the sentence. Now let’s carefully read of that explanation in the following sentence: “The assembly of the wicked have enclosed me”. Wow! Now isn’t that amazing? The word dog in the text is indicating or symbolizing wicked people.
Let us take it a step further, In this prophetic chapter of Psalm 22 which speaks of Jesus’ crucifixion, it gives us more spiritual insight of the meaning of dogs in a dream or the understanding of its symbol in the spiritual realm. In Psalm 22:20 the Psalmist is now revealing the spiritual forces that would come against the soul of Christ during his crucifixion and we know the soul of man to be his mind, will and his emotions.
Now, what you are about to read in Psalm 22:20 are symbols of things that are spiritual, in this particular text it’s indicating demonic attacks. “Deliver my soul from the sword; (sword in the realm of the spirits represents words, in this case evil words) my darling from the power of the dog (indicating deliver those things that are precious to him from the power of demonic attacks).
So far we have unearth the mystery of dogs to indicate wicked people and evil spirits/demons. Let us now read with spiritual understanding what the Apostle Paul was pointing out to the church of Philippians, In Philippians 3:2 “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision”. Of course he’s not referring to literal dogs in this text and if you study the text carefully it will quickly reveal he’s warning them to beware of things that are bad, evil, not good!
Therefore, with the above understanding in mind, the dream I mentioned earlier about the lady, the dogs and the white man is clearly not a good dream. However, outside of the above understanding of what a dog symbolizes, it can easily be assumed that it was indeed a good dream and that the white man calling the dogs and allowed the lady to continue on her journey would appear to be pointing to a good deed. When the reality is, if dogs represents evil spirits and these evils spirits are friendly with whomever in the dream then we can conclude whomever that person is is in fact the source of that evil. The act of what appears to be kindness on the white man’s end was a part of a bigger picture to mislead the dreamer on a destiny of failure and destruction. As always, when such dreams leave the dreamer confused as to whether or not such a dream is from God or Satan, it is always good to play it safe by praying the following prayer.
“Father, if my dream was from you then I come in complete agreement with your plans for my life. If my dream was from Satan and the kingdom of darkness, then I reject all subtle and overt evil covenants forged in my dream and I cancel all pending evil manifestation in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Dreaming about dogs are also symbols of a dog spirit. A dog spirit is a sexually perverted spirit that lacks any form of shame or acknowledgement of disgrace. In fact it is associated with disgrace. However, the victim of this spirit is spiritually blind to the disgraceful acts that they perform sexually with others or the gyrating and sexually charged movements and motions that they make with their bodies publicly. Just like a dog in reality, a person with a dog spirit does not care if they have sex with a complete stranger, their Mother, sister or whoever or even if the person that they are about to have sex with has a disease or not. This spirit is heavily influencing their victims to do whatever it takes to satisfy the evil spirit that’s operating behind their strange, perverse behavior. Please! If you are being attack by dogs in your dreams you need to pray hard…..
There are some folks who have experienced dreams where they saw dogs licking the sex organs of the dreamer. These dreams must be taken seriously because such dreams represents impotence and barrenness. Again, it can also mean a spirit of uncontrollable lust being introduce to the dreamer’s life.
The bible says the following, “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his foolishness” Proverbs 26:11 The spiritual implication of this scripture is simply this; if you were to see a dog returning to his vomit in a dream, this would indicate that the enemy is attempting to take you down a path that you have already been delivered from. Again, you must cancel, rebuke and reject such dreams in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
In the book of revelations 22:14-15 it says, ” Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city. However, out side of the gates are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters and whosoever love and tell lies. Again, dogs in this particular text is cast in a negative view and among grievous evil as everything else that was mentioned.
Dogs are also known to be quite noisy and annoying with their constant barking. If you’re experiencing dreams where there are dogs barking at you in a dream, the dream is then indicating continuous pending or current trouble and confusion that just don’t seem to be able to go away from the dreamer’s life. If it is one dog constantly barking at the dreamer then the dream is revealing an individual becoming a nuisance to the dreamer and if it’s a group of dogs the dream is now indicating a group effort in being a nuisance to the dreamer. Some folks have dreams where they would see dogs attacking their real life enemies. In such cases the dream is revealing that the evil your enemies had sent after you will been returned upon themselves. I can vividly recall having a dream sometime ago where a pit bull dog was quite a distance facing me making vicious growling sounds preparing to attack me, before he could make a run at me I began to run in his direction to attack him. I have had this dream twice. The dream is revealing boldness and courage and that not only was I courageous in the face of evil but was willing to be the first to initiate the attack….. This is what I call bringing the battle to the enemy’s gate.
In spite of all that you have just read, God will give you victory over these dogs in your dream which represents evil spirits and evil people if you challenge theses dreams via prayer and cancelling of such dreams. Let us read what scripture says about this, “They return during the evening, they make a noise like a dog and go around about the city. Behold they belch out with their mouth : swords are in their lips; for who, say they, do hear? But thou O’ Lord, shall laugh at them; thou shall have all the heathen in derision. Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: For God is my defense. The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies” Psalm 59:6-10.
The reality is, there is no where in scripture where dogs are cast in a positive light, in fact all of its connotations revert to things that are negative. Therefore, dogs in a dream are considered negative dreams and if those dogs in your dreams are being friendly, the reality is the dreamer is being manipulated and setup to unknowingly engage in evil covenant to secure defeat and destruction in their life.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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