Dreams that represents delay pending for a person’s life
So this morning I had a dream that I was not at all surprise of. In my dream, I dreamt that I was at an airport with one piece of luggage. This piece of luggage was on wheels and I was pushing it towards my gate.

Anyway, just before I got to my gate, there was a narrow passage that I had to enter that would actually take me to the gate. I can recall placing the luggage before me pushing it through this narrow passage. Well within a few seconds we were at the gate where there were other people waiting for the flight to be called but for some strange reason I could not locate my luggage. I can recall frantically looking for my luggage. I saw luggage that were similar but when I inspected it, there were other names written on the identification tags.
There were two police officers that were standing at the rear of my flight gate area, but the area where the police were located seem to be a lost and found area for luggage. I entered in this small space again searching frantically for my luggage but had no success in finding it. I can also recall that just before the dream ended I was very confused and frustrated that I could not find my luggage and all of my personal and much needed stuff was in there.


I started out by saying that this dream was more or less expected. My reason for saying this is due to the fact that I have a number of engagements on the horizon and based on the contents of the dream it is clearly revealing an overall understanding of pending delay, coupled with frustration and fatigue.

The dream started off with me being at an airport. An airport in a dream symbolizes preparation and transition. My luggage in the dream that contained my clothing and personal effects etc. would symbolize the tools needed to execute my future assignments. So far the dream is revealing from a spiritual perspective that I am fully prepared to execute my future assignments. However, the dream will now reveal to me an attack is pending in the spirit realm specifically against those assignments.

As you would recall, I mentioned that I was rolling my luggage towards my flight gate, but prior to getting to my flight gate there was a narrow passage that I had to go through and it was only when I came through this narrow passage to get to my flight gate I noticed that my luggage that was originally in front of me went missing. Now, because I did not see anyone take the luggage and the luggage just disappeared, this part of the dream is now revealing that the source behind this pending attack is spiritual and the leading spirit in this attack is the spirit of delay!!

Obviously, if all of my personal belongings are in my only piece of luggage, then it is almost impossible for me to perform or complete my assignments where I am headed, which is clearly revealing the spirit of delay. Secondly, I mentioned that just before the dream ended I felt a sense of confusion and fatigue, of course as a direct result of not being able to locate my luggage. Confusion and frustration are the accompanying spirits that work along with the spirit of delay to further incapacitate the dreamer.

Well, because of my knowledge of dreams, upon waking I went into intense prayer declaring directly to the spirit realm by canceling and rebuking the dream and commanding that its spiritual contents will never manifest in reality. I have decided to share this particular dream, especially to those that are looking forward to great future expectations such as promotions etc. It would be dreams such as what I have mentioned that is clearly revealing to the dreamer what they cannot see in the spirit realm pending against them under normal circumstances.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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