How long does it take you to love or how long did it take you to fall inlove with the person ure with now? Is three months too soon?..What are your opinions?


  1. I can fall in love in days. The right attention, the right words and BOOM a me dat in love. After 3 approximately 3 weeks, I was madly in love with my husband. He wasnt what I normally go after but when we started communicating, I knew he was the one. For me its not so much the quantity pf time, like the quality of time. Asking the right questions and listening intently to both what is said and also what isnt said.

  2. My heart is on my sleeve, and I’m a little nieve so mi love easy. 3 months nuh too soon.. love should flow and once we have chemistry mi a mix it and see what we create.

  3. No love is love it could be the first day you see the person. There no answer to your question sender that someone who has truly been in love can answer for you! You just have to know your heart and boundaries!

  4. I have never been in love with any member of the opposite sex. Wish I could help you with an answer, hopefully one day I will find out what all the fuss is about with this love thing.

  5. Really and truly cone to think of it I only love my kid’s ….mi think a just spirit teck mi a deal wid not even mi husband mi nuh think mi love because di way how did Bible explain it mi nuh think Suh a rass

  6. Oh I’m always falLing in and out of love but I profess it especially when I’m deep inside some sweet pum pum. ..that’s where love is to be had and found, not any heart foolishness! I’m mostly attracted to a woman’s intelligence, I will wife up those but dunce chicks get the one hour/one night stand treatment!

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