The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is continuing its review in a case where a policeman has been accused of shooting a man while being drunk at a party in Manchester last year.
Senior public relations officer at INDECOM, Kahmile Reid, said the file is being reviewed and that further action is to be taken. She said the victim would be notified when charges are laid.
The incident is said to have happened on Good Friday when the man, his wife and her son were at a party. The shooting is said to have left the husband crippled.
The wife told THE WEEKEND STAR that it was obvious the policeman had been drunk because at hospital, she overheard someone say to him, “stand up man, stand up man, you can’t let people see that you are drunk.”
The incident, which happened in the late hours of the night reportedly stemmed from an argument between the woman’s son and the intoxicated policeman.
“He and my son had an argument. My son went to the bar and the policeman said to him, what happen scammer, buy me a liquor nuh?”, she said. She continued that her son told the policeman that he didn’t like the name and so he should desist.
The policeman is alleged to have shoved her son in the face; however, her son did not take offence to his actions.
“He purchased the liquor and came back to where we were and gave the five of us liquor. The policeman touch my son and told him, ‘you not buying me the liquor with the scamming money?'”, she said.
Her son once again told the policeman to desist from calling him a scammer and he shoved him in the face yet again. It is at that point her son moved towards the policeman, however, she held on to the youth.
Illegal possession
A decision was then taken to leave the party.
Her husband, completely unaware of what was transpiring between his stepson and the policeman, was leaving the party when he was allegedly shot.
“Him get shot in his chest and one in him leg for no reason and mi nuh know for what,” she said.
Since the incident, the woman says; “Nobody has said that they were sorry.” She further said that stemming from the incident her son was instead charged with illegal possession of firearm for allegedly shooting his stepfather.
The woman has argued that the policeman was sent on leave and is now back at work and no charges have been laid against him in relation to the incident.

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