****This is Tamara who a tek Shantelia man and a talk up pan facebook so Shantel confront har..Dem se di man say him nah lef Tamara because she do di Alkaslime tings to him battam and Shantelia not doing dem****

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Tamara Jamieson yhanks girl
April 22 at 10:55pm

Tamara Jamieson ppl always try to do thing to u but u got to be strong because if u dont they will get u and thats why mi say f**k all u haterz a baaaay mi jus a watch unuh a kill unuh self lol a me name tammy chin to the f**king world
April 22 at 11:15pm · 1

Jozanne Moore a who f**k wid u mi friend
April 24 at 12:48am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson U look like a hog u com chat up u mouth u un inteligent donkey unscupulos monkey
Yesterday at 2:22am

Tamara Jamieson lol
Yesterday at 2:23am

Tamara Jamieson if yo man did want u the belly wey him mek u eat he wouldnt let u eat it u would have it now lol
Yesterday at 2:28am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson A u eat belly gal mi nuh have fi kill belly gal mi look like mi dida breed to u gal u chat too f**king much a man u want so if u want him tek have no time for u bitch
Yesterday at 2:32am

Tamara Jamieson a him tell me so lol kmt
Yesterday at 2:33am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson Oh really mine a u him tel fi do dat duty gal
Yesterday at 2:34am

Tamara Jamieson lol me suck wood b*tch well him kiss me and i kiss him too so that means u suck wood too lol
Yesterday at 2:36am

Tamara Jamieson looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Yesterday at 2:37am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson In ur wildest dreams bitch
Yesterday at 2:38am

Tamara Jamieson my girl wen u wake up a morning time a walk up an down a look for ur man hes in my sweet fat pu**sy u walk up and down the lane asking his frens for him stupid ass b**tch
Yesterday at 2:46am

Tamara Jamieson u look like some f**king country fool lol
Yesterday at 2:47am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson Smile yes mi mite fool but mi indipendent an mi have mi 7 sub gal
Yesterday at 2:52am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson Have no time 4 common dogs
Yesterday at 2:52am

Tamara Jamieson and ur so f**king fool
Yesterday at 2:54am

Tamara Jamieson oh my god u have seven sub and so f**king stupid lol yo man love the common dog girl is he coming back to u stupid
Yesterday at 2:57am

Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson Well there a many out there who want the stupid girl an weh u want somebodies cause u cah help cause u nah go out side go find non so unu sex unu one another man b**tch
Yesterday at 3:00am

Tamara Jamieson girl im so sorry for u oh god
Yesterday at 3:05am

Shirley Mummy Jamieson Jamieson Shantelia Latiecia Lewinson u so smart and have 7 subject what the f**k that got to do with u keeping a man bitch u the unintelligent hog just go back to ur hole and leave me f**king sis alone bitch. I don’t even know why u girls would curse over tray dog have some pride and bitch u first comment on my sis photo wid yuh rude ass f**king self u see how u maga like dog b**ch better savvveeeeeeeeeeeee
4 hours ago · 1

0 thoughts on “DRY EYE MAN TEKKA

  1. Nah hijack the poce, but mi a beg s’maddy please to give me their definition of the term “MAN TEKKA”…..No joke ting. Each one teach one.

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