Mi doe know if the message altered or not. But why him say “for you boo” but tek almost 20 minutes to send the flowers. Is is me? So a dem way here Burgs a gwaan even tho he live wid his woman cause him must give Keisha power mek she can all screenshot an all these things. Smh. Hush Tracey




  1. sumwhere sum one allowed dis man to get real dry yei em hav all di powah :nohope: an women will alwayz allow it

    1. If women only knew the real power they possess ( and mi naah talk bout pumpum power ) they would stop this foolish debauchery. Morning Servy, Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  2. Matta fact ms. lady whem sen the flowers tuh, careful ya mums…ah tax time!!! Him ah try sweeten yuh up fe yuh refund :siul

    1. Same way so Yep! Dwlll. Morning hunny….How are you. Long time. Mi see u hail mi di odda day an reply to yuh an figet to hit “post comment”……The head goes and comes…..Lol . forgive me hun. :angel :peluk :peluk :peluk

      1. Hi mummy :peluk , mi deya mi fren, ah chillax ana tek care of some urgent matters; more time mi ah peep but everyting is everyting. Much love Cita :peluk :peluk :peluk …Happy Friday and even happier tax refund :toast :hammer

    2. @ Yep tax time for real because he usually have a dance after her dance and its always around tax time. the whole family give money 2 men SMH!!!!!!

      1. Shhhh I won’t tell, do tell ca dem man ya really tek ooman fe fool. It ain’t no where near Valentine’s and dis ni99a already sending pink roses…the expensive kind at that? My girl, take our advice and mine yuh money im ah look and if yuh foo fool enough fe geem yuh tax refund, jus link Metty mek she gi yuh my bank account and routing information too cause you sho nuff deserve to get bups-ed. Burgs, grow the fuhhhkkkk up dawg!! Ah 2014!! Time fe man up and stop leach affa ooman. **NEVER A GOOD LOOK** :hoax2

  3. Keisha did you send this story in because your so called family affair dance is coming up. No one cares about you and your nasty looking ass family. Kenya go back and dance on the strip bar at 52 and spruce. Your old ass aunty fay 60 year old women going to jail for stuffing drugs,dirty sherita who don’t stop giving the old Indian guy all her money with her many baby fathers, Sherita please go clean your house or your little cousin that is suppose to be 25 and looks 40 Nicole . Met please they do this every year when her dance comes up. Run a story after the dance to see how these alley cats look.

    Keisha please stop you do this every year

  4. Suh them spen them good good tax money pan flossing and man mining? Ah dat ya really try fe tell we @ don’t tell??

  5. The man is not to be blame.. the woman is the man send you a flowers on your phone that’s private between you and him.. but yet still she go screen shot it and put it on the internet for what exactly? maybe the man a try fi see if she is one of those chicken head fool fool gal whe him can tell anything and dem believe, when him ready him can beg her a thing.. a bet say him no screenshot none of her message dem and put them up??? me feel shame fi her

  6. Lissen mehhh..

    As dem saying is Tax Time now. If you man or baby fadd diss you and was to busy before January start and now him get sweet again. Run him fass. Him Plan out di Uncle Sam money long time before December even done. Did he even give the Kids anything for Christmas let alone have time fi dem? Some woman a real fool cause only thing dem bwoy ya do a leff sperms ina dem and figet bout dem and di pickni. My baby fadda affi ina my child life 24/7 if him love us like that. No bwoy cah pause me and rally back when it convenient and then come bout him ah look Kodak moment fi Fadda ah di year. Mi cah wait fi di next 3 months run off cause Instagram and Fb ago see a flood of daddy and pickni pics now DWBl. DI funny thing is dem sperm keeper gal yah only ah fool dem self wid the pics cause the streets know what a gwann ina real life.. plus di man dem chat and meck ppl a laugh and know seh dem desperate fi man soo bad dem will do anything juss fi look a big up. Di man man dem mixupp more than di gal dem nowadays. Dis one a look mi tell me seh him babymadda no care how much gal him fcck as long as when she near him him act like a she a di main chick. Dwbl. She feed him clothes him and teck all dat. Gal desperate bad. Mi juss tell him fi vamoose cause if him a chat she so weh him ago do to me worse him no have nutten fi offer.

  7. Burgs have di bess a both world. Tracey gi him couple bunn so him start stay in fi watch di pums. Glamma seh she nah let go. As far as me hear him no have no stallion treatment either. Is just the 6 pack dem infatuated wid. Tracey mumma, when u did a dash out di bunn why you neva find a man weh want you so you could have left all together? You juss as bad as burgs . Me wouldn’t wah fi sidung pan fi unuh bed cause it sound infested wid di amount a swapping going on. What a thing eehh dis man a live like a African wid him many wives and dem loving it.

  8. Glama you are nice looking girl, why do you continue to be this man jackass. You should be pissed at playing seconds to someone like Tracey with no class or p%%sy principle. It’s obvious he likes trash and he wants to keep the balance by stringing you along. Do you ever hear a proper sentence let alone something constructive come out Tracey’s mouth? This is the reason why she is always acting quiet and in her ready to rumble attitude. Not even Jamaica weh she born want har back cause that is what they would call non progressive. In fact her whole family is a disgrace to Jamaica. They come here and instead of making their life better it only gets worse. No ambition, Rupaul looking Makeup, clothes and parties does not increase your wealth in the great USA.. Show dat boy you worth and let him follow your shadow.

    1. Yup this must be keisha or friend when you see tracy just talk it up in her face. Burgs is a hoe,but when he out with tracy he don’t even talk to keisha look at his dance photos.

      1. Lies,Lies ,Lies. He took pics with her at his party. Glama is not the one scared of Tracey maybe Burgs is cause he need a roof to lay up under or he scared of the repercussion from a woman scorned why he has to stay. Memba Glama she born here. Plus you eva notice is she and her sicc head sis always out. Glama don’t have to lift a finger. If anything Tracey is di puppet cause she know Glama is not leaving and she gladly stay in her misery.

        And nobody gots time to even entertain a hooligan let alone a wild animal that does not know the meaning of a coversation. lol bout chat to har face.


          1. Well if Papers is the the Only excuse him can use Unuh need fi come again. Why breed har fi have the problems? Im sure she would have agreed to a few slaps here and there and give the papers with no strings attached. Man weh a look Papers threathen woman and keep tab pon dem phone and pussy? You sound juss as Naive as Glama and Tracey. Di gal cah chat to no baddie without madda lashy ah call off har phone and a threathen har. Don’t be surprised he not doing backflips for and not doing them for Tracey. Man know which card to draw pon which woman. And that him scorn har cause she a yankee is so played out. Him scorn har soo bad hima sleep wid har raw ever chance him get. me ago call unuh Pacifyer cause di man can tell unuh anything and unuh believe it cause it make you look good. Memeba man lie Man , woman lie, but the truth always reveal itself. So ah weh a him excuse fi NyNicky now if him is such a devoted man.. Burgs no happy and u cah force it pan him that is why him continues to stray. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :travel

  9. :hoax She nah fool mi. Look pon har name pawty date well tun up. Every year dem two yah try pull a sike fi dem pawty. KMT

    1. @Mz Flirty every year when her dance come they on the pink wall.

      Met she looking free advertisement. look back same time last year.

      Glama crew aka glump crew who get f**ked dumped and screw

  10. did yall notice the time Burgs choose to be talking to Glama. yesss, when Tracey get up out har nice warm bed gone do har hard labor fi meck sure him eat while him cock up pan him ass a meck love to someone he doesn’t want .rotfl I guarantee Glama get more personal time with him that Tracey weh him live wid. Everytime you see him and Tracey dem both look miserable around each other. Man dunn pon dem dem affi a pay fi maintain status. unuh fi gweh and go buy a new life cause money can buy everything nowadays.

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