*ducking*…LIPS MI FEEL IT

13 thoughts on “*ducking*…LIPS MI FEEL IT

  1. Him too brite,not because the woman look like she charge by the hour mean him fi ask inna har comment section like dat. Some tings are strictly fi the inbox. Brite him brite.

  2. Shots fired :repost: Hollywood never stop untill him fck them both :ngakak :ngakak Marlene you sell your soul for hype . I rather be whore than any man pimp me out & let mi fck my own family ppl don’t be fooled by they glamorous lifestyle they are a bunch off hot nastiness lifestyle that god forbid. Before they used to bring in strangers no the sister finally give in . The streets are talking

  3. Marlene will do anything to hold on to Hollywood hype . That’s not an independent woman at all her life sad bout my husband my husband girl by . Clean loving living with husband that’s not y’all Hollywood hype is your pimp dear and & mumma put you to work that’s not your business your only up front & mama kick back . You sell your soul to lived that house for free . Marlene you think ppl don’t know those Bronx ppl you make a big mistake. Marlene your a slave for your shine & hype life .


  5. What a nastiness. Sky should never wear swimwear.. her sister body looks better. They need to swop cause if sky did have her sis body she would look good.. if her sis had sky face she would look good . Local celebs dem mi dear

  6. These comments are hilarious…lol.
    For the 1st time I find it hard to believe her sister would share that man. She would probably kill her sister in her sleep…lol. I understand loving your husband but she’s clearly obsessed with this man or maybe she suffer from battered wife syndrome. Something is not authentic about that relationship. When she pop up on my feed, I just skip over her post because she seems like a sweet lady living a fake reality. I saw a video recently on badh.com where he was with another woman and it was the same pattern she kept bigging him up in the same fashion…IDK. I don’t believe he’s that charismatic where every woman is so smitten by him.

  7. @jus-a-laugh yes that’s his ex girl from back in the days when he had his yellow Hammer.same pattern with woman u are right nothing hype about him.small dick 🙂 even then he was sleeping with different woman while in a relationship with that girl in the video.

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