The brother and longtime girlfriend of drug kingpin Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke were among 15 persons who today turned themselves in to the West Kingston Police.

Coke’s longtime girlfriend, Deborah Golding, more popularly known as ‘Foxy Brown’ and his brother Leighton ‘Livity’ Coke are among those reported to the Denham Town Police Station in St Andrew this afternoon.

Head of the West Kingston Police, Senior Superintendent Cornwall ‘Bigga’ Ford also confirmed that Javien Coke, the nephew of the former Tivoli Gardens strongman, was in custody and would be interviewed by investigators.

The identities of the remaining 12 persons have not been released.

The 15 are among 34 individuals who were listed as persons of interest yesterday by the West Kingston Police.

The West Kingston Police also released the name of 12 men who they say are wanted for murder and other serious crimes in the division.

Speaking with The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre today, Senior Superintendent Ford said those individuals listed as persons of interest are believed to be influencing the recent flare-up of violence in the west Kingston area.

Since the start of the year, the West Kingston Police have recorded more than 20 murders, but Ford says this is far less than what was recorded for the corresponding period last year.


      1. She doesn’t sound that way, although trying to get information out of her is like pulling teeth.

        I’m reading between lines and I think she is the Owner of that Wholesale in “Jah-T Plaza” that was robbed last week and is now the source of the war raging in Tivoli.

        1. Har story long……………She does charity as she says but she walk wid har gun and ting…from long time JahT did shot har one time..Original gangster ..Not sure she a di owner of Jah T plaza because she have children fi a next bad man and did ina Johnshop ting..she roll deep

        2. She said a lot with the little what she seh…Desmond McKenzie and him family a di source a di violence and since Dudus gone him really get fi gwaan wid di tings ..Dudus did mek dem beat him one time eno

      1. I read on your site that Foxy is of Indian Decent. Anyway we can get a picture of her? Who is the other badman she have children with?

        Bwoy, look like we need another Coke Thread (Story), since half the story have never been told.

  1. Yes a she own the plaza and people a dead because the plaza get rob and yea met she walk with her gun a bad gal

  2. Met she do charity yes and Is uptown she live proper browning her daughter fi jah t done university and d son is very handsome.she have kids fi rooster from matches lane she is a bad gyal in every way.

  3. Met these people talk wat they don’t know, this plaza belong to her last two kids father that which is rooster formerly of strangler decent then him an join shower posse that were them meet and him built that plaza and went to newyork were he was pick up by the fed for a murder an wS put way for 40 year ok

    1. So, if we look at the official title for that Plaza, it will show Rooster’s name? Right? How you know it wasn’t Jah-T dead-left money that financed the building of the Plaza?

      What is Rooster’s real name…I guess he was living in New York before going back to Jamaica to knock up Foxy and build Tate Plaza

      Strangler = Spangler Posse??

        1. Would Foxy be so cold to use one babyfather’s money to build a Plaza that is named after another babyfather? Sorry, not adding up.

  4. So mi dig up some more information and realize that Anthony Patterson, a/k/a “Rooster”, was the leader of the John Shop Crew out of New York. He is about 44/45 years old now.



    Kingfish questioning ‘Rooster’ over US ammo find
    Monday, July 24, 2006

    “We suspect that the find was heading for Jamaica, where exactly, we do not know as yet, but we know of a fact they were definitely heading to Jamaica,” said Kingfish Spokesman, Inspector Steve Brown.

    Brown told the Observer that Patterson was also wanted for questioning in connection with several crimes committed in Jamaica that also included the shooting of a woman in Portmore, St Catherine early last year.

    “The woman who was shot was dumped in the Caymanas Cane fields and left to die. However, she was spotted and taken to hospital, but succumbed a month later to her wounds,” Brown said.

    Brown said that Kingfish went in search of Patterson after the shooting but did not catch him as he had already slipped out of the country.

    According to reports, Patterson – who was recently arrested by US Marshals in Florida, and sent to Jamaica – slipped back into the United States.

    Security forces said they discovered in the raid on his house, four handguns, an AK-47 assault rifle, a bulletproof vest and 13,500 rounds of ammunition.


    1. Mi never mention john shop last night? Foxy keep up with her baby father and was here fi see who testify against who

      1. Yes, you did mention the John Shop Crew and it is what I use to go a bit further. Did not know the connection between the crew and Rooster. He seems to have handled some hugh amount of money from his enterprise. Can’t find the exact sentence he got, but he was re-sentenced after partially winning an appeal.

        Met, isn’t Foxy much older than Rooster? BTW, do you know how long ago that Jah-T Plaza build? I must can locate a picture of her. Everytime there is a flare-up of violence in West Kingston, she gets call in. Listening to the recording, it appears the Police know her on a first name basis and these lists that the Police put out is just for show, since these people don’t even get questioned when they show up at the Police Station.

  5. Dudus woman name Sue Gayle .Hear say she used to beat him .All of them make money at the expense of west people and move uptown.

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