1)Tamara since you move outta Nico place and go live with your mommy You find new man and do your bottom. You looking really nice. 2)Sharon you need to go back to Harry Boggle you look like a sponge bob. Your clothes never stay right pon you. Your daughter a hair dresser and your hair never styled probably yet. 4)Michelle you a age terrible and look horrible. You legs full a whale. 4) Tracey nothing new with you same old wh*re and Paul doormat…

11 thoughts on “DUEEE TO OW -_o

  1. Senda mi nuh know dem but everyting look bad fi true :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Tracey is a big whore f**k her landlord and him till put her out live with she mother can’t even take care of her child.wrost off all them say her box smell the boy that she f**k for $200 on Roger ave 🙁 sad bitch and every night she in a party and don’t live in she own place

  3. Michelle yuh realky need fi leave dancehall yuh look ole and mash up. How is Richie and Sandy baby

  4. Michelle stare down Sandy the whole night. You fi ask Richie for a 3 some. Sharon a come back out she want Harry look pon her. Tamara do up body and live with mother. Tracey can’t breed yet girl u womb curse u dash wey too much

  5. Wow uno please mi a beg uno leave Mama name outta dis. Ah Mus one a Tamara so call fren dis caw how u kno Mama name n wey she a sleep pon. Bwoy u see dis word “Friend”

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