Dutty Berry meets Tessanne

By Candiese Leveridge OBSERVER ONLINE Content Creator [email protected]

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 | 8:01 AM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — ‘Dutty Berry’ whose given name is Russhaine Berry said he was in disbelief when Tessanne Chin moved to embrace him on Monday morning at The Jamaica Observer’s Beechwood Avenue headquarters.

“Box cova, I don’t know, it was all a blur. I saw her and she reached for a hug. I couldn’t believe and all I could think was she smells good!” Berry said.


Berry rose to fame in Jamaica after making weekly reviews of The Voice during Tessanne’s time on the show. He uploaded his funny and quite accurate reviews to YouTube.

“She said I have a gift and my videos reminded her to not take the competition so seriously. She wants me to continue and she actually loves the name Chinita Goodaz,” Berry added.

He said he was worried about how she would react to him giving her a nickname like that.

“I was worried she would think I’m messing up her brand or something, but she likes it. I told her that Tami’s name is Tamita Good Good,” Berry said.

Tami Chin is Tessanne’s older sister who is also quite prominent in the music industry.

Berry said his Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers have grown tremendously since he started reviewing The Voice.

“My fan base has grown and it’s crazy to me that people actually like what I do. I was hoping to close out the year with about 6,000 Facebook fans but since Tessanne it has jumped from 4,500 to 16,700. On YouTube my subscribers jumped from 1,250 to 27,339 people,” he said.

“All of this is weird to me. People have even been recognizing me, it’s odd. I know my head is big, but I didn’t know I was recognizable like that. My parents are also proud of me, I initially set out to be a doctor, I haven’t forgotten that, but right now I’m enjoying this and they understand”.

Berry said that moving forward he will be doing reviews for Magnum Kings and Queens, a Jamaican talent show geared towards dancehall acts, which opens in the New Year. He also plans to review Rising Stars, another talent show when that resumes.

“I’ll be doing more reviews of course for shows like Scandal and so on, I’ll cover anything that captures the nation’s interest,” Berry said.

Monday morning Tessanne declared her love for Dutty Berry.

“I love him! He named me Chinita Goodaz, I love that too. I tried to watch his shows every week, they kind of reminded me to not take things so seriously. It really helped me and lifted my mood,” she said.

Berry told OBSERVER ONLINE that Tessanne is slated to appear in his final review of The Voice, which will be released soon.


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