Dwyane Wade’s 1.2 million dollar Chicago home is in foreclosure but who’s to blame? The South Holland home, where Siovaughn Funches lived with Dwyane’s two sons prior to him getting full custody, sits on 3 acres and is 7,800 square feet with 6 bedrooms and a basketball court. Now Siovaughn lives there alone. According to court documents Dwyane Wade stopped making the $225k mortgage. Here’s where it gets confusing. Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn reached a financial settlement last year and in that settlement, along with a huge payout, Siohvaughn got the house. She was expected to pay the mortgage


  1. It’s a lot of money to maintain an estate/house of that size. He got full custody of the kids so the financial agreement is what it is… She should’ve downsized and move on!

  2. dis has ntn tuh do wid de man ..dem reach a settlement through a set agreement y she neva sell the house move into something smaller with rooms suh wen de boys dem visit space is there but its within her where her hand can reach…mi nuh get sum a dem ex-wife,fiance,babymada etc ooman weh dem expect de man fi mine dem till death even after unno leff guh luk bloodclaat wuk ar invest weh unno already get stop look’n like fools all wen unno a fool sass man

  3. So she’s to be blamed I’m pretty sure she ask fi di home and she got it. If yuh can’t afford di house down size and whey mek she alone want all a 6 bedroom and a she one live deh.

  4. The time dem a buy herme bags Chanel Weh dem think they can live inna dem go look wuk a heng u basket Weh u can reach it. Mi no sorry fi people lacka dem ya.

  5. Settlement reach an she get di house an ah dis it boil dung tuh….den she LAME. Ah wah..she nuh read too well???? She tink she get ah house weh fully paid off??? Mek dis be ah lesson tuh di wife dem weh a run dung di house eena courthouse an caan pay fah.

  6. One mo reason fi always be independent and value u self worth..poor ting, living di high life fi suh long she refuse fi look dung a grung till di watah reach har head top..mi want to know if dem people yah nuh hab frens and family wid not even a ounce a street smarts and di value of a dollar?

  7. Shi need her own reality show. This girl have her degree suh guh luk work. She was awarded a home she cannot afford, suh sell it and down size. I can never understand how some women that were married to or dated athletes end up broke when the relationship ends. Why didn’t they save some of the money even in their Mom’s name (like Shaunie did) or put some in a safe deposit box?! Lady guh find work yuh time free, causen sey you no longer have you children, suh again guh find work like the rest of us. KMFT at this stupid lady. It nuh matter how shi lose Dwayne it matter how shi lose the damn house.

    1. Same suh me seh. Man hawt is as fickle as dem dick, one minute it up, next minute it dung. Most men want to see you suffer or at your worse when di relationship mashup, is very few men will care bout u economic state once dem move on, very very few. How you going to be married to rich ass man like dat and end up a dutty? You nuh muss hab summen fi uself, in your own name, especially u know di man a cheat and roam. Hab property rent out somewey and save di rent money. Stash some a Bahamas, Cayman or Switzerland. Open a business wah u know will fruitful. Shaunie is nobody’s fool, and see she a meck money off her show now too, and Shaq still wealthy as ever. Mi sorry fi dis lady cause mi nuh like see no woman get dem children taken especially if they are not ill treating dem, and worse a mistress a watch dem and act like dem Mommy now is really a hard place for a woman to be emotionally.
      Meck mi bruck grass bakkle and guh dung pon mi knees and ask fi wisdom yah, cause as far as me see in life, an ounce of wisdom betta dan all di wealth in dis world.

  8. Nuh wonda di man lef, no ambition. Everything unu depend pon man fah. Go look for a job now honey, go stay with a friend or family. Build back

  9. I think she have some underlying issues, maybe the divorce mess up har head (caan get ova it. mad, sick head nuh good) cuz mi nuh see somebody inna dem right mind get a settlement of 5mil, fours cars among odda things and mek dem tek weh di house…she is stupid a pine ova di man wid gabrielle and mek draw di house from unda har foot. :bingung

  10. Dis yah country nuh jus hanova pickney to fadda suh, somn affi really really really wrang wid di madda di court have to have enuff evidence to prove you are unfit in every way…..babes guh find a job an stop put self tru all a dis fi get money from di man smfh.

  11. So who is that neatly curled up and kotched by her feet? I’m almost certain those are diamond studs, bracelets and necklace she rocking…2 words…PAWN SHOP!!

      1. Fa real????????????????..she deh curled up like she watching t.v on her living room floor :ngakak..fuhcking lazy body

  12. Blessed is the man that has his own..Uman u need fi find a job..I dont count me man money cause his is his and mines i work for.. Mek she stay deh, me woulda like fi see di courthouse wha coulda tek my son and give him to him puppa INA MERKA and nutten mental or physical no wrong wid me..NOT INA MY BLOODCLAATE CABINET..SOMETING NOT KOSHER BOUT DIS UMAN HERE AND SHE DOES NOT LUK HUNGRY, POOR OR DESPERATE, BITCH PLEASE!!!..

  13. lol I cant believe the ex wife aa the curled up person,, So the one with the sign just as wutliss fi condone this slakness…


  15. MET a real ting dis or what cause fi she sidung pon di floor curl up suh it must very very serious whe she never sell di house am so lost

  16. ive seen it all ya now…of course she fi go look work but o come on now man geezam peeze this lady n her madda tek in Dwayne Wade when him a go high school put him up n treat him like family not saying him owe dem him life but he can do better Dwayne is making millions a dollar n this lady was there when he had $0 so of course she gonna be mentally distraught !!!!!!!! unu no mek it happen to unu u hear cause when u give smaddy u 100 u no expect dem fi treat u unfair even if unu lef…n me a talk of experience n my ex wasnt a millionaire he was just a hustler whe me n him a come fr days whe him never a hustler n me affi do all these things fi him fi tek shame out a him eye n when tings turn him diss me true him waan sleep out n come in n me no fi say a word…But Met as whe me always say Karma is a bitch n yes it took me years to get over him but that shit no easy me na lie

  17. mi realized sey dem a cum from high school days but the reality of the whole issue is that she got a good settlement, the initial value of the house was 1.5mil, and i am sure they were paying mortgage for awhile on the house. nuh tell mi sey har common sense nuh care how hard the break was couldnt tell her fi even sell two a di cars and pay off fi di house…cum now on don’t blame di man…she could live more than comfortable..she is just a fool feeling that she is hurting the man but in di long run hurting herself….tek some of di money get some professional counselling and move on wid u life.

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